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Flash Fiction: Coffee

“You should call me for coffee.”

He worked the phrase over in his head again, musing over the meanings undiscovered beneath the words. Leon turned down the music playing through his earphones, switching his attention to the warm rumble of the cafe around him. 337 more words


Short Story: Move-In Day

Brittany Foley, BFR Editorial Staff

Walking back up the stairs towards her apartment door, she held her head high, determined to enter her new home feeling confident and prepared. 863 more words

Staff Literary Blog

The Real McCoy || Part II

The Real McCoy || Part I

Upbeat but sultry saxophone floated through the wide hall. As Hazel and Dot walked toward the throng of people now trickling into a great ballroom at the end of the hall, their images were reflected in dark lead-paned windows. 1,379 more words

Fiction Fridays

How to Survive NYC Midnight

Every year, hundreds of people come together to battle each other in a challenge of skill for the NYC Midnight Short Story Challenge (among other contests they host). 772 more words

Creative Writing

Writers Block, or, why I don't feel bad for not posting these last ten months.

There is no such thing as writers block. What we call writers block is actually the error of writing too much with your intellect, and not enough with your heart. 299 more words


Book of the Week: Above the Waterfall - Ron Rash

Way back in the mid-2000s Jen Reynolds, then at Joseph-Beth and now Director of Field Sales at Houghton Mifflin, praised to sky an Appalachian poet, story writer, and novelist who Harper had just signed. 738 more words


Urgent! Please check out the My Peculiar Family Kickstarter!

With a week left to go, the “My Peculiar Family” Kickstarter campaign has a lot of ground to cover. I’m thrilled to have a new piece, “The Space Between” included. 372 more words