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Empty Oaks Is Getting A Revamp!

The Empty Oaks team has been in long talks about the best way to promote new and up-and-coming authors, building our readership and making life a bit easier in the real world (the non-writing part of our lives, you know, laundry and tax returns etc). 184 more words

Empty Oaks



That’s a tough pill to swallow. Most people just flat out refuse to do so. Not me though. I know better. I should have known better, at least. 1,028 more words

W.A. Fulkerson

Sauna / ukážka z knihy

Na stránke jetotak.sk je uverejnená krátka ukážka z môjho románu Tichý režim.

Ak by chcel niekto koštovku, tu je úryvok s názvom Sauna.


Poznámky substitúta

Na stránkach portálu JeToTak.sk si skúšam novú formu písania – na pokračovanie. Zápisky profesionálneho dovolenkára. Zatiaľ sú vonku 2 diely Substitúta, ak všetko pôjde hladko, každú stredu by mal pribudnúť nový diel. 45 more words


Assuming the World Doesn't End...

Just a quick reminder that one week from today my flash fiction story The Cavern will be published by Every Day Fiction for the Winter Solstice…assuming the world doesn’t end of course. 99 more words


Margaret Atwood on Wattpad

Margaret Atwood stunned the literary world by defending Wattpad this week. For those who have not heard of it, it is an online story sharing community that has a reputation for being full of YA romance fiction and thinly-dressed-as-original-yet-clearly-fanfic. 185 more words


End of Summer Cleaning

Recently, I posted about my attempts to organize (read: simplify) this site.   It is still in a transition period, but hopefully stabilizing soon.  That is, after one more upheaval. 209 more words