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expressive arts

Part of a letter I sent someone enumerated all the art forms I’ve tried, and I thought I’d put the list into a blog post for my own easy reference. 172 more words


artist date 1a & 1b

After several postponements, Friday was the day I set aside to make valentines. I photographed my studio table before I gathered my supplies, and after they were assembled. 897 more words

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organizing is creative

After narrowly missing (by 20 minutes) my goal of 3.75 hours standing and walking on Christmas Day, I went all out yesterday, and surpassed my goal by almost 2 hours. 1,077 more words

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kaleidoscope capers

For many years, I tried stocking my wardrobe with solid colored pieces, since I was told solids allow greater flexibility and options for combinations. Garments with designs/patterns can be tricky to combine successfully, so it was better to leave that to experts. 717 more words


thinking about patterns: plaids

My body is slowly getting back to the level of functioning I had before my colonoscopy a week ago. I still have rainbow colored bruises on my arm, but they don’t hurt very much. 1,259 more words

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fiber arts – garment #2 re-fashioned

I had a second sleeveless shell of (woven) linen/cotton, in off-white, but I could no longer get into it. I cut it apart along both side seams, intending to add knit panels there. 885 more words

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fiber arts: garment #1 re-fashioned

I had a sleeveless shell of (woven) linen, cross-woven in a rust brown, that I could still fit into, but it pulled tight across my shoulders, and didn’t give me enough room to move around in. 869 more words

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