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This is one of the first poems I wrote and revised significantly, in a Creative Writing class in Spring. It’s fairly different – and longer – than my last post, with a completely different tone and structure. 396 more words

Creative Writing

From "The Fiery Sanctum of the Gourd God" by T. Doug Gordy

“Bring them forth.”

The cultists shoved John and Mary forward, bruised and bloodied from where they’d been torn from their station wagon.

“Bow before the Gourd God!” one of the cultists snarled. 167 more words


Fitness Junkie

Fitness Junkie by Lucy Sykes

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Fun and funny, Janey Sweet is thrown into the plight of the temporarily unemployed by her unfeeling business partner – is this even allowed? 103 more words

Book Review

Mini-Story 3 (Part 1)

​Gray pastures…the once green grass, has, over an unknown amount of time, died. Ashen trees, with not a leaf in sight to adorn their branches. Perhaps they’ve all blown away. 1,458 more words


A Writer's Rant

There’s a great article in The Atlantic entitled “A Reader’s Manifesto” that takes contemporary American fiction to task. It’s from 2001, but it’s a must-read for anyone who writes fiction, as the author takes on many trends that we are all guilty of participating in at some point. 392 more words


George and the Never Ending Bank Account

Chapter 1: Happy Birthday George!

When George woke up at 7.46am on the 20th of April, he felt excited for the first time in what felt like his whole life. 2,529 more words


New York City, Please Be Kind. I've Got a Fragile Heart and An Open Mind.

I think about that seven-year old girl

with barrettes in her hair and wind on her cheeks

and at times I wonder

What must she think of me? 129 more words