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A Little Sumthin' Sumthin' About Fibroids

Disclaimer: This post may get a little graphic, so if you have a weak stomach you may want to skip this one. This isĀ MY… 974 more words

Sumthin' Sumthin

Welcome to my Blog

For some time I have been thinking about starting a blog. There have been many things that I think have kept me from starting one. Maybe they are just excuses, but I see those things as more obstacles to starting than anything else. 1,035 more words


Six Weeks

I realized today that it’s been six weeks (and one day) since my surgery! Back on my last post, which was one week (and one day) post surgery, I was feeling so frustrated in not being able to do much of anything. 353 more words


Yoga Poses for Fibroids

This surgery journey has been no walk in the park–literally or figuratively. (But I can walk around the block now!) Rather, it’s been an enlightened stroll with baby steps. 587 more words


On Unsteady Feet

These tests come back saying there is just not enough iron in you, you need more. That’s easy to fix right?


Why don’t you eat some meat, especially beef is good the last doctor says. 87 more words

Fibroids and Your Womb

Often accompanied by heavy menstrual periods and painful cramps, fibroids are often the unwelcomed guests that many women have to put up with throughout their childbearing years. 390 more words

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My Fibroid and Hysterectomy Journey

Time is so weird. While these last 3 weeks feel like it’s been a long time, it also doesn’t. Especially since 75% of my time these weeks has been in my oversized armchair cozied up with a plush blanket, heating pad, and the TV. 2,262 more words