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The bathroom was the focal point of investigation. The handle of the implement was coated in a fine powder to reveal the fingerprints on it.. Tweezers were being used to carefully extract hairs from the tangle knotted in the working end of the tool. 85 more words


Current Events, and Why I Don't Write About Them.

Hi Jim,

You mentioned a while back about writing politics in fiction. I was wondering if you could give some examples of how you deal with current events in your books. 589 more words


Kirk Novak: Home Invasion

“Go in there!” Tammy crouched behind Revis, who held an iron grip on the front door to the apartment. Seconds earlier, they had run out and slammed the door after they realized they were not alone. 445 more words


Skyfarer by Joseph Brassey


by Joseph Brassey
Series: Drifting Lands, #1eARC, 352 pg.
Angry Robot Books, 2017

Read: August 11 – 14, 2017

I’ve read a few interesting mergers of SF and Fantasy this year — some that were just that, interesting, some that were good — a couple that were more than good. 886 more words


Careful What You Wish For

“Shit, shit, shit,” Yohane muttered under her breath. Her alarm hadn’t gone off this morning, and her backup had gotten messed up by last night’s power outage, so that hadn’t gone off either. 3,581 more words


Cornerstone Chapter 2

Cornerstone Chapter 2

The following week was horrible at work my co-workers acted as though I were invisible. When I went to the coffee room if anyone was in there they would leave. 588 more words