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Things to know about Fibromyalgia

Pain—whether it’s an achy joint or a sensitive limb—is agony enough by itself. But when you can’t figure out what’s causing the pain? Then it can feel more like torture. 718 more words


Fibromyalgia Disorder and Homeopathy

Video Title: Fibromyalgia Disorder and Homeopathy Video Description: Dr. Haller talks about how Fibromyalgia can be treated safely through Homeopathy and other natural remedies. http://homeopathytv.com/ 42 more words

I'm cold, it hurts if I get too hot but can't feel heat to touch!

Gotta love my Debbie for switching the electric blanket on last night for when I went to bed!

Gotta hate my MS for me not even realising it was on (I couldn’t feel the difference in temperature!) 33 more words


On This Thanksgiving Eve

On this Thanksgiving Eve I find myself in more need than I was in even a couple days ago;test results that say I have a longer treatment protocol ahead, loss of a job that turned a small income into zero…. 145 more words


The Uncommon Cold

For most people having a cold is nothing more than annoying but to someone with pre-existing pain and health conditions it FEELS like the end of the world. 189 more words


The title is just a bit of a joke and a reminder for me at a later date.

I was speaking to someone on the phone about a reaction I had from someone else. 1,111 more words

Saint Mother

My mother hates talking to me on the phone when I am stoned.

“You don’t shut up and you repeat yourself.”

I hate to argue, but so does she… 227 more words