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Researchers Achieve Fastest Ever Data Transmission at Blistering 1.125 Tbps

A team of researchers has achieved the fastest ever transmission rate for digital information between a single transmitter and receiver, sending data optically at a frankly ridiculous 1.125 terabits per second. 34 more words

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Thanks, Eduardo

Profanity Ahead.

To the freak show at the Valencia Street Computer Repair Co-Op who suggested that my five-year-old laptop wasn’t worth the repair and that I should just BUY A NEW ONE?!! 216 more words


Tropical Sunshine Juice

I’m calling this a tropical sunshine juice because it will make you feel like there is sun shining out of you. You probably think I’m kidding even though I’m not… 228 more words

WIPWednesday 2/10

Busy week but WIPWednesday is here again! Preschool post will go up sometime this weekend. WIPWednesday this week is a nearly completed pillow cover. It’s going to have a 100% cotton (hand dyed if I can get the right shade of blue or green) pillowcase and this will be sewed to the front with a simple i-cord edging. 17 more words


A California ghost town can have fiber to the doorstep, but it’s not easy

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Dave Loschiavo

Totally understand why the author wants to live here.

Dave Loschiavo

Totally understand why the author wants to live here. 1,460 more words

MPLS Fiber Ethernet Service Providers

Using the circuits provided by MPLS Fiber Ethernet service providers for internet access gives an exceptionally high speed connection. The connection is always a symmetrical bandwidth solution of full duplex and has extremely low overheads. 469 more words