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Suffer Young

While Marty confessed that he had fallen in love with Alice, the girlfriend of our friend Jim, I listened to the radio. We switched our Queens of the Stone Age CD with a Tina Fey memoir And she was talking about working in the YMCA in Chicago when she was just starting out. 99 more words


three facts, one fiction.

40. three facts, one fiction.

There were the usual kind of people today. But there were two strangers and they looked out of place in the dainty coffee shop. 94 more words


Remembering the Pier

“Not quite the same,” I said sarcastically.

She laughed, “It was on fire last time!”


“But it was such a beautiful night. You with roses.” 107 more words


the Hatch (Chapter 16)


Lights clicked on, bathed smooth steel in their fluorescent glow. The people in the passageway looked at each other, and their surroundings. They didn’t appear to be nervous, or worried. 1,553 more words


Angel Of Death: The Night They Drove Ol' Dixie Down, Chapter Twelve: The Road Of No Return

Gone are all misconceptions. I no longer desire absolution for any sins. I no longer have faith in mama’s rosary. I am beginning to see what papa was trying to show me. 1,185 more words

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Short Story: Street Signs in Sarajevo

Jackie Nichols, BFR Staff

To almost all pedestrians, the cobblestone streets were most charming in the lamplight of evening. They were reminiscent of grander cities, or of grander times for the once triumphant city of Sarajevo. 968 more words

Staff Literary Blog

Samuel Unwin

I had only wanted to fuck, split wood, and talk. I hadn’t been interested or concerned with new restaurants, cake recipes, and donating clothes and broken unwanted watches to the local chapter of Good Will. 264 more words