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Snowed In 1.27.15 and 2.2.15

Well, there’s nothing like a snow storm and two days without work to inspire me to finally break out the fleeces I bought at the NY Sheep & Wool Fest and get them washed and ready for spinning. 956 more words

Sheep & Wool

"I used the crook!"

My husband said that the other day after separating the ram lambs out.  There’s a trick to it that I can’t recall right now because I’m still enjoying postpartum sleep deprivation, but he figured out how to hook the legs so that the sheep stands still and lets itself be led to a new paddock.   273 more words


Grumpy's Fleece II

This matted mess is what I started with. Very discouraging to have the fleece turn into these nast matts. However, all is not lost.

This is a fleece picking machine. 85 more words

Arts & Craft

Scenes from my first week combing out raw Icelandic fleece

What I started with, some rooed locks that have been washed and picked of most of the VM, but there was still a little left. 61 more words


The Next Step - A Picker

I’ve got several llama fleeces, and the problem with llamas are they are dirt bathers.

After a few hours with an unwashed llama fleece, I wake up that night with my sinuses completely closed up. 141 more words

Arts & Craft

Wet wool woes

We’re going through some rainy times and not really enough hours of dryness to leave wool outside to dry.  So I am going to start the process of washing up the spring wool and drying it all indoors, which I was hoping wouldn’t be my only option starting this early, but them’s the breaks of living in the Maritime Northwest. 205 more words