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You Get a C-Section! You Get a C-Section! Everyone Gets a C-Section!

I get this question frequently (with judge-y eyes): Why did I get a C-Section? Because I could schedule it between yoga and a pedicure, of course. 273 more words

Fibroids--the good, the bad and the ugly

Fibroids, or leiomyomata are common overgrowths of the uterine muscle wall.  They usually look white, feel rubbery, and are solid.  They may be large or small–often location is more indicative of symptoms than size.  1,038 more words

Its My Blogaversary!

Today, Maybe Mama is one!

A year ago, I decided to not just let this blog be an idea, but to actually do it! I didn’t know exactly what to do, or what to say (I still don’t a lot of the time), but I knew that I wanted to share my story and my experiences. 338 more words


Too Lazy to Juice? There's Still Hope for Your Endometriosis!

I haven’t forgotten about my readers but as I’m on this journey with kids and the end of endo, I was just thinking what to share so that it’s useful for all of you. 958 more words


My Story: My Fibroid Surgery Taught Me...

Three years ago I went in for my annual pap and learned that I had a condition that was so common for women–specifically Black women, like myself. 445 more words

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A journey to wellness—My battle with Fibroids

A doctor’s visit the summer of 2014 had confirmed what my head and my body had already known but my heart was not ready to receive…The heavy periods, feeling tired and craving ice cubes… that I had fibroids. 859 more words