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HE stood there staring at her

He stood there staring at her wondering, while she cleaned up the room. Was the vase the only object that got broken today when he punched her in rage?


Just Thursday Blog Hop: The Desk

It’s not a very interesting piece, this desk. It’s the kind you buy for function, not form: it’s a generically-made one.

I use it every day, and it’s become so buried under papers and books that I barely remember what it looks like underneath. 216 more words

Creative Writing

The Impoverished Like it More

There lived a youthful boy with his prudent mother in a conventional cottage by their farm in a remote medieval village.

The mother cooked porridge in the morning for her son to savor; however, he did not, and proceeded to plow the farmland tediously. 44 more words


Friday Five Challenge

Welcome to my first contribution to the Friday Five Challenge

(Original idea from Rosie Amber at https://rosieamber.wordpress.com)

Anyone can join in – just follow the rules: 749 more words



I walk beside the river bed. The water hurries downstream and smashes with intensity against the boulders  jutting  forth from the watery earth.

My eyes are drawn to the wild flowers which line the bank. 44 more words


Fiction by Monica Lewis


Lauren is standing at her closet, naked, all skinny white legs and arms.

“You have too much shit,” I say.

She laughs, pointing to the floor.  3,399 more words