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Ascension of Larks by Rachel Linden (review)

Every so often I come across a work of contemporary fiction that breaks my heart in the best way.  So much so, in this case, that I needed a bit of distance between reading and reviewing. 882 more words

Book Review

5 Things to Turning Your Book into a Best Seller (2 min read)

1. Know your audience. Ask yourself what your audience needs to be successful. It’s not about what you need. You must put yourself in their shoes. 309 more words

Millionaire's Digest

From "The 11 hz Room" by Anonymous

“You can see here the speakers and subwoofers. Armored, of course, and fine-tuned by a company out of London to produce 11 hz white noise. It’s inaudible most of the time but makes people violently ill at ease and, often, violently ill.” The manager of Special Branch pointed to fixtures set all around the ceiling in recessed enclosures. 102 more words


The Perfectly Imperfect Bunch

My first collaborative blog post is up!!! Why Write? Go check it out!! Quick!

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Character Study

Warning: violence, mental health problems, swearing. 2,649 more words


Issue 1.4 - Fiction

Caroline would never forget the sequence of events that morning.  They would forever be embedded in her mind, like where you were when Kennedy was shot, or what you were doing the morning of September 11th.  3,576 more words


How the American children outsensed their president

Emily was farsighted, but she could see the dirty storm water as it eddied mindlessly about her knees in the middle of their hometown street. 141 more words