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authentically amorous

For her, the word French guaranteed a brand of excellence: discreetly but authentically amorous, high-toned, cultivated.

Doris Lessing, The Golden Notebook


Hello Sydney

March, 2013

I borrowed his phone because I forgot to bring my phone. I logged in into twitter. He was gone somewhere so there was just me and my friends. 174 more words


outward conformity

So what had happened to her? It was true that with Paul she had taught herself never to look at a man, even casually, because of his jealousy; she was, with him, like a protected indoors woman from a Latin country. 29 more words


I Am Black

                I am black. Oh rota, the blank person who walks beside me, what are you saying? That you want candy? We walk into a store, and it’s full of black people, how black they are and how perfect, but beside me is a blank person and he (or she) is nothing at all. 1,831 more words


listless and flat

This was an intellectual decision, unbacked by moral energy. She was listless and flat. It was as if Paul had taken with him, not only all her capacity for joy, but also her will.

Doris Lessing, The Golden Notebook


How to Flip those "20% Blog Scrollers" into "80% Addictive Readers." (For Writing, Travel, Book Bloggers & More!)

Question asked by: Maykesplana (Michael Esplana)

– A self-motivated photographer who wants to someday inspire someone and discover who he really is. 

Original Question: “I have a problem with writing an engaging post.” 344 more words


Skeleton in a Shed

Trevor is an unobtrusive person. He lacks the ease and relaxation that a non-shy person may naturally have, causing him to come across as weird and awkward. 104 more words