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Ethernet vs. Fibre is the War Over? Cisco Announces New 9718 Director Class Switch

Ethernet will never completely replace Fibre Channel, they said – and they were right. Fibre Channel will always be faster, they said – and they were wrong. 526 more words

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Using the Right Storage Protocol for the Right Use Case

By Michael Letschin, Field CTO

IT professionals have no shortage of storage protocols to choose from, such as NFS, SMB, Fibre Channel (FC), iSCSI and Object. 579 more words

Software-defined Storage

Why is Fibre Channel resurging?

By Michael Letschin, Field CTO

There was a time when Fibre Channel was the only solution for those looking for a high speed transport. But that is not the case anymore. 432 more words

Software-defined Storage

Merging Brocade Fabrics

Recently I needed to merge two pairs of Brocade fibre channel fabrics for one of the customers. When I was doing a bit of my own research I realised that there is very scarce information on how to do that on the Interwebs. 902 more words


Fibre Channel: What Is It Good For?

In my last article, I talked about how Fibre Channel, as a technology, has probably peaked. It’s not dead, but I think we’re seeing the beginning of a slow decline. 1,326 more words

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Peak Fibre Channel

There have been several articles talking about the death of Fibre Channel. This isn’t one of them. However, it is an article about “peak Fibre Channel”. 1,779 more words


Is IP Storage DR leaving you Exposed?

As the world of applications explode, an increasing amount of critical business information is being passed between data center sites using IP storage. Most IP storage systems have excellent replication software built into them, but the infrastructure that IP storage counts on for the transfer between data centers should be of grave concern to IT professionals responsible for supporting it. 1,475 more words