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Here's why you should eat more almonds!

Almonds are a simple and tasty nut that contain many nutrients that contribute to heart health, such as mono-saturated (good) fat, vitamin E, dietary fibre, calcium and phytochemicals.

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Our wheels

Ron Doley Wheel

Jan joined our group last year and brings to it a lot of skill and experience. She is an alpaca breeder and so enjoys spinning her fleece . 103 more words


Crochet blanket

Janette has a nice tradition of making a warm, handspun crochet blanket for each of her grandchildren on one of their birthdays. This one is for a granddaughter. 50 more words


Why we need to increase our fibre intake and how to do it.

It significantly reduces weight, blood pressure, total cholesterol and improves blood glucose levels.  It also reduces chances of both heart attacks and strokes. If ever there was a superfood, it would appear fibre is it. 522 more words

an interesting list of devices on my @vodafone #fibre #broadband network #netadmin

an interesting list of devices on my @vodafone #fibre #broadband network


just switched to @vodafone #fibre #broadband

just switched to @vodafone #fibre #broadband which has lots of options

you might want to enable split SSID and save energy / power by turning off / down all the LEDs AND if you have turned off all the LEDs there is a proximity sensor that turns them back on when you hand is within 2 inches of the router… 17 more words


Sleeveless jacket

This sleeveless jacket is knitted in one piece on round needles. Marjorie has dyed all the wool for it and spun it and now she has nearly finished her jacket. 70 more words