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Who am I and what is this all about?

I’m a maker, a thinker, an
artist, a fellow human. I’m always
making something or learning how to make something. I remember being ten years old when I first… 223 more words


The Cost of Being a Spinster

Contrary to modern belief, being a spinster isn’t just a derogatory term for a middle-aged unmarried woman. It’s an occupation claimed by both men and women for centuries and one that always supplied women with an independent source of income (there are a multitude of historical tax records to prove this). 768 more words

Modern Life


First off I should state that I’m not a blogger. I’m not really a writer and above all I am the furthest thing from a good speller. 647 more words

Call for Artists | The Common Thread Gallery

Online Contemporary Art Show

Transformation: Fiber as Medium

Transformation: a thorough, dramatic or marked change in form, nature or appearance; a metamorphosis; a renewal. 578 more words


Nature & Needlecraft: Art of Susanna Bauer

The art of Susanna Bauer offers permanence to the ephemeral. She uses crochet; sometimes as embellishment, but mostly in an unconventional way as a means of sculpture and construction. 872 more words


a bit more...

In my last post, I shared something personal which is really not something I do too often.   I shared not to garner sympathy, but to pave the way in communicating how life informs my art. 104 more words