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Spring is in the air....


Spring is most definitely here and we’ve had some barmy, sunny days to get us started! The trees on my Mum’s road are all in bloom and they’re so pretty… I photograph them every year… I just can’t resist snapping them! 331 more words


Yeah baby !!!

Last year my mum gave me some money for my birthday; I decided that I’d buy something that really meant something to me, something that I could keep, something tactile that I could wear. 344 more words


Rain, Rain Go Away

Heavy rain is rolling through my area right now and it is tearing my fibro up. I can’t lay down without excruciating pain in my back. 237 more words


Anything Can Happen Thursday: The F Word

On Monday I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia.  Well, the actual words were ‘you very likely have it’, which is as close as you get with Fibro as there’s no actual test for it.   417 more words

Anything Can Happen Thursday

MY LIFE IN A NUTSHELL...and it's cracked the Minion way...

     I’m really trying to feel better! Been Raining off and on the last few days and looks like it will continue to do so for the next few days. 120 more words


Well, I Didn't Know That!

You find me, today, still languishing in the confines of a Fibro Flare. My memory isn’t very reliable at the moment, but I think this is the first flare that I have suffered since the onset of the condition in August/September last year. 516 more words


Fifteen Days With Fibro-Boy: Day 13 - Of Whales and Spoons

At first I felt really shitty about the fact that my (so-called) “Fifteen Days With Fibro-Boy” would have been more appropriately named, the fifteen weeks… 3,042 more words

15 Days With Fibro-Boy