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The Amis of Amitica

On a cool November day in 1929, I was guest at a funeral in the country of Amitica, and had the opportunity to observe the funeral practices of the Amiticans. 1,668 more words


Start Writing Fiction

Hey guys,

I’m saying hey, like I knows there’s people reading this, which they’re may not be. But I’m going to write like there is anyway. 433 more words


Shameless Self-Promotion for Dürante Lucüs

Well, here I am again to let people know that I’ve a couple of things on Amazon.com.  The story that I’m pushing the hardest is… 110 more words

Creative Writing

calling out the proper name

so central and all-qualifying.
the giver of all accounts and form.
the proper name is the linguistic site of a formidable yet necessary lack, pointing sporadically and always towards the unconvincing fiction of everyday life. 142 more words

Creative Non-Fiction

Orphan in America

A signature is a common word we often use to mean personally signed name or mark. However, a signature can also represent something more; such as a musician’s “signature piece” or a chef’s “signature dish”. 109 more words

19th Century

Issue 35 and Sudden Fiction Contest Winners!

The staff of the Berkeley Fiction Review is pleased to announce the winners of our 19th Annual Sudden Fiction Contest!

Their work is featured in the current issue of the Berkeley Fiction Review. 70 more words


Ishra's Path

Brigit’s Flame May Word Sprint
Prompt – Vision Quest
WC: 1,311
Ishra’s Path is a different kind of backstory to my novel Adrift. Arden is a major character in the story and one you have not heard from yet. 1,338 more words

Brigit's Flame