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At “parallel//2016” (Heidelberg/Germany, April 6th through 8th) I will address the topic of formulating fibers in pure Java SE 8, using the CompletableFuture API.


I LOVE a student who's not afraid to take risks!

It’s like jumping into the deep end of a swimming pool for the fist time. My role (as a teacher) is that I can watch, support and encourage. 7 more words

Hill Arts

Silk Painting- Exploring the possibilities

Students are learning the art of silk painting. Its such a beautiful medium.

What I like: This technique will teach students patiences, control and how to love or fix the mistake from the tiniest drip of dye in what they thought was the wrong place. 72 more words

Hill Arts

Floral exploration

mixed media: watercolor, pen, charcoal, graphite, cut paper 

Tangled Wigs

Tangled wigs are no fun, at all. And if you are too rough you’ll just yank out the fibers.

At first you may be thinking, oh it should be easy, … 134 more words



There’s a snow storm moving in and we’re all ready for a couple of days of coziness. Even the family minivan is getting cozy.

There’s really no logical reason why one would knit a hood-ornament-cozy for her minivan. 241 more words