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Chicken Coop

Keisha opened the egg box of the vacant chicken coop, and saw a tiny man pooping in a feed tray. He shielded his eyes against the sun and yelled at her “Hey, do you mind? 449 more words

Incubus by Kyle Lawhorn


I slam the front door shut behind me as I trudge into a caliginous living room. Home at last. Well, not exactly home, for the temporary soul of an apartment will never match the enduring soul of a house, but close enough for this twenty-year-old. 2,118 more words


Whiskers Sam by Victoria Whittaker

Whiskers Sam

~Break On Through~

It’s impossible for me to wake up early in the morning without the assistance of Jim Morrison. Instead, I was awoken by the smooth serenade of German engineering, long after the break of dawn. 4,859 more words


Book Release: Wreck You

I am particularly proud of  Wreck You. I mean, I’m proud of everything I write. (No, that’s a lie. My Optimist Calvary is proud of everything I write where I’m convinced I never should have sent it to my publisher in the first place. 539 more words


Even More Incentive

There may be some of you out there who recall me writing last year about giving a talk. Although I’m involved with Sheffield Speakers Club, I hadn’t spoken to a group of complete strangers for a while and, thanks to a distinct lack of preparation, I was a bag of nerves when I got there.  668 more words


Picture Prompt #R. SATIVUS

The picture was taken by TBP’s own April of R. Sativus fame.
The prompt to go with the picture is: Once, in a blue room… 20 more words