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More Cheese Please

It started with one too many cheese sticks. My little one loves cheese! And I love to hear his little voice, “Mama, more cheese. Mama, more cheese.” Well what was intended to be an after school snack, turned to crap. 98 more words

This Heartwarming Commercial Perfectly Captures The Emotions Of A Couple Expecting

This commercial is five months old, but I just happened upon it recently and its message is so moving, so to speak, that it simply had to be shared. 212 more words


Fiber One Says Being Irregular Is The Worst

Let’s now talk about regularity, and the lack of it. While the…opposite of irregularity…might be more sudden and explosive, being irregular can be extremely uncomfortable and embarrassing. 70 more words

Try It Tuesday

I’m *this close* to finishing my play kitchen revamp! I just need a few more tweaks and I’ll be done! But I couldn’t let a Tuesday go by without trying  251 more words

Follow Your Instincts!

It’s so hard to find a tasty and healthy snack on the African savanna!  Two lionesses in a Fiber One commercial would kill for something sweet, and are considering the available offerings. 66 more words


Fiber One ‘Expecting’

Brand: Fiber One

Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi New York

Some may find Fiber One’s latest spot to be quite funny, and while others might think it’s pretty gross, either way it effectively conveys the message that we all need a little fiber in our diets to keep things running smoothly. 139 more words

Digital Showcase


11 States.
1 week.
4,200 miles.

I don’t believe you need a rhyme or reason. Sometimes I think it’s cathartic just do something for the hell of it. 259 more words