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Taming the Yarn Beasts

Keeping things neat and organized makes a space not only pleasant to look at but locating things much easier. I’m a well organized person by nature and nurture. 1,352 more words


Crocheting for Charities

An awesome thing about being part of the fiber art community is that so much is done for charity organizations by artists. If you look at… 423 more words


Crocheting in Public!

Why yes, I do crochet in public. I enjoy doing it too. I was recently asked how I find time to create many of my fiber art pieces, and the answer is that I always have my “stuff” with me. 556 more words


The Exquisite Uterus

I have always loved this project, organized by artists Alison Gates and Helen Klebesadel in 2012, in response to legislation in a number of states that sought to incrementally roll back women’s reproductive rights. 304 more words


All Ami’s All the Time

One thing I love that I learned how to make several years ago are amigurumi (amis, for short). I fell in love with the art! The delicate nature, strong stitches and amazing things one could make drew me to this whole new culture of fiber art. 590 more words


To crochet or to knit? That is the question.

Luckily William Shakespeare didn’t pen that question when Hamlet was deciding on his existence in Denmark so many years ago. However, I’ve had such questions posed to me as, which would be “better” to learn, crochet or knitting?  265 more words


What's in my bag?

Sometimes I’ve been asked about what kind of stuff I have for my work? Stuff is a loose term, I’ve got all kinds of stuff. But I do have some things that I must have for crocheting, knitting or other yarn work. 591 more words