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Short Story: Broken Vases

Sophia Zepeda, BFR Editorial Staff

The first time River Valentina Hernandez watched The Wizard of Oz, she didn’t understand Dorothy’s desperate desire to return to Kansas. 2,317 more words

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Ah, WIP it (WIP it real good)

The following is the beginning of a project I’ve started that I will post in bits and pieces until it’s complete. I plan to add pages as I progress but may skip around in the narrative. 723 more words

A Short Story: Where The Wind Blows

Where The Wind Blows

Sitting on the pier was the best way to hear the sea move back and forth in an unbroken rhythm. I decided to hide here because of the scorching sun. 893 more words

Flash fiction: Grey

I dreamed of you last night. Not sure what brought it on. It could have been my day, which was normal. I met you on a normal day. 296 more words


Book Review: The Interestings by Meg Wolitzer

Flashes of genius can’t prevent The Interestings from too often getting stuck in a word bog 

Meg Wolitzer’s modern classic The Wife is a gripping, thought provoking and provocative novel that has become one of the defining feminist fiction books of the past few years. 654 more words

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The Delilah 100, 45/100: Gangrene

Julius’ comment piqued my curiosity. Then, I knew very, very little about what had happened with him and Richard’s mother. Just what Richard told me, and I knew whatever Richard told me about Julius would never be the whole story. 62 more words

The Delilah 100

In the Shadow of Lady Jane by Edward Charles


BLURB: “It is 1551 and a single act of heroism plunges ambitious young Richard Stocker into a tide of religious and social upheaval which will change not only his own life but the course of British history. 445 more words