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Don't mind me...

Don’t mind me,

I’m just here to flirt with

your sexy words.

Hoping they’ll agree

to follow me upstairs for

a night of sweet delights. 49 more words


Ikiru and Inertia

Sort of on the cusp between middle-aged and elderly. Certainly not old enough to be in a nursing home, but certainly too old to get off the bench in a recreational basketball league. 433 more words



The warehouse was dusty, dimly lit, abandoned. She had made it her temporary home. At least, she hoped it was temporary! It was echo-y too, she tried not to be too loud or to stir up too much dust. 584 more words


Top 10 Online Money Making Sites (6 min read)

Written By Millionaire’s Digest Team Member: Prince Kelvin

Founder & Owner of: Listpedia

-Millionaire’s Digest Team, Contributor, Blogging Writer

The goal of these websites has been nothing less than to change the world itself and their strategy involves attuning themselves to people’s needs and desires in order to find and fill a permanent niche. 1,090 more words


[Review] Cry Of The Sea by D.G. Driver

Disclosure: I get this book for free in exchange for my honest review from the author itself. The book is in a paperback format which the author give directly to me. 740 more words


Chapter 8 | Grayson and Jeremy vs the World

Didn’t know what time you’d be arriving so I made some pizza. It’s in the refrigerator – microwave it! – Dad

As much as I loved my dad’s cooking, it was too early for dinner. 1,304 more words


The Murder of Manny Grimes by Angela Kay


When three young boys stumble into Lieutenant Jim DeLong’s life one night during a winter storm, they claim they’ve seen a dead body by the swing sets of the Columbia County Elementary School. 497 more words