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Fibro-Boy Versus Pregabalin: The Saga Continues

Today is day six (if I’ve been counting right) without pregabalin. The nausea has definitely been more of a thing in the last two days and today it’s been very, very bad. 392 more words

Chronic Illness

It's been a while...

So it’s been quite some time since my last blog. I’ve had so much stress in my life with family and people I call family, and when I’m not stressed or battling fibro pain, I’m spending much needed time with my growing baby boy who just turned one :) … 249 more words


Week 47: Let the fibro in

They call it the “Fibro Fog.” It manifests in different levels of intensity for each person with fibromyalgia, but there’s a common denominator–when the fog hits, you become forgetful and disorganized, among other things. 507 more words


Dazed and confused

As I lie in bed thinking about all the appointments I need to reschedule because I missed them last week due to the inability to move, I think about how lucky I am. 174 more words

Fibro Rants

Fibro Fog

Ok, so most of you know that I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. This has not been an easy road and even though I consider myself well versed on the topic from all of my research and all of the symptoms that I have had to deal with, I am still finding myself learning more and more and struggling more and more every day. 374 more words


Fibromyalgia; My new diagnosis.

Well, it’s been a relatively long process of sick days at work, pain, symptoms that I had no idea what it meant and finally plucking up the courage to go to the doctors. 919 more words


Learning to be Flexable During a Flare. 

I had great expectations for today. I was going to write a fantastic blog, and run a bunch of errands. I suppose I should be happy I accomplished getting out the door this morning. 238 more words