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Support on the Net

I found this site a real support during my diagnosis and surgery, it has a mix of UK and overseas contributors.



Diary of a mad cat woman

Yesterday I read the blog of woman who came to Bali to be cured of Lyme disease.  Her story was a little disturbing as some of the components were scarily similar to mine.  1,119 more words


10 Symptoms Women Should Never Ignore

Women around the world struggle to balance work, home, children, errands and so on. Their list of things to do never ends and in this hectic lifestyle, a large number of them end up ignoring symptoms that might be indicators of potential health problems. 524 more words

Womens Health

Focus on Fish

When I started on this change of eating habits, I needed to find something to replace the meat that used to be on my plate. I was not a huge meat eater but felt something was missing on the plate if there as not even a tiny bit of meat on the dish. 72 more words


Spotlight on Soy

There are 2 camps on the soy argument. Some say they should be avoided while others saying they can be eaten. I am in the middle, I use almond milk rather that soya milk, but I do use soya sauce. 78 more words


Apple Cider Vinegar

Some people say that ACV can dissolve fibroids slowly. I took a tablespoon or 2 of ACV in the morning mixed with a splash of water and it made my period pains disappear, though I do not know if this was from the vinegar or the diet changes I made. 150 more words


How to make the diet work in practice

The hardest thing I found was to rethink what constitutes a meal. In the following vegan cookbook (Appetite for reduction by Isa Chandra Moskowitz), she described meals to be a sauce, a bean, a grain and a vegetable. 241 more words