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Finding time

Since my diagnosis last August, I’ve largely hidden fibromyalgia from most people in my life — especially at work. I don’t want to be perceived as weak, unreliable and all the other things I imagine people will think if they were to find out. 360 more words


It's Been A Really Hard Year

Dear People,

I must apologize to everyone who has written me lately or asked questions about music. It’s just been an awful health year so far and I’ve been struggling to function. 122 more words


Family fun 

I have a five year old niece, and she totally has me wrapped. Maybe more than my own daughter haha We love to have slumber parties. 399 more words

Health, Wellness, Beauty

A life reminder that I sometimes forget especially while in a flare. I am Wonder Woman. I am a fighter. And I will always win.

I just got out of a 5 day flare from hell. The first 4 days I still went to work and functioned even though it was trying to break me. 128 more words




Something I’ve noticed, as I surfed around the internet looking at blogs and websites, especially in the working from home, crafty diy and journaling communities, is that there seems to be a very common “type.” 475 more words

Dressed for Battle

FOREWORD: As part of my HOPE plan, I choose to meditate on Scripture each day. I thought I might share some of my musings with you from time to time. 574 more words