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Short Story Sunday 204: Headline

            Martin stormed into the classroom and threw the school newspaper down on Todd’s desk. He pointed to the large, black, bolded words at the top. His finger tapped it angrily all the way giving Todd the stink-eye.

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How to Defeat Act 2 Blues

Every writer has experienced the rush of beginning a new story – the ideas are coming, the words are flowing, the magic is happening and then…the reality of Act 2 hits. 331 more words

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Passion Driven Writing

The Word and Syntax Writer Wake Up

Nothing is perfect, especially when it comes to writing. You can always tweak for better wording. The time to tweak most is before publishing. 434 more words

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Mystery Monday - Story Tropes

Writing a Mystery

I had fun with the first Mystery Monday. With an Ask Me Anything base, I answered a few questions as well as covering the topic for the day – Basic Mystery Tropes. 53 more words

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Always a Writer

As a writer, I’m always curious about other writers and how they came to write and publish books. When I read through their author bios and interviews, it all seems to stem from an indescribable and insatiable need to figure out the world with pen and paper. 657 more words


Zombies and Teeth

Tad jolted from his sleep awakened by another nightmare. He reached over to his phone and saw it had a missed call. Groaning he laid back and listened to it. 673 more words


Writing sound words

Can you hear what’s happening, dear reader?

Sound words can draw your readers into a scene.

Quick tip: Italicize sound words in your stories. 

Whomp, whomp, whomp.  59 more words