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Wind / Pinball

A few weeks ago Haruki Murakami published a new novel, Wind/Pinball.  Technically, it’s not a new novel.  It’s a new translation of Haruki Murakami‘s first 2 novels; the award-winning short novel… 1,035 more words


Through the Woods, stories by Emily Carroll

(I used guidelines from East Carolina University to help me critically evaluate this text.)

This graphic novel is a collection of 5 stories of similar style and tone.  151 more words


Coraline - Neil Gaiman: A Review

Would you forgo your current life if you found a better one on the ‘other’ side? That’s the question that Coraline is subjected to initially. When she answers in the negative, things turn sour. 552 more words


Social Media for Self-Publishers

How easy it is to over-volunteer–especially for us women–and most especially the younger women who are still working on crashing the glass ceiling. It is at a more “mature” (huh umm!!) age that we begin to look at all the activity, the deadlines, the goals set unrealistically and wonder what we were thinking. 449 more words

Publishers Comments

Will You Catch an Affliction This Fall?


I’m not referring to something you can get a flu shot, prophylactically. I’m not talking about avoiding public places and spaces, riddled with germs and fingerprints due to the lack of proper housekeeping. 457 more words

Dottie Daniels

The Art of Hearing Heartbeats by Jan-Philip Sendker

Maybe it’s the space of life in which I find myself. Maybe it’s the setting in which I read The Art of Hearing Heartbeats. Or, maybe I’m a sap for an interesting love story. 559 more words

Fiction Books

Enchantress of Paris by Marci Jefferson

Enchantress of Paris: A Novel of the Sun King’s Court by Marci Jefferson

Fraught with conspiracy and passion, the Sun King’s opulent court is brought to vivid life in this captivating tale about a woman whose love was more powerful than magic. 519 more words