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Madame Bovary

My god, what a dumbass. Don’t get me wrong, I found it disturbing exactly how much I could identify with Madame Bovary’s initial emotional striving-her first impression of marriage; ‘is this it?! 283 more words


Sunday Photo Fiction: Sleepwalker

I shut my eyes, trying to think back to the dream I had the previous night. 194 more words


The Physician

An 11th century orphan is adopted by a barber-surgeon. In his apprenticeship, he learns the trade and learns he has a deep, abiding calling for healing. 137 more words


Life of Pi by Yann Martel (Canongate)

“My suffering left me sad and gloomy”

THE problem with coming to this book after the film event is that the image of the boy and the tiger marooned on a boat has already passed into popular culture, an indelible, all knowing fact. 613 more words


The Whistler

What do we do when our judges are crooked? When they accept a bribe or behave immorally? Lacy Stoltz is a lawyer who deals with judicial misconduct. 201 more words


As a writer, how do you overcome paralyzing self-doubt? This author knows how

Longtime readers may remember where we last saw author Sheila M. Good: in the cow pasture behind her house—a favorite childhood writing spot where she would spend hours filling journal after journal with essays, poems, and short stories. 538 more words



If you like Muriel Spark, you will like Loitering With Intent.  If you aren’t sure, you will still like Loitering With Intent.   A young woman, working in London on her first novel in 1949, and living in a tiny studio room, bath at the end of the hall, needs a job, takes employment with a certain Sir Quentin Oliver, head of the Autobiographical Society.  504 more words