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What is this? How is it that I’m here?

It’s unreasonably dark, and I’m asking myself questions to which no one knows the answer.

Why does the sky remind me of tears, and why am I crying right now?

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Nostalgia by Cristina Moroianu


Inside The Beehive, it smelled like grilled cheese, strong black coffee, French onion soup and melted marshmallows dusted with cinnamon. What a strange mix, Alec thought. 1,227 more words


Friday Night by Benjamin Finateri

Friday Night

In the dark, Billy sat in bed, eyes wide, wound up. He listened for the monster, the monster in the closet. The house stayed quiet. 978 more words


Into the wilds of Mongolia

Well, I promised I’d report back on my Mongolian trekking trip and, yes, it was quite the fantastic adventure.  From Ulaan battar, the capital, we travelled 2 and a half days overland, passing Erdene Zuu Monastery along the way. 419 more words


A Few Quick Questions With...Darrell Drake

For the second time this week, sleep won a victory over my finishing a post, so you won’t be reading what I thought about this author’s book (spoiler: it’s something special). 1,351 more words


The Knowledge of the Queen: Chapter Four

By Juan Ersatzman

The Knowledge of the Queen is a serial novel, debuting with chapter one in January 2016 and slated for release chapter by chapter over the coming months. 4,991 more words


Gunpowder Trails Chapter Ten

By Andrew Sharp

Gunpowder Trails is a serial novel. It debuted online with chapter one in November 2015, and is slated for release chapter by chapter over the coming months. 5,236 more words