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Sunday Photo Fiction: Circle of Life

Each morning, I rise before the sun to admire nature in its purest form. Before the honking cars and cursing businessmen shouting into cell phones. Before squealing children standing at bus stops and their worrying mothers watching from behind stop signs. 176 more words

Short Fiction

Part 91: Bella & Luke

Six days later, Bella sat in her suite in Nevin’s “wee castle” outside of Edinburgh.  At her insistence, Luke was staying in town that night at the Balmoral, the hotel where this whole crazy thing had begun.  981 more words


Flash Fiction: Ice


A frigid, snow-dusted world was all she remembered. A spell, cast moments after her birth, turned the once verdant green lands into an icy mausoleum. 640 more words

Flash Fiction

Kudzu #29 - Origins of Legends

Nodding, Siriin put the box on the table. The commander gave her a puzzled look.

“I will not be staying at the garrison any longer. I am going to join Omanna’s caravan, so sadly I also will not be able to finish the book.” 384 more words


Outside Mini-Story: Nurse Ann

I stand frozen. Fear has overcome me and I have allowed it. It takes hold of my muscles making them static and numb. My hands become clammy and I can feel the cool wave of fright shroud my stomach and lingers at the top of my head. 591 more words

Review: Unwrapped Sky by Rjurik Davidson

(“A book with bad reviews” from the Reading Challenge)

I wanted to like this book. It was one of my “picked it up randomly whilst browsing at the library” books, and the blurb made it sound interesting. 813 more words



Dahlia fingers on a gun
Pull the trigger faster than I can run
Dahlia knows it has to end
But I was hoping we could pretend… 167 more words