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End?: Always Like This

I’d call the series [!] over. Still I better wrap this shit up with a closing argument for and against quitting your long term SSRI. 329 more words

Then the silence hit like sirens

The quiet noise

Deafening in its magnitude

Of “this is it.”

She couldn’t seem to fathom

The depth

Of this new chapter: silence.

“What am I supposed to do?” 293 more words


The bad for the good

It’s my Birthday tomorrow, and a friend of mine suggested we go visit a friend we havent seen in a while over the weekend.

So I’ve been Syching myself up for the weekend for a few days.. 232 more words


Full Stop

If you’re an able-bodied reader, you’re likely familiar with rest days. Allow me to introduce you to the full stop. At least that is what I call it when my body lets me know even an active rest day is not on the agenda. 891 more words

Fibromyalgia: Another Autoimmune Disease?

Today’s post is rather lengthy, as I’m quite enthralled with the information I’ve found. I will bold major points or sentences for those who wish to skim over and get the basic jist instead of reading the content in its entirety. 1,179 more words


Here I Go Again - 7 Years Later

Well Hello there…

Here I am. 7 years and almost 36,000 views later. Who Knew I would be back here, again?

I didn’t think I would be back in this place. 239 more words

Chronic Pain

When Something You Write Comes Back to Bite You On the Butt

Recently, I wrote with great sincerity about the
ridiculousness of trying to deal with diets when you are struggling with
fibromyalgia. My points were all valid. 566 more words