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A Journey to Underwater World: What's New in 2015

Since the installation of the first trans-Atlantic communication cable in 1858, submarine lines remain absolutely dominating in the data exchange among continents. Wireless networking industry has achieved great success during the recent 5 years, yet 90+ % of data is still being sent from one continent to another underwater. 343 more words

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Google Fiber and AT&T Like Cities That Lay Fiber, Public IT Veteran Says

Three of the cities that have won Google Fiber service (including the first two, Kansas City and Austin), have something in common: Gail Roper. 686 more words

A Message from the President of FNT Tools

I often get the opportunity to speak directly with installers, technicians, designers, engineers, network admins and project managers. Each will visit FNT at different stages of their projects, often with a problem they have never faced before in their career. 399 more words

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