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Life with Fibro Told through Gifs

Sleep is for the weak.

We always wake up tired, go to sleep tired–we’re just always tired. Tired is a part of our personality and we’re trying to stay awake constantly like: 292 more words


(Welcome to the) Hall of Pain

Since making a conscious decision to loosen the shackles of fibromyalgia (fms), there are days when severe pain strikes, and I’m taken by surprise. 787 more words


Not so normal

Chronic illness comes with a long list of indignities, but finding my new “normal” – what I can/can’t do on a regular basis, that my energy and cognitive levels were not the same as before fibro – took me a long time to accept.   509 more words


Fibro Fog is a pain in the...?

Do. I. Even. English?  Words. I. Say. What. Are. Those?

(I call it the CPT Kirk Syndrome)

** Hey look! I made a meme! ** 211 more words

Fibro Fog Wins The Day…

So my friend told me last week about an event that was happening this weekend in Llanfair Caereinion. All of my old friends who I hadn’t seen for years were going to be there and I really wanted to go. 205 more words


Spoonie Mommy Brain and Body

Baby bitz is a month old! How time has flown and crawled all depending in the moment. Findlay really is an easy baby, thank the stars! 398 more words


Today fibromyalgia has set me free to...

Launch a petition asking for the wording on the UK EU referendum ballot and in the campaigns to be changed to IN or OUT.

Actually, this petition has taken me a whole week to execute and been playing on my mind for many more weeks. 255 more words