A Fiber Festival

The clouds turned from grey to splashes of fiery red as we headed north then east early this morning.

The Columbia Gorge is always a beautiful drive though today the overcast sky muted the colors flattened perspective with low hanging clouds obscuring much of the higher ridges. 519 more words

Black Sheep Gathering '13

A new post was about half-done last night when we began having a sporadic internet connection so I saved it as a draft and went to bed. 978 more words

Juried Shows--The Process

I know April is fast approaching, and that means I better have all my systems in place for the year. What you say? Aren’t you suppose to get your systems for the year ready in January, or even better in December of the previous year? 984 more words

My Process-Quilts

Black sheep pt 2

Selling spindles makes for quick setting up time. We store the spindles in bins that ride on a trolly and sit under the cloth covered table. 1,066 more words

A glance back to April

Almost a month has flown past! A month filled with happenings, growth, sadness, walks, marveling at the blossoming of a small baby as well as fruit fruits and plants. 599 more words

Fiber Shows

Sock Summit, Day 1

Ed’s been asleep for over an hour. My eyes are struggling to stay open. We need to be on the road shortly after 7 in the morning. 768 more words

Fiber Frolic Weekend

It’s here again!  The Maine Fiber Frolic.  Tomorrow and Sunday at the Windsor Fair Grounds.  I was scheduled for a lawn space in the EZup tent, but got a call that there was a cancellation, so I ended up getting my inside booth in Building #1, where I had the booth a few years ago. 63 more words