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The Rothmans Job - by Mitchell Toews

A STORM LIKE THIS was rare. Snowflakes blocked out sky and sun and moon and stars. The flakes – as big as baby fists – had been falling for three days. 2,542 more words


The Big Surprise Is Here

This blog is a news release. I’m sending it out to many people. Why am I making it available to you? Perhaps you have news to disseminate. 1,590 more words

Monte Dutton

Beneath the Surface (Chapter 4)


Alex got into his car and headed down the road in the opposite direction from the one he came. He turned on to Smithfield Road and a moment later, turned on to Pleasant Hill Road. 3,384 more words


The box

(100-word flash fiction)

She hovered over the harbour. Like a benign wind fairy. Charlie, her creator, had painted the sky and clouds on her.

A large metal contraption that had been gliding over the water had stopped next to the unmoving land. 178 more words


Recolonisation - a 100w Story

My original idea for Friday Fictioneers turned into an 1800w short story which I had to keeping going with while it was flowing! (It’s here… 194 more words

Talking About Doctor Maniac: A Guest Post by S.J. Delos

Here’s my good friend S.J. Delos to talk about his supervillain character, Doctor Maniac!


They say people root for the heroes. But we all know that, sometimes not so secretly in fact, we find ourselves more interested in the bad guy. 717 more words


A Dying Breed - Short Story

Two men watched from the pub as disembarking cruise tourists were bussed away to the city.

Johnnie Moran who owned the Port Tavern spoke first. 1,923 more words