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The world keeps spinning, but I am losing speed. Everyone is lapping me.

Time moves slower here. Days are accomplished by a single checkmark on a to-do list.

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Brain Fog

Wisps - A Brain Fog Poem

Poetry and I haven’t spent much time together. We get along okay, but generally as acquaintances, rather than the ‘friends’ that most other writing and I are. 115 more words

Toxic Black Mold

Ups and downs

Over the past few days, I have been getting out doing a few things, although I feel like being somewhere else. Somewhere with temperatures that don’t fall below about 20 degrees Celsius. 415 more words

A blog? Really?

So… I have a blog. My inner perfectionist is a bit terrified. I’ve never pictured myself as one of those amazing bloggers. (You know, the ones who have their life so together that they not only have great stories and insight to share, but somehow also think to document the event in photos WHILE it’s happening. 174 more words

Nocturnal Bliss 

Being nocturnal has its advantages. Like the serenity of knowing everyone else is asleep… it’s so quiet that I can hear the crackling, of my now arthritis ridden neck. 831 more words

The f*ck was I gonna name this...

Changing jobs has been difficult the last two years. Mentally, I’m not the best anymore. I struggle finding words, I get things backwards, I have a hard time with numbers and letters. 377 more words

Happy and Grateful - Day 94

We have reached the month of April and I am still on course to post daily with my happiness and gratitude I have found.  Please join in if you feel like doing this too by sharing in the comments or on your own blog.  150 more words