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I'm hangin in there...

What do you say when someone asks you how you’re doing? Do you say “I’m good”, “I’m well”, ” I’m great!”or “I’m alright”? Usually out of habbit we just say something that doesn’t truthfully describe how we really are. 440 more words

Fibro Mama Pregnancy Diaries Weeks 31-33

I was in a period of waiting. Of feeding my family, cleaning my home, organising my stuff. Of resting and stretching and trying to be well despite sleeplessness and the pain of carrying an extra 9kgs. 513 more words


Overcoming Obstacles With Positivity

A positive mindset means putting on a brave face to challenge the status quo.

A positive mind is having a sense of mental toughness. It’s facing life’s obstacles with a brave face while actively choosing to remain positive. 553 more words


My Super-Secret Health Goal that Was Too Difficult to Post This Month

In many ways, I enjoy my monthly goal posts. I enjoy seeing where I made progress on which tasks and why that progress happened as it did (or didn’t). 876 more words

Everyday Stuff

Is It All In Your Head?

Or rather, is it all from your head?

I just finished reading a book by John Sarno called Healing Back Pain: The Mind-Body Connection, which was first published in 1991. 434 more words


Paleo Diet May be Worth a Shot

Here’s a new fibro “tip of the day” for folks to try.  For the past couple of months, I have followed the “paleo diet”, which means cutting out dairy, legumes, and grains, along with some other foods.  91 more words

Chronic Pain


I want to write a book. That’s not news. It’s in the back of my mind just about all of the time. But, I have a million ideas about the kind of book to write. 1,022 more words