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Sibling Warfare

We never said good-bye that last time. Your sword fell into the bloody mud and then your hand was reaching out. I saw it fall in slow motion but I couldn’t see your eyes. 88 more words


Launch Chapter 5

Chapter 5

Max sat in a quiet corner of the jam-packed arena, behind the bleachers, and away from all of the other performers. He was still shaken from seeing Stan hit the dusty concrete at the other end of the arena, but he was focused and intent on going through with his jump. 2,861 more words


Launch Chapter 3

Chapter 3


Max pushed open the flap on the massive tent, and slowly crept inside.  It was almost two in the afternoon, and he was sure nobody would be there.   3,608 more words


Chapter 35 - Parts 2,3,4 & 5!

Out in the dank theatre lobby of Mustard’s ExtraSpace, away from the glitter and expensive artwork the Judge and Mrs. Radcliffe were a rather ordinary couple. 1,803 more words


Why I give thanks and why I thank you

In a recent blog I bemoaned that I wrote over 1,700 words in chapter three of my new novel and apparently forgot to click ‘save.’ When I discovered what happened I wrote notes of what had transpired in the story and let it sit one week. 134 more words


A Window

Kaia had spent her whole life under a thatched roof in a town barely worthy of being called such. Her community was more a collection of homes surrounded by endless fields of corn and barley.   712 more words


Close, But No Cigar

“Shit! Shit! Shit!” I swear under my breath as I run to catch the bus. I knew I should have checked my email last night, but no. 1,039 more words