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It's a Staycation!

Well, I am half way through a staycation. Theoretically I should be on Virginia Beach but sadly, my poor dad blew a staph infection where they repaired his Achilles Tendon and though they wanted us to go ahead and go, we girls decided that it would not be the same without Mom and Dad so we asked that they try to get a refund. 565 more words

Navigating Needs and Choppy Spending Waves

I think we get caught up in the train of thought that we need things to put ourselves on track or treat it as self care. 490 more words


CBD Has Helped Me So Much!

I can honestly say that CBD changed my life! It cut my pain in half, lowered my anxiety, and helped me sleep. Ever since I started using it in January, I’ve felt better, been more active, and even been more relaxed. 414 more words


Yes, I’m still alive. Actually, I would be alive and well, if I had never crossed paths with a monster called fibromyalgia.

I was admitted to a psychiatric rehab facility on February 18th and discharged after exactly 40 days. 476 more words

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The Many Different Symptoms of Fibromyalgia

A current list of Fibromyalgia symptoms from the Fibromyalgia Support Facebook Page

When I was first diagnosed with fibromyalgia, there were some lists of symptoms that were going around on Facebook. 820 more words

Chronic Disease


I had a pretty good year last year (and oops, I just realised I’ve neglected this blog for over a year!).

I really thrive when the weather is good and I’m getting plenty of sunshine. 529 more words


15 Ways to Practice Self-Care with a Chronic Illness

The past few years there’s been a major push for everyone to practice self-care. But what is self-care, and why is it important? Self-care is anything you do to be good to yourself and treat yourself like you would treat someone else. 756 more words