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The Math Teacher

His hand fit perfectly in mine. Colours blending. His light, mine dark. Our touch lingered. I looked into his eyes and knew I had met him. 895 more words

Life As A Stage

The Love Letter

She thought of writing him a letter. The task was daunting. She felt that all the paper in the world wouldn’t be enough if she had to put in words everything she felt. 452 more words


The Wheelbarrow

Trumpets sounded from the living room, signalling the onset of an 8 o’clock news update.

Brian lowered himself down gradually onto a well-worn patch of couch, while glaring intensely at the rim of the mug he was holding. 989 more words


The Brontë Plot by Katherine Reay

The Brontë Plot by Katherine Reay will be published by Thomas Nelson on November 3, 2015 and was a read from Net Galley.

Some books are so deliciously good you cannot put them aside for real life. 169 more words


A distinguished visitor, part four

She had a habit of asking unsettling questions just before she departed. Nevertheless, Hades found himself looking forward to Hel’s visits, to slow walks with her in the gardens, to her calm face and flat voice and those offhand probing questions. 493 more words



nips for me to learn
the intricacies
of cat-speak


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[caption id="attachment_1274" align="alignleft" width="280"]www.magmire.net www.magmire.net[/caption]   Good evening everyone and welcome back to another Friday Night Poetry Corner. Last we I took a break to recover a bit from a very busy week. Also we are nearing the milestone of #100 corners!! G-d I love all the support y'all shown me throughout the years!! Very much appreciated! But lets leave that for another day, this week this magnificent poet name redgladiola has a nice, wordplay poem called “Play-biting?” First---I love cats. Second, the word play is awesome. Third—it was a short yet fun read. Fourth—it ain't a damn forth just read it already :-). Seriously if and when you get a chance read more of this poet's works. It is quite impressive..

Lenny's Perfect Hit

Lenny worked the dropping bay, and his reputation was one of a conquerer.

A J.E.C artillery platform is something you never want to wake up to see suspended above your colony. 1,851 more words