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Decoding a table of contents

I’m looking at the table of contents (TOC) of Fixing Mrs Philpott, my new novel, and thinking that it tells a story.

First clue: 654 more words


Compelling Antagonists

Compelling characters make a story go. For a while now, I’ve written about and referenced Ursula Le Guin and “The War Against,” highlighting my desire to tell stories that focus on the evolution and make up of my characters as opposed to some war they have been fighting for ages. 452 more words

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#amwriting #amediting #mikee Still very raw and error ridden

I haven’t achieved much to day and most cobbled together in the last few hours which in UK time is late. Bear in mind this is still just underdeveloped ideas and rough writing. 3,147 more words

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#amwriting and not fair to Dragon translation but funny

wasn’t really the Lodge. Mi Kee could see and smell the mess he usually properties have by the front, space EU the hammock and he kept the hammock I as the cats like to play with it like a toy and if he put it above was certain I then the cats would believe is hammock alone butts he ended up reaping near the room. 55 more words

Fiction Writing

Just Do It! - 3 Ways to Overcome Excuses.

I come across this motto not long ago. It has changed everything for me. I’ll confessed that I’m one of those persnickety people who likes things to be perfect, especially when it comes to my writing.   1,591 more words

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Installing DOS 6.22 in a VM

Found myself in a situation where I needed to get DOS installed in a VM for a legacy application. Found the post below on the Parrallels forum very usefull… 212 more words


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Struggling with Windows 10 Pro and VM wear. Old Accounting system - old machine just packed up; need 1 program to run. Printed out instructions - will follow.

For Love of Chaos - My Viking Binge, Trump, & Wrecking-Ball Politics

Since becoming the full-time nanny for my little granddaughter, my reading tastes have taken a decisive darker turn. Instead of the lyrical literary novels I’mm usually drawn to, I’ve been on a Viking binge. 772 more words