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Smiles can Change the World!

Sometimes, for the creation of positive change in the world, all you need is a smile. A smile can change a person’s life for the better. 10 more words

My Books

In the Hand of the Goddess by Tamora Pierce

I breezed through this one; it is such a fun read! Alanna has such a hard time believing that those around her will forgive her for her secret. 27 more words


The Last Chance... New Episode!

Previously on The Last Chance:  Grainger shows up at The Last Chance alone, demanding Eme marry him and turn over the ranch, or she will suffer the consequences. 43 more words


The Brothers

“Jongin, mana hormat mu pada ibu baru mu?” ujar Tuan  Kim. Malam itu, Tuan Kim membuat pertemuan kecil dengan Ny. Oh. Pertemuan itu dimaksudkan untuk mendekatkan satu sama lain keluarga yang tak lagi utuh. 1,210 more words


Free Short Story on Amazon for LIMITED TIME: "Green Thumb"

I am giving away a short horror story “Green Thumb” at Amazon.com this weekend! Today through monday, August 31. Get it while it’s FREE, and, if you can, please leave a review. 208 more words


A Time of Learning, Death, and Revenge, Part 1

We finished the last episode or short story “Changes”, with Elsa entering the park and finding Ed sitting on a park bench and learns that all her fears were aimed at someone who now appears to be non-threatening. 2,107 more words