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So, I finished the sweet little quilt, and am waiting for Matthew to come home from a bike-camping trip so he can help me hang it on the wall and take a beauty shot. 309 more words


Process Knitter, Production Spinner

Spinning has led me to many insights; after all, during all of those long hours, you have to think about something right?

So, here is my little list of zen: 294 more words


Dyeing Alpaca Fleece (My Science Experiement)

This week I mentally was transported back to grade school, with the attempts to figure out how to dye fleece to make some neat finished products with a little more flair than the traditional, gorgeous on it’s own, fleece. 728 more words

Wake Up Refreshed and Energized!

Mercedes here with a fun fruit-infused recipe I’m stoked to share!

So… Raspberries are my new obsession. Filled with vitamin C and fiber, they’re a sweet, tart treat you just cannot go wrong with! 399 more words


Know Your Fibre!

Fibre sounds like a bit of a yawn but it can leave you feeling pretty uncomfortable if you don’t eat enough or eat too much of the wrong type! 152 more words


HiDT plays well with FOSC

So you’re thinking “Wow, ASB’s HiDT is amazing, but how do I secure them in my FOSC enclosures?” First of all, HiDT WDM modules are… 141 more words


Best Gluten-Free and Vegan Muffins Ever!

This title is a mouthful but so are these muffins. A delicious mouthful.

Do you all remember that Friends episode where Monica spent days and countless baking attempts trying to figure out the recipe to Phoebe’s grandma’s chocolate chip cookies only to realize that it was on the back of her Nestlé Toll House chocolate chips bag the whole time? 395 more words