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A Timely Piece- by Ronnie Peace

A Timely Piece

by Ronnie Peace

Have I ever told you about the time when I travelled back in time?

If you are privy to the successful methods of altering the time-space continuum for personal time travel, then I would safely assume your answer is yes (and I do); 933 more words


My Diary: Walking An Alarm Clock Instead Of The Dog

Immediately after jumping out of bed‭ ‬-‭ ‬with an ancient Greek goddess not fully emerged from my forehead‭ ‬-‭ ‬I invented a form of non moving athletics‭ (‬although I still found this too tiring‭) ‬and laid on the bed while June arranged dark shadows downstairs.‭ ‬I went down with blinding lights issuing from the eyes in my hands and then found my sunglasses and my keys.‭ ‬In the mirror I noticed my beard was slowly eclipsing a sun in the constellation of Orion:‭ ‬June wants me to cut it off so she can paint a zebra crossing across my face‭ ‬-‭ ‬so far I have shut my Belisha Beacon eyes and refused.‭ ‬I took Poppy to the footplate of the World’s first transgenic steam engine and the driver cut her hair while the fire man stoked the fire.‭ ‬As the fire subsided for the day we took her for an unscenic route walk.


Final Fantasy - Crystal Beacon #46

A lance of ice formed in the air above Famfrit, cold mist lazily drifting off its surface. “Rise to your feet, Bodvar. There is not much time to be bought on your knees.” Erroix let the magick-wrought shard drop, scattering icy crystals in all directions as it slammed into Famfrit’s form. 384 more words




by Curtis Sittenfeld

July 2016

I consider myself more of a Jane Austen purist, so I wasn’t sure how I’d feel about a “modern retelling of Pride and Prejudice.” And while there were certain updates that I didn’t love, overall I really enjoyed  213 more words

Book Review

Can You Name the Most Successful Science Fiction Series in History?

Perry Rhodan is the title of the most successful science fiction series ever written, having sold more than 2 billion weeklies since it’s introduction in September 1961. 254 more words