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Since Last We Met....

Much has happened since my last post: some rather amusing, some most definitely not. A considerable amount of activity was centred in or around hospital and/or medical staff. 438 more words

Day To Day Life

Feeling amazing these days, Fibro Surviving to Thriving

I honestly never thought I would feel like this again.  I wake up in the morning ready to face the day.  Even on a bad day I am functioning at a higher rate than a good day before. 366 more words

Fun With Fibro Fog

Or Wait…What Was I Just Saying?

Ah…. The joys of short term memory loss… It makes every task take ten times longer than it needs to. 275 more words


Brain Fog: My greatest hits

While brain fog is not a symptom unique to the ME/CFS community (MS sufferers call it Cog Fog and those with Fibromyalgia call it Fibro Fog) it is one that can rule our lives at times. 2,384 more words


The Danger Period

At long last, life has calmed down somewhat, although it did get considerably worse before it got better. However, at least I have just one person in hospital now and the ‘life and death’ urgency has eased for the time being. 494 more words

Day To Day Life

And Still The Stress Continues

My mother is still in hospital, although she is treating it like a pinball machine! You know what I mean? You zap the ball and it bounces from one place to another and you never know where it’s going to end up? 369 more words

Day To Day Life