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The Start of Something - Chapter 1 (2016)

I know what you’re thinking already.  Another shitty story from some nobody dropout whose life goals were unachievable and nothing more than chaotic pipe dreams.  I get it.   3,237 more words


Chapter One

The aisles bled together. Cereal, cold medicine, diapers, canned food – all things he didn’t exactly need but somehow sounded appealing, just because it’d fill the cart, just because it’d get him out of the store. 5,923 more words


amwriting #ameding Still Working on It2

All I can do is just give ideas.



  • Wars in Ascania
    • Possibly magical
      • Thinking about it and Arturo as the, or is he, the Wizard…
  • 173 more words
Fiction Writing

Fiction Writing: Before you Put Pen to Paper

I know that you’re probably super eager (I hope, anyway) to just start writing already, but there are few things that need to be said and considered before you can get set loose on creating something wonderful.   905 more words

Coventry University

Like you just don't care...

Someone else was here. He pulled out his headphones and listened. Without the bombastic guitar, the school hallways only sounded with his footsteps. He stopped walking, the ear buds dangling from his fingers and listened. 411 more words


#amwriting #amediting Still haven't done much

But I’ll tell you a True Story.

Back in the 70s, interested in Law – girl-friend lawyer gave me a call to get to the Elephant and Castle Crown Court. 239 more words

Fiction Writing

Tubing or Living? Easy choice!

FriFic for October 28, 2016. . .enjoy!!!

“You guys do this every year?” the newcomer asked.

“It is a tradition. On October 28th of every year we race to see who can get through first.” 72 more words