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Fs, Buts And Maybes

In the House of Commons, here in the UK, when the MPs have voted the result may well be that “the Ayes have it”. (‘Aye’ is pronounced ‘I’.) Well, unlike the House of Commons, in the house of Bossymamma it is the… 484 more words

Day To Day Life

I won't back down....

to this fatigue, brain fog and pain.

I have recently started studying HNC Business at a local college and I am thoroughly enjoying the challenging content of the course. 161 more words

The Weather Wasn't The Only Thing Foggy Today

Okay, it really wasn’t foggy today but, it was definitely cloudy.┬áBut isn’t fog a kind of cloud that touches the ground? Because fogs forms when the air… 441 more words

Chronic Illness

Paybacks Suck

If I don’t post anything for a few days, it means…

I’ve been abducted by aliens and they are trying to probe me in a bad place… 109 more words


Pick Your Box

Have you ever heard of people talking about a fibromyalgia toolbox? Well, a fibromyalgia toolbox is a real ‘idea’. There is no definition. It is basically an emergency kit for fibromyalgia flares. 280 more words


It's VERY Expensive!

FPR’s mother is still in hospital, with all that it entails. She rings me, asking if I will do something for her, then gives instructions in her own particular way. 241 more words

Day To Day Life


I can’t remember anything from my high school science class, but I can recall tons of random song lyrics.

Funny, ain’t it?

I was washing a dish this morning when I started singing this song from 1994 by Blues Traveler. 482 more words