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July blog winner....

And our July blog winner is…Sheila Hall! Congratulations Sheila, and thank you for all the great comments!

Dana Mentink

Writer fuel.

You can’t get something from nothing. Ideas need to come from somewhere. For fiction writers, I’m of the belief that these ideas come specifically from the subject matter that’s composted down over years and years in our subconscious. 174 more words


Snippet Sunday 2/8/15: Sample from a WIP

I’ve not worked much on Salmonweird recently (my crime comedy) but this is a segment of a recent scene that I’m really pleased with. Here, I’m introducing quite possibly the world’s worst Elizabethan poet. 642 more words


A Wedding Gone Wrong

Hello, internet!

I have another story excerpt for you. First, though, congratulations are in order: our patron Tobias is now a married man. I hope matrimony brings him infinite joys and doesn’t distract him too much from his writing ;).   1,223 more words

Flash Fiction

Time has a way of washing everything away. Not always all of it—pieces of memories remain but effects stay written on our bones. Smell and taste linger on edge of forgetting. 11 more words


“Run,” I whisper. I lock my eyes with hers. The snake-girl scoops up her plastic bag full of what I am assuming are her belongings. Nodding at me, she bends over near my feet and wraps her skinny fingers around the sunglasses and scoops them up. 63 more words


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