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The Consequences (Part 6)

With her routine disrupted and having spent a while confined to her bed, Sophie’s track of time had slipped. It might have been four days since the shooting, or it may have been seven. 705 more words


Truly, Madly, Guilty: The Unexpected Pleasure

I don’t believe in diets. In fact I’m pretty vocal about how ridiculous and counterproductive they are. Part of the reason is because of the fast-binge cycle: your body isn’t built for nutrient deprivation and so you get hungrier and hungrier until you find yourself crouched over the tub of icecream in the middle of the night wondering for what purpose you ever started out. 720 more words



A combination of sleepless nights and smiles on rerun.
Tapping my fingers, finding all the ways I can draw you out.
I’ve been counting in decades but now that I can see you on the page, 85 more words



Written December 2015.
Highly unfinished.

Trivia at the Megahole is comprised of three rounds, each made up of 15 questions. The first 12 questions are standard question and answer, normally worth one point but sometimes worth a second or third, which the host often refers to as ‘bonus points’. 8,165 more words


The Totally Zoned

Three people sit at a corporate dinner.  None want to be there.  Where do they go? What thoughts pervade their minds as they devour their choice of fish or steak or a pile of beans because no one understands vegetarian options… 336 more words


August 1st

We walked to the end of the pier in silence. I turned my back to Logan and gazed out toward the boat sailing through the thick fog. 110 more words


Charlie Irrelevant

Bit of hastily imagined short fiction for today’s WordPress Daily Prompt: Irrelevant.

Charlie stalked through the crowd, and it slightly parted as he made his way through the busy marketplace.   804 more words