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My Diary: The Truth in The Centre Of Every Lie

June and I went out,‭ ‬each in an individual glove‭ (‬typically mine was missing the finger tips‭)‬.‭ ‬We clapped our hands together at the train station and watched the train arrive like a dancer taking a bow before her routine had finished.‭ ‬On arrival at the moon palace we ate pyjamas and underwear before watching an underwater eclipse.‭ ‬A man older than me pulled himself out of the swamp with his prehensile moustache,‭ ‬prompting me to write a joke on an undertaker’s lapel thinking he would probably never read it.‭ ‬I watched June walk a mobile phone round the block while I held onto an empty bag in case its contents escaped and then spoke to a much younger woman‭ ‬-‭ ‬a disapproving vicar searching for his church descended by parachute:‭ ‬both he and it were torn at the edges.


Legal Theft: Half the Silver

They never realized the danger of a plodder. The slack jawed things didn’t elicit the same raw terror as the forest’s hungry shades. They did not whisper lies like the pale-fingered demons lurking beneath the tree’s roots. 482 more words


Softness of Snow

Softness of snow Chapter 1

by Christine Swiderrski

The holidays in Northern Michigan are the essence of all the images you see in commercials, on Christmas cards, the snows soft quiet angelic peace fills the air. 812 more words


Time of Isolation, Chapter 9, Part 3

First, an announcement: The novel, The Harsh Lands is presently available at Amazon as an EBook. I’m still dealing with issues on the portion of the release for Epub, the other EBook format. 2,321 more words


Keep Movin' Forward

Punching his stubbly chin felt like smashing into broken glass. This must be what animals feel like when they take on a hedgehog. This was a bad idea. 420 more words


Book Review: Amy Dupcak's DUST

Christopher’s book review of DUST, a debut collection of short stories from author Amy Dupcak, is forthcoming in The Collagist.

From Lucid River Press: “A daring debut collection, Dust dives headfirst into the complicated waters of youth. 34 more words