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Written by: Devon Knox

Part 1

Fibromyalgia is a chronic disorder that may cause severe pain and tenderness throughout the body. Fibromyalgia impacts the central nervous system pathways and creates an intense pain due to its alteration of nerves. 605 more words


Therapy Thursday: On a Friday!

Hey everyone. I really do apologize about not being more consistent with my blog posts. I have had a crazy few weeks between doctor’s appointments, not feeling well, and just an overall feeling of sadness and lack of motivation. 1,134 more words


My First Live Poetry Reading

In college I decided I wanted to take chances and open myself up to new experiences, in a productive way of course. So, when I heard that Chipola was going to have a Poetry Café I talked myself into participating, with a little push from Kurtis McInnis. 420 more words

Fibro Friday: Golden Girls ~9/25/2020

Good hello, friends. So I know I mentioned it a while ago that I got a Tik Tok account. Well, I came across this clip from Golden Girls that anyone with a chronic illness I’m sure can relate to and I wanted to take a moment to share it with you. 135 more words


New Episode: Move Pain-Free with UK's Jeannie Di Bon

For this episode, we discuss: Jeannie Di Bon from London, a movement therapist specializing in Hypermobility, Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, and Chronic Pain. With over a decade of experience, Jeannie is also an author for two books and writes for the Huffington Post, The Mighty, and Thrive Global. 87 more words


A Quick Update On My Last Post

Well, after I typed up my last post, I did some research and I continued to do research the next day because, to be honest, the brain/fibro fog set in not too soon after I posted. 535 more words


Cogito ergo sum (an idiot)

I was recently commended for my brutal honesty in describing my ongoing health issues, how debilitating they are, and for painting a very honest picture of how challenging living with chronic illness is. 1,136 more words