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That damn Chuck.

I went and made a blog post yesterday in regards to how you conduct yourself online.

And then Chuck Wendig goes and says everything I wish I had the chops to say. 29 more words


Are you there, "The New Yorker"? It’s me, every hopeful college writer.

Alagia Cirolia, BFR Editorial Staff

College writers are desperate creatures, yearning for attention and audience. Hungry for praise, popularity, and even infamy, we all seek that fix—the sweet glory of publication—to validate those hours upon days upon weeks spent with head bent in humble supplication to whatever god may grace us from within the void of the blank, white page. 737 more words

Staff Literary Blog

''Us'', David Nicholls, Review

David Nicholls’ novel is full of witty charm. It doesn’t leave behind the same memorable imprint of sadness and regret that readers feel after finishing… 310 more words


Johnny I hardly Knew ye!


With the energy she had left, she forced herself to climb the bed and move beyond the temptation not to do what must be done. 3,522 more words


How should you conduct yourself in life, as a hopeful author?

Oh man, two blog posts in one day?? Yeah, that just happened. Or is happening. Hell, something’s going on.

I’ve been thinking about this issue on and off all week, since a silly event that took place in my personal-ish life earlier. 513 more words


New Fiction: The Small Backs of Children - Lidia Yuknavitch

Lidia Yuknavitch is out there, up to something. Her previous books, The Chronology of Water and Dora: A Headcase were praised by authors as diverse as Chuck Palahniuk, David Shields, Andrei Codrescu, and Cheryl Strayed. 482 more words


Legal Theft: Inappropriate

Visiting her father was the only time she dressed down for a public event. And visiting her father was always a public event. He was, and always had been, a man of the community. 294 more words