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The Lost Prince of Eagleside: Meeting Liam

Growing up in the foster system, Liam Davenport never really got to know his parents. Ever since he was born, Liam moved from foster home to another as he felt like he was a problem. 1,763 more words


Watch This Space--ITALIANS DO IT BETTER by Holly J. Gill

Italians Do It Better, the newest standalone from the Italian series by Holly J. Gill is LIVE!

When you taste something forbidden, and all that your heart wants is unattainable. 3,144 more words


Short Story - Lunch at the Real

The inspiration for this story came from the aesthetics of Disohonored 2, which took steampunk and industrial fantasy into the Mediterranean; there was a lot to like about this, and I simply ran with the inspiration it invited into a magic-school setting. 1,145 more words

Short Story: "Amusements" By C. A. Brown

With a thunderous death-rattle and twenty banshee screams, the rickety old rollercoaster car shot past me like a ghost in the night. I must have jumped because the next thing I heard was Brad’s laughter mingling with the tinny music from the big top. 720 more words


Cat's Eye: Margaret Atwood, #metoo, feminist-not-feminist-bad-feminist, and... a 1988 novel

Margaret Atwood is (back) in the news. With the adaptation for television of The Handmaid’s Tale (1985) and Alias Grace (1996), readers are returning to these earlier works in droves, with both novels (once again) atop the bestseller lists in Canada and the United States. 1,155 more words


Body Language Chapter 3

Body Language Chapter 3

My boss Brian Carter arrived at the room 2 hours later he had my suitcase and a bag of takeout. We sat amiably at the small table he had given me a choice of a tuna melt or a patty melt, I chose the tuna melt. 471 more words


Hunter's Maze Chapter 8 Extract

Natasha and Liam exchanged glances as they hovered at the entrance of the house. Both nodded as one, and Liam removed the handgun from his holster and released the safety. 1,287 more words