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Funny Fog Follies- Part One. 

Rather it is are funny or not it is part of so many chronic illnesses, the brain fog!

We hate the fog! I have to admit though, there has been some memorable moments made by my brain fog. 200 more words

Elavil (amitriptyline) to treat fibromyalgia pain

I have been taking amitriptyline (brand name Elavil) for about three years now, and was prescribed it in combination with Cymbalta when I was originally diagnosed with fibromyalgia. 722 more words

Chronic Pain

Through the Fog

Life since traveling has been like stumbling through Fog Soup. I haven’t been posting enough because I can’t hardly string sentences together in coherent trains of thought. 623 more words


What? Oh Yeah!

Thoughts are jumbled

Mind is full

Memories past

Images present…

Attempting to track

To remember

To follow through

To get past the thick fog…

Feeling lost… 18 more words

Broken, but still good

I was chatting with my amazing friend Alice yesterday, as we usually do on a mostly daily basis. I never dreamed that blogging would gift me with another best friend to add to my short list of the two other people who have qualified as “best friend” material in my 40 some years on this planet. 830 more words


? day... screw it, I forget how many days.

I get on my own god damn nerves. And I behaved like an annoying little dog with someone today and I feel… embarrassed… like an idiot… an embarrassed idiot. 55 more words

Hair day and next day.

Today’s spirit animals…

Got my hair did yesterday! Looks awesome but we were going for a two tone thing and the two colours ended up being too alike. 219 more words