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Fibro-Boy Versus Mornings: Aka, how a spoonie gets up

Ever wondered what mornings are like for spoonies? Well, here’s a little of it. Most people get to wake up, curse the alarm, and then get up. 1,134 more words

Chronic Illness

Stop the Pain!

Being pregnant is hard enough on a “normal healthy” body. In one of my pregnancy apps there is a community forum section and I’m constantly hearing about everyone’s pains that they don’t know how to deal with. 310 more words


Wiggle It In Spite of CFS

All right, everyone dealing with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome right this very minute, raise your hand.

Okay, fine, raise your pinkie finger.

Okay, fine.

Wiggle it, just a little bit! 925 more words


Living the Best Life with Fibromyalgia - A Book Review

Last summer I was contacted by Alisha Nurse. She’d written a short handbook based upon here experiences of living with fibromyalgia and asked if I’d have a read to see what I thought. 591 more words

Sleepless nights

Have you ever laid in bed wondering when you could get comfortable and stay asleep???

Well that’s how many of my nights go, like last night my knees would touch and I’d jump for the pain it caused, is this restless leg syndrome??? 328 more words

My Fibromyalgia Diary

This is not a new diagnosis but blogging about it,is very new.

Let me first ¬†introduce myself…

My name is Tracy and I have been blessed with three kids and one grandson so far. 906 more words

A Typical Fibro Day

I wake up, grab my coffee and sit in front of my computer for awhile. I smoke my cigarettes, like the bad girl that I am, and try to decide what sort of day I will have. 330 more words