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Getting on with Life with this Fibroid and Fibromyalgia

Two months since I felt like writing!  I have been in quite a lot of discomfort and pain, been extremely tired and just not felt like putting it all into written words. 601 more words

Another Attempt to Eliminate Sugar and Gluten From My Diet

This is starting to feel a bit monotonous, how many attempts? I don’t want to bore anyone, but have a need to share this journey I am taking into the world of recognising I have addictions and stopping them from controlling my life. 491 more words

How to balance blood sugar

In yesterday’s blog I talked about how sticking to a diet has nothing to do with willpower – that our body is biochemically programmed to crave sugar as it’s priority, above all else, is in provide glucose to the heart and brain. 484 more words


8-week Follow-up

It has officially been 8 weeks since my surgery and I honestly thought that more time has passed by….interesting. Anyways, I am feeling great! Physically, emotionally and mentally. 542 more words


Are you dealing with Fibroids?!

Hello fellow bloggers, blog followers, & just the plain inquisitive types! I haven’t blogged in about 3 years & here I find myself blogging. But the topics I want to discuss & share are on a different subject than before. 741 more words

How did I get here?

So I realized that this intro should’ve come before the first post. The “About” Section gives the full timeline to date of our fertility journey but that doesn’t do much by way of background. 495 more words


The Quest to Starve these Fibroids

It was quite the shocker to hear that I have a host of bloodsuckers thirstily getting plump and fat off my precious blood supply, all cosy in my uterus…sigh… 506 more words