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PFO-100R/T Modular Versatile Fiber Optic Systems

The PFO-100-T&R is a compact, and high-quality 3G/HD/SD-SDI or ASI fiber optics transmission system.  This unit operates with single-mode fiber optics cable or, multi-mode fiber optics cable can be requested for shorter transmission distances. 246 more words



Creating a brighter future for The Royal Kingdom of Thailand can be seeded in the process of communication using fiber optics Network. Fiber optic data transmission involves the following basic steps; 680 more words

Frontier Lines Up Against Google Fiber in AT&T Fight Over Utility Pole Access

On June 24th, Frontier Communications filed an amicus brief on behalf of AT&T in AT&T’s legal battle with the city of Louisville, Kentucky. At issue is what is known as a ‘One Touch Make Ready’ ordinance passed by Louisville, which would allow competitors to install wires on utility poles owned by AT&T without prior approval. 423 more words


Why Micronet Micro Cables Are Really Effective?

In today’s dynamic world environment, internet has become the cornerstone of all information sharing platforms. And it is the effectiveness of network infrastructure which makes high speed data transfer really feasible. 221 more words

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