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Anxiety - The History of Me

Okay, let’s start with a back story.


I had a great childhood! My mum is the greatest human being to have ever walk this earth. 1,031 more words


Don't drink, don't smoke, what do you do?

Long read warning!

One thing I often find hard to explain to people is that I don’t drink alcohol. I know it’s a weird think to have to explain, after all it’s my choice, but for those who knew me before Fibro it is a bit of a shock. 1,268 more words



6 months later, and here I am, actually sitting still at my computer, without the overwhelming feeling of not knowing what to do ~

I have a clue now, just … not sure how or when things will happen. 270 more words


Chronic pain and opioids

I take opioids (codeine) every day. I fulfill 12 prescriptions a year for codeine, a month’s supply in each prescription.

I live in the UK. The opioid crisis is happening in the US, yet if I tell people I take opioids/codeine, I get the weirdest looks. 409 more words

Chronic Illness

Travelling with Fibro and CFS/ME-Accommodation and creating your itinerary

Welcome back to the second part of travelling with Fibro and CFS/ME – Choosing your accommodation and creating your itinerary. You can still travel when you have auto immune illnesses, however you just have to do things differently from other people. 1,050 more words

Show Me Everything

Prednisone Giveth, Prednisone Taketh Away...

A few weeks ago, I got my new diagnosis. The Dermatologist put me on long term antibiotics and a cream in hopes that the treatment would take. 613 more words



We all have feelings of hopelessness. Times too unbearable. Days too long.

But what happens when the clouds clear and you can see the sky again? 348 more words

My Testimony