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Stupid or Conformist: Part One

Editor’s Note:

This is the first installation of a four part story.

Moyo sat in the darkness of the bedroom she used to share with her husband. 1,370 more words


Review: The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins

I’m pretty sure that by now there is not a bookworm in the blogosphere that hasn’t heard of Paula Hawkins’ debut novel The Girl on the Train… 443 more words


BEDTIME STORY (by Daniel Devine)

Omg you guys! It’s only been a day and I’m in love with Dan- my potential intern. I don’t know if it’s deep love, but it’s definitely love and I think I want to name our future love child “Vladimir”. 934 more words

Things that were bothering me yesterday

Things that were bothering me today

1. A line he had said like a long time ago, spanning almost six months to a year ago… 635 more words


Story: The dark magic

Down in the hallway, the grandfather clock chimed and adds shrieks of fear to the darkness of night.

Time was racing and up in the library, she was frantically looking for that magical spell. 298 more words

Creative Writing

Tin Lily by Joann Swanson

Tin Lily by Joann Swanson
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This novel is truly beautiful, I am astounded that this is the authors debut! The content is… 132 more words


Scene 222 - Discrimine



As we walked away from the airport—if you could call it that, there was only one runway—with the other Paladins flying towards New York, I frowned to myself. 3,707 more words