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What happens when Wi-Fi gets a 100 times faster?

With speeds of 1GBps, the technology could enable a high-definition film to be downloaded in seconds Hence, the introduction of Li-Fi.

What is Li-Fi? Li-Fi is a super-fast alternative to Wi-Fi, has been proven capable of sending data at up to 1GBps in real-world tests. 292 more words


How the WAN was Won

From smoke signals to fire towers, from Pheidippides to the carrier pigeon, we have always sought effective ways to send critical signals long distances. This practice was innovated purely out of the need to bring together large communities with collective information. 757 more words

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Fiber Optic & How It Was Made

Talk about sudden ideas, that’s how Fiber Optic came to be. I was sitting in my make-shift darkroom when I was suddenly hit with a notion, … 298 more words


A World Without Wires: A Look at the Worldwide Fiber Infrastructure

Written by Jeff Dominique, Chief Trainer, FNT Training & Consulting Services.

In the immortal lyrics of Louis Armstrong, I think to myself what a wonderful world, mankind never ceases to amaze me with technological developments. 800 more words

Fiber Optics

Science Makes Sense, Week 10: Glass, silicon, sandy beaches, fiber optics, piezoelectricity

William the Franciscan Friar who has come to investigate a murder in the monastery, is busy getting his glass lenses ready to help him with his failing eyesight.   1,433 more words


A Spark Within

This is a painting by Charles Kao, an Alzheimer’s patient since 2004 and recipient of the Nobel Prize in Physics. He is also known as the father of fiber optics communications. 119 more words