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My Fake Fibromyalgia Friends; Loss, Pain, and Misunderstanding.

I believe the deck is usually stacked against folks with chronic illnesses, especially invisible illnesses. We find ourselves in a lifelong relationship with our unwanted friends; ‘Loss’, ‘Pain’, and ‘Misunderstanding’. 788 more words

Life Lessons

Finding Joy in the Small Things

Our first asparagus spears poking up through the dirt

The obnoxiously loud, insistent chirp that lets us know a Pileated Woodpecker has graced us with his presence… 93 more words


Finding the right balance - Daily life with Fibromyalgia

One of the things I have found most frustrating since living with fibromyalgia, is the sometimes uphill battle with daily life. Somedays feel great and it can be easy to feel obliged to pack as much as I can into these days, and other days are really not good at all, and fibromyalgia can rob me of joy and opportunity. 1,695 more words


How to support people with fibromyalgia

People with fibromyalgia really need support from thier loved ones and peers. Being supportive can really make a difference is how someone with fibromyalgia feels. Not supporting someone can make them feel like they have no one to turn to, that no one believes them and that they are useless . 192 more words


Be informed about Fibromyalgia - before you judge a person

This includes everyone struggling with chronic pain and invisible illnesses.

Mental Illness

I'm Still Searching

Lately I’ve been angry. Why? I have listened to my doctor say to me on one visit that I’m disabled and need an accessibility permit, but on the next visit that I’m not disabled enough for certain forms to be filled out. 431 more words

Writing Journey

Pain and the Gang

I finally got my mental health back to some kind of new “normal.”

So why shouldn’t I be surprised that the fibromyalgia is starting to get worse? 377 more words