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Lifting the Fibro Fog

While pain and fatigue are the focus of most fibromyalgia  symptoms, another problem that arises is one of confusion, forgetfulness, short term memory loss and often forgetting your train of thought or the words needed to complete to your sentence. 898 more words


A Tricky Parenting Secret

Do you want to know a tricky wee parenting secret? After three years of being a mama with a chronic illness, it’s just dawned on me… 462 more words


First Post- What's this Blog all About?

Hello Blog Readers! 

My name is Melissa Astra. I am 29 years old. I love to craft, go for walks, travel, spend time with family and friends. 201 more words

Chronic Disease

Half Baked

If my posts seem incomplete, that’s because they are. I tend to forget what I want to say or share. Or I save it to finish it & forget, then find it next time I go to write & wonder what I was saying. 111 more words


New to Blogging...

I have been sitting staring at this screen for about an hour or so and it has remained blank that whole duration. I have decided to start a blog. 777 more words


25 June 2017

The weather strikes again… It’s June, for crying out loud – surely I deserve a break at some point? The isobars are down to 1011mb today (thus far), and will be falling all the way down to 999mb by Wednesday. 382 more words


How I developed central sensitization: Part 2

Continued from Part 1

My doctor said I had what was called “glass back” syndrome.  Every muscle, from my neck to my lower back, was locked in spasm.   946 more words

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