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Indoor Fiber Optic Cable Installation Directions

Are you Planning to Have Fiber Optic Cable in Your Office and Home?

Whether you are setting up an audio and video system, installing a VoIP or internet data network in your home and office, fiber optic cable will be the most suitable connecting or networking cable. 292 more words

Fiber Optic

What Is The Low Smoke Zero Halogen Cable?

What Is The Low Smoke Zero Halogen Cable?

From Fibercasa,we will answer to you what is the Low Smoke Zero Halogen Cable. Low Smoke Zero Halogen(LSZH) cable is free of halogen (F, Cl, Br, I, At), lead-free environmental substances such as cadmium, chromium and mercury in the plastic material made of combustion does not emit toxic smoke (such as:hydrogen halide,carbon monoxide,carbo dioxide,etc.) environmentally friendly cable. 447 more words

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Google's fiber-optic service just got a little creepier -- but it's still less invasive than AT&T's

Google built its empire by selling consumer data to advertisers.┬áBut at least where its fiber-optic Internet service is concerned, it’s less invasive than AT&T. 309 more words


When to use Fiber Optic cables in video surveillance installations?

Fiber Optic cabling usage has increased in video surveillance installations in recent years. But due to the perceived extra cost of fiber optic infrastructure, designers and specifiers need to have a robust argument for choosing this material. 563 more words

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Europe's FTTH Subs to Double by 2019

By the end of 2019, according to ’s forecast, that number should have risen to almost 62 million, representing about 19% of the 324 million households in those 44 countries. 67 more words

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Numerical Aperture on The Fiber Optic (3)

3. Fiber optic: application of total internal reflection

The first and second part should be enough to provide illustration of how the fiber optic works: first, it depends heavily on the Snell’s law in governing how the light behaves after passing the interface of two materials with different refractive index number. 416 more words