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Not sure about this. 

Not enough done to say much. I should have used a bigger canvas though.


So it begins 

Time to try the full sized portrait


I made a horsey

  Short post, I crocheted a majestic horsey.  Enjoy!


Quilting Memories

(Anne Carson “Uncle Harry” Inspired Writing) 

First of all, life in Wilson County, North Carolina when I was born was defined by segregation, social injustice, economic starvation and institutional discrimination enforced by “Jim Crow” laws. 874 more words


Goodbye Summer.

Although it has its disadvantages and some people have their opposing opinions, I like summer.  The sun shines a little longer, the trees and plants are alive and green, and there’s so much swimming, fishing, and camping to do.   218 more words


Round Midnight Stitching

I stitched the sides of my shawl early this morning. Many have asked about the fabric. It’s unbleached cotton percale fabric. I dyed it red using fiber reactive red dyes and then over dyed fabric in an indigo vat. 289 more words