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How To Master Time...And Other Writing Obstacles

Yes, I’ve been away.

Feels like I’ve come back from the dead. And I pretty much literally have. (More on that another time…)

In short, I am now recovering from a life-threatening pregnancy complication. 220 more words

Short Story: Attempts

Gabriela Ruíz-Leonard, BFR Staff

A pop, a rattle and a shake.

I hear the all too familiar sounds.

Pop, rattle and shake

She’s attempting it again. 490 more words


Burning Letters, An Effigy to Obscurification

“[I]f you gaze long enough into an abyss, the abyss will gaze back into you.”   Friedrich Neitzsche

Some bodies seethe tension, radiating worry as distorting heat waves from summer pavement.   186 more words


Legal Theft: Grand Potential

Alex thought that it wasn’t really his fault. He’d run the bet, sure, maybe even goaded the two meat heads into it a little. But he hadn’t forced them to race. 335 more words


Buddies With Time: Why Knausgaard Really Is Like Proust

When my friends ask me to recommend a work of “contemporary literature,” I often tell them about Karl Ove Knausgaard or Nell Zink or Ben Lerner. 1,731 more words


5 May new releases to look forward to

May is around the corner and there are bunch of awesome books that we will be released and I can’t wait to put my hands on them ;D, and these are the 5 that I am looking forward to read. 229 more words



Too young, too dumb, and too well-read on hallucinogenic substances was everything you needed to know about Sam on that summer day.

We came from successful, middle-class families who raised their children with this notion that we could do  310 more words