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I cocked-up

I have to admit it. I cocked-up…

When you are sick, it sucks. There is no doubt about that. Extra pain on top of pain, can hurt like hell! 996 more words

Redundancy Inspiration

Day 5: My Inspiration

Today I am going to talk about someone who inspires me. Most people choose a parent or an adult they look up to. And so do I. 500 more words


1 month ago, I lost my North

I’ve been quiet.

I’m sorry.

It’s been a truly hard few months. My mother who had severe dementia, felt so isolated when the care home went into Lockdown ( as did many there) that she stopped eating, stopped drinking and died. 58 more words


I'm Cringing Writing This Because I Have A Shit Hot Embrassing Confession To Make!

I’m cringing writing this because I have a shit hot embarrassing confession to make. I am sharing something so personal with you and a few thousand other followers too, that I… 1,052 more words


I Have To Admit This Is Embarrassing!

I have to admit this is embarrassing to write, because I am sharing something so personal with you, which I never thought I would ever talk about publicly. 881 more words


sacred sun

A few new moons ago had me pulling “worth” from the moon deck – teaching your inner negative Nancy to be more supportive, and freeing yourself from critical thoughts towards body and worth. 699 more words