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Be Mine

Be Mine

Be mine when all others leave

Mark each day anew

Saying I love you

A date on the calender

shall never take it’s place… 102 more words


Wheels Spinning

I’m watching your car pull up.

Wheels spinning, I don’t know why I’m so mesmerized by them. But I am.

I’m also mesmerized by the way your muscles move under your skin when you get out of the car. 160 more words


My Diary

I fell through a crack in the sky and then through a crack in the ground,waking up as a tiny rock orbiting a very small planet circling an obscure sun in the Andromeda galaxy.I answered the door with a passport photo on my shield-it was far from flattering and has since been replaced by a bowl of tulips.I had to sign my name on the back of a sheet of paper without reading what was on the front.I wondered if the man in a wallpaper pattern suit was really a vampire king slowly shrinking in the sunlight,his crown sliding down his body until only his feet were visible.We talked like eggs playing football in a bird’s nest and then parted as soft friends,him with a picture of the sun on a tambourine and me with a plastic octopus for a tie clip.


Fragment of a Story (Exit)

He started down the road with collected visions of the city in tow. Their words still rang in his ears, so pitched with anger and frustration. 230 more words


The Antisocial Network - Chapter Sixteen

“I hate hospitals. How did you stand being in here so long?”

Rachada shrugged. “When you’re comatose it doesn’t bother you as much. Besides, my dad is a surgeon. 1,448 more words


Cheesy Valentines (Part II)

A continuation of Cheesy Valentines (Part I)

Five days had come and gone and Senora was sort of desperate for a date rather than try her hand at Kristin’s matchmaking skills. 752 more words


Friday Fiction #3: In Transit - Gender / Bender


Gender Reversal

Take the main character of one of your novels or shorts and rewrite it switching the gender.


She saw the boy walk back towards the chairs at the nearby gate, looking far more despondent this time compared to the first few times. 884 more words