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Hysteroscopy and Fertility: Fibroids

Fibroids or myomas are benign, monoclonal tumors of the uterus, mostly composed of smooth muscle cells and extracellular matrix. They are the most common solid tumor of the female pelvis. 315 more words


IVF#1 Is A Go

Update: On Wednesday I did get a message from a nurse that my E2 is 67 and FSH is 3 (from Estrogen priming? Wtf?) and we are going ahead with the cycle. 863 more words

All you can do is Just To Breathe

Hi everyone just wanted to share what did I experience yeasturday ( 10th of August) and that all I could do is Just to Breathe. 319 more words


STEP-W or Lasmar's Classification

In 2005, we developed an Hysteroscopic myoma classification, the “STEPW or Lasmar”Classification. Our purpose was to develop a new preoperative classification of submucous myomas for evaluating the viability and the degree of difficulty of hysteroscopic myomectomy. 175 more words


Two Follicles and a Cyst.

This morning’s baseline ultrasound revealed a 10x13mm cyst on my left ovary, and two whole antral follicles on my right ovary. Ugh. Now I wait for the call to find out if the cyst is going to cancel my cycle or not, and even if it’s not cancelled, I mean, two follicles. 654 more words

New Treatment submucous myomas

Uterine fibroids are considered the most common benign uterine tumor of the female genital tract. It is estimated that fibroids are present in 30% of women at age 35 and up to 70% in women 50 years old and older. 132 more words


Hello there ladies

Hello there ladies,

My name is Krasi and originaly I am from Bulgarian, living in UK for more than 10years. Decided to create this blog for all those females that are suffering from endometriosis, adenomyosis and fibroids. 65 more words