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Fiber Optic Lines Coming to Waymart Area

WAYMART — In this Internet age, many of us rely on fast, reliable internet service and one telecom company in Wayne County is stepping up its game to offer the fastest internet available, far ahead of many others in the area. 338 more words


optical product training ( by : technical dept. )

~ LASER (Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of  Radiation) : efek dari mekanika quantum, mekanisme suatu alat yang memancarkan radiasi elektromagnetik, biasanya dalam bentuk cahaya yang tidak dapat dilihat maupun dapat dilihat dengan mata normal, melalui proses pancaran terstimulasi. 967 more words

Fiber Optic

Garden Club Salad Luncheon

It’s that time of year again. Time for St Creepy’s to host the annual Camden muckity-muck garden tour luncheon. Time for those near and far to buy their tickets and tour the gardens of Camden, Maine to see how the other half lives. 1,675 more words

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  •  Physics of Fiber Optic Lab
  •  Mode Observation Trainer
  •  Advance Fiber Optic Communication Lab
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Politicians and Union Leaders Take Aim at Verizon

A group of elected officials joined members of the Communication Workers of America union to call on the Public Service Commission, the board that oversees the telecommunications industry, to conduct a sweeping investigation of the impact of its past deregulation—but took special aim Verizon, the telecommunications giant. 631 more words

Google Fiber sign-ups are live again for potential customers in Southeast Austin

Even though Google announced in December of last year that sign-ups for its Fiber TV and Internet service were live to residents of southern and southeastern Austin, they’ve actually been opened and closed several times. 499 more words

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Special Effects Anyone Can Do

Was playing around with a few special effect techniques in the home studio the past few days and thought I would share some of the images that were captured. 20 more words