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Torch the Love - SPF -12/11/16

“Merita I am not going to just let you torch everything we have together!” Hernando said.

“There is nothing left to torch,” Merita replied. She crossed her arms while making sure the expression on her face matched her words as well as her mood. 194 more words

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Blackwood Gazette #283- Maurice Merchant Found Guilty of Treason and Sentenced to Death

By Jeanne Dupris, Nor Eastern EIC

10/12/282-Two days ago, I was able to express hope that Crowndon may be able to heal itself thanks to the actions of its people against those who ordered the murder of 200 of its citizens. 278 more words


Friday Fiction | She Said, I Know What It's Like To Be Dead

If you love the classic story of A Christmas Carol featuring Ebenezer Scrooge like I do, I hope you’ll be amused by today’s Friday Fiction. 1,062 more words

On Life

Blackwood Gazette #282- Leviathan Investors Claim Prison Conditions Will Be Rectified

By Isairo Palantes, Monteddorian Correspondent

9/12/282-A spokesperson representing the board of investors for the prison ship Leviathan released a statement today concerning the recent developments of alleged abuse of prisoners and deplorable living conditions. 137 more words


This is an another piece about Lord of The Rings.

Frodo makes the decision that he will single-handedly take the journey to the source of the ring’s power. Elrond, then, following the guidance of Gandalf, draws together companions for him. 817 more words

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Gander at the Mannequins - Carrot Ranch - 12-8-16

“I told you Mandy had a mannequin figure!” Joel said to Mike.

“Wow you are right!” Mike said. He took his third gander at the Christmas display in the department store window. 80 more words

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Novel Excerpt Due

Hi folks! You have the hour to do the following:

  • Post your novel excerpt on your blog
  • Open Google Classroom, click on the assignment, “Novel Excerpt (Summative Assessment),” fill out the top half of the rubric, then click “Turn In.”
  • 22 more words
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