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[SS] A Home of My Own

Word Count: 3,718 words

I don’t mind if my roommate has sex next door. I don’t care if the headboard knocks against the wall our rooms share like a solicitor on the door of a house they know someone is in because of a car in the driveway (and they happen to be right). 3,982 more words



She said she dreamt of Gram Parsons playing the piano and dropping off-kilter tears onto the keys inside a 1860s saloon. She got a tattoo of a glitter eagle on her bicep. 518 more words


The Process: Combining Re-Writes

So I started working on a fantasy novel temptatively called “Waking Dream” a good year and a half ago. Re-write the prologue twice in two different file names and then wrote out the first chapter. 154 more words


Charity by Charles Baxter (Fiction Breakdown)

It’s been months since I’ve posted any news. But for those at all interested, I’m alive and well. I believe I am nearing the time at which I will be more consistent with my blogging, as it is something I enjoy greatly, though once I return I am afraid it will probably be a weekly practice rather than daily. 865 more words


Put Pen to Paper

I have always been a big reader (and a fast reader as well), and starting at a young age I became an immense lover of fantasy fiction. 1,485 more words


undeniably perfect

“My heart sank as the words passed her lips. Self-contained as I prided myself on being, I had begun to hope. Wendy had seemed like the perfect woman for me, flighty and chaotic, but still undeniably perfect. 41 more words


A Christmas Carol - Charles Dickens

Marley was dead, to begin with. There is no doubt whatever about that. The register of the burial was signed by the clergy-man, the clerk, the undertaker, and the chief mourner.

473 more words