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The Ups and Downs of Being 'A Part-Timer'

People say how lucky I am to only work 26 hours per week. And I guess I am in a way, who really wants to spend 40 hours plus a week at work? 594 more words

We're not broken just bent

So, I got my fibromyalgia diagnosis earlier this year when things were just awful health wise and it has been with me ever since. I have done a lot of research, spoken to lots of doctors, sought advice from social media and this is what I have learnt; 205 more words

Day 16 - 100 Days of Happiness

Today started out pretty good, but turned rough in the end.  I had another “fibro fog” morning and forgot to take my morning meds.  Still … I felt good enough to take in another beautiful fall day and walk the short path to my doctor’s office for my weekly session.   90 more words


Slog Through The Forms

I am not a rocket scientist, and I don’t play one on TV either.  I’ll admit it… I looked up slog.  And I guess that is what I was doing today – slogging through re-certification paperwork for our apartment. 249 more words


My Hippo-what has a short in it? ~ 

Unable To Understand

This issue can be a scary one. However there is a reason for it and its common with Fibro or ME/CFS.

This is when we are watching TV, in a conversation, etc.

303 more words

Get It Straight ...

Am extremely frustrated with myself.  This memory loss problem just moved up a notch to issue.  A concerning issue.  The Neurologist appointment that I had been anticipating for a month.  802 more words


Meeting new people~

I have always been the loud obnoxious friend in the group, I have always been a little shy to meet new people, I have always worried about first impressions. 403 more words

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