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Breaking the vicious cycle of pain #arthritis #chronicpain #fibromyalgia

Breaking yourself out of the vicious cycle of chronic pain is never an easy achievement. It’s a slow and laborious process just to tip the scales in your favour, to have more pain free than pain filled days. 1,284 more words


My passion 

Hello and welcome to my first blog post! I’m so excited to share my card making journey with you. So you may wonder how I came up with my blog name. 163 more words

Card Making

#ISpeakForPain: Supporting The National Pain Strategy

As someone who was recently diagnosed with – but has been suffering from – Fibromyalgia, I am of course an advocate for giving those dealing with chronic pain the support they need. 789 more words

Chronic Life

Hot Flash

Sleeping good, had been asleep since 11pm- yay me! Only to wake up drenched in sweat! Not just hot- but drenched!

Hair is dripping, pillow case is soaked! 89 more words



Definition: Lack of sleep or inability to obtain sufficient sleep due to physical suffering or distress, especially when chronic.

These killer headaches are causing me to have serious painsomnia; I haven’t slept well in days. 531 more words

Everyday Denial and the Battle it Brings....

It’s funny to me how I come across these quotes dealing with Fibromyalgia and they always seem to hit me in the face! There is always that one on a particular day that stops me dead in my tracks!! 401 more words


Mind Over Body

The idea of mind over body involves the use of thought processes to make our bodies do things that it would otherwise find nearly impossible to do. 634 more words