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The Summer Star

The Summer Star

Each summer I go back to the beach where I went every summer with my parents, I lay out a blanket stretch out under the night sky. 632 more words


Can't feel my face.

She was dancing to a beat she couldn’t recognise and her body had taken over. It was late, much too late, and her friends danced around her in a circle. 276 more words


Who You Are

If someone were to look at my life through a window, I wonder what they would see. If they’ve been following me on Instagram, they’d probably see a surfer chick, a big smile on her tanned face, eyes twinkling, holding a surfboard taller than her. 809 more words


Book Review: Dogsong by Gary Paulsen

My personal rating: 5 out of 5

My three sentence synopsis: Russel is painfully unhappy with himself and his life with his father, but he can’t figure out why. 293 more words


US Propaganda efforts making progress, still ineffective

Update from City-State:
Americans are still too well informed about the goings on of their government. Their citizens doth protest too much. Here at the ministry of entertainment, we plan proper distractions for our citizens. 237 more words


Stream of Consciousness Sunday: The Accumulator, part thirty six...

Here we are again, another Sunday, another SoCS post, finding out what happens next in this story, using the prompt left for us by Linda G Hill; 1,065 more words


Nirvana Ashram (Banofee Pie 4)

It was 4 AM. Dark and chilly. Few moments before the dawn. Beetles and other insects too were quiet around this time of the night. Few people were walking along the course of the Ganges, indifferent to the spine chilling weather. 448 more words