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It sounds like a plan

Sometimes the TV shoves things there, right in front of your eyes, which is just as frequently something you want to see, as it something we don’t want to. 1,058 more words

Chronic Illness

Fibro Friendly Foods Friday

These Super Seedy Crackers are the bomb!

Being gluten free and dairy free makes things a little difficult. I mean I can’t have bread anymore, and to me that’s a problem. 301 more words

My Four Year Old Fertilized the Garden

Yes you read that right! And yes I am in as much shock as you are. At four years old why would he do such a thing? 709 more words

Overcoming Frustration

Chronic illness…pain…conditions

Are often tied to frustration.

Slowly or suddenly

Life is changed.

The smallest of tasks

Becomes a massive mountain.

Obstacles are magnified

As we struggle for relief. 108 more words

What is coaching - and a great offer!

If we end up chatting on the street, chances are pretty good I will tell you all about coaching. Especially if I’m fresh from class – I’m especially fired up then. 307 more words

Chronic Pain


Wow! This video brought a tear to my eye. Being in pain all the time is hard and this week has been tough. I often want to give up fighting the pain, to stay in bed and let it consume me but I know I have an amazing life. 108 more words


Crappy day

I’m having a pretty crappy day.  I feel horrible.  I hurt in so many places, plus I have a headache and I’m nauseous off and on.  71 more words