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"Crumpled tissue"...

“Standing in the coffee shop
A beautiful lady who was walking outside the cafe
But left down a Crumpled tissue
Which was fully Squeezed
I thought, let’s throw it in the dustbin… 259 more words

Book Review | Wolf in White Van by John Darnielle

Every time the Mountain Goats come on in my car (which is often – I may be a little bit of an obsessive person, whoops) Sam pats my dashboard and says, “Oh, John!” He’s trying to make fun of me because if you pay attention to pretty much any song in their catalog at some point you’ll find yourself saying the same thing – and I’ve been known to do it without even realizing it. 153 more words

Book Reviews

On our most anticipated fiction reads of 2016 (so far)

It’s pretty obvious Jody and I are a tad book-obsessed. When we’re not reading them, we’re reading about them, writing about them, or listening to podcasts about them. 456 more words

Book Review

Fiction: A Pet's Dilemma

Edward Booth, BFR Staff

I saw an orange cat yesterday, in the field out back. She strolled through the green field with sun shimmering across her fur, with a feline grace that can only belong to satisfaction. 388 more words

Staff Literary Blog

A Darker Shade of Magic Review

You’re just here for the rating? Well, it’s 3.5 stars, but why not read on to find out why?

As anyone who has seen my Youtube channel… 870 more words


Book Review: From the Desk of Buster Heywood by Angela D'Onofrio

I want to begin by saying this is an unsolicited and unbiased review.

From the very start I thought this book was going to be a private detective story; something a little old school set in modern times. 535 more words

Indie Author

Alone with my Thoughts

It’s going to be dark soon and I’m going to have to retire for the night. I’ve locked the house up and I’ve taken all the doors off their hinges and nailed them to the window frames. 495 more words