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Fiber Optics Market Boosted by Beatrice City Council’s Plan to Install Fiber Optic Internet Network

The Fiber Optics Market deals with the development of a cable whose diameter is equal to that of your hair, and can transmit data from one location to another by using light as the carrier. 436 more words

Fiber line would triple average internet speeds 

New network may service entire county.

Grant County residents could see internet speeds three- to 20-times faster in the near future.

The city of John Day plans to leverage recently received state funding on additional grants to construct a fiber optic line from Burns to John Day and to deliver access to residents throughout the county, boosting capacity and data transmission speeds. 10 more words

Blue Mountain Eagle

Press Release : Deep Blue Cable and TE Subcom to build new fibre-optic subsea system connecting the Caribbean to the Americas

SAINT LUCIA – July 11, 2017 – Deep Blue Cable, the developer, owner and operator of a state-of-the-art subsea fibre-optic system providing connectivity across the Caribbean islands and to the Americas, has announced that they have contracted with TE SubCom, a TE Connectivity Ltd. 386 more words


The Wires Are Unraveling for Verizon's Landline Buyer

It was less than 18 months ago that the telecom company Frontier Communications acquired Verizon’s wired voice and data operations in Texas, Florida, and California. 314 more words


Underwater Cloud: Inside the Cables Carrying 99% of Transoceanic Data Traffic

30 June 2017 | KURT KOHLSTEDT | 99% Invisible

Local wireless internet helps promote the feeling that data moves through thin air, but in reality: the vast majority of international data transfers are made possible by underwater cables. 88 more words


Copper vs. Fiber Optic Cable and Optical Communication Techniques - #11

Mike Hoffman and Daniel Bogdanoff continue their discussion with Stefan Loeffler about optical communication. In the first episode, we looked at “what is optical communication?” and “how does optical communication work?” This week we dig deeper into some of the latest optical communication techniques and advances in the industry as well as the use of fiber optic cable in electronics and long-range telecommunication networks. 555 more words

Season 1

No. 41 - 3AMReads: Azure in Africa |Facebook Invests in Fiber Optic | Volvo Takes to Kenya

Microsoft Announces First Public Cloud in Africa

Microsoft announced today that it was going to stand up two data centers in South Africa, the first public data centers on the continent. 149 more words