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Your Life Will Never Be Normal


You will never JUST have a nine-to-five job, if you ever have one at all.

You’ll never be content making money just doing one thing, just working for one person. 555 more words

Meg Dowell

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Oh my gosh. This just... She nails it. Seriously, if you're looking for writing blogs to follow, Novelty Revisions is a great one.

WIP Wednesday - March 28


In the Danger Crafts group on Ravelry, they have an annual Travelling Monsters event in the late spring into summer. I finally found it in time to sign up for this year! 125 more words

Fiber Fun

WIP Wednesday - March 21

Remember those cute fingerless mitts from last week? Finished those the day after I posted about them! And I enjoyed that pattern so much, and had enough yarn left over, that I wanted to try to design a matching hat. 93 more words

Fiber Fun

Using Morning Pages to Tap Into the Subconscious

Sometimes help comes to us from the places we least expect. Julia Cameron, for instance — a writing teacher whose books I’ve been avoiding for a very long time. 1,253 more words

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You know, you read about a topic, and it's not until a specific person says it in a specific way that really rings true for you. I've tried Morning Pages before, but quit soon after. Now, after Tarah's post here, I'm ready to try again!

WIP Wednesday - March 7

The Veritaserum Christmas socks are done!

Aren’t they cool? I love them! Now that those are done, I finally cast on for the second sock of the purple set of Veritaserum, too. 219 more words

Fiber Fun

WIP Wednesday - February 14

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

Now that my shawl is finished, I’ve moved on to other projects. The Vanilla Latte socks are still set aside for the moment. 106 more words

Fiber Fun

16 Lies Writing 'Experts' Have Made You Believe

1. To succeed in writing, you absolutely have to join a critique group or take a class.

2. People with writing degrees have a better chance than people without them. 260 more words

Meg Dowell

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This is a great list that Meg Dowell came up with. Some of them *might* be helpful (joining a critique group, for instance), but not 100% necessary to your writing career. Some of them might be lies *or* truth based on personal experience (#9). But most of them - yep, complete bunk. You *don't* need a writing degree or class, you can find the writing schedule that works for you and you alone (and that might even change from time to time or project to project), you can *definitely* work on more than one project at once. And don't even get me started on #14. Where did that lie come from? If reading about writing were so unhelpful, why do so many books--and blogs!--about writing exist? Nicely done, Meg! I love it!