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What Should You Know About Fibre Channel?

Before Fibre Channel appears, SCSI (small computer system interface) was used as the transmission interface between servers and clustered storage devices. But as the high speed demands keep increasing, Fibre Channel replaces SCSI inevitably due to its higher transmission data rate, flexibility, and long distance. 594 more words

Fiber Optic Transceivers

If You Use Flash Storage, Take a Look at NVMe

If you’re working in an enterprise data center, there’s a good chance you’re already using flash storage. That’s especially the case if you’re dealing with high-definition video, mobile computing and the type of applications that need the performance that only flash storage delivers. 24 more words


Fibre Channel’s Growth Trend

It’s amazing to reflect on where Fibre Channel is today since the completion of the standard in 1994. From that time until now we have witnessed some amazing changes in the computing industry, no longer is there a single solution that fits all but continuous innovation has produced technologies and products that more accurately service the needs of a broad array of compute scenarios. 9 more words


Reclaim FC Datastore Space

Something that’s annoying when you’re implementing thin provisioning for your Fibre Channel LUNs is that when you delete or move VMs from the LUN, the freed up space is not seen on the NetApp storage controller. 321 more words

The Problems Using NFS for Mission Critical Workloads

NFS started life as a protocol for unstructured data, then in the early 2000’s NetApp and Veritas started to position NFS as an ideal way to host Oracle databases. 485 more words


Faster Flash with NVMe Over Fabrics

Broadcom Briefing Note

No matter how fast the storage infrastructure is, IT professionals can count on users and application owners to want more. Flash storage goes a long way toward appeasing the appetite for performance. 504 more words


The Grand Unification Storage Theory

I read with interest an article on The Register about a panel that happened at TECHunplugged (I wish I had known about this; I would have tried to attend in person if possible). 1,959 more words