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Cuddling Season: Finally Getting What You Wanted

Well, it all worked out. My boyfriend and I got back together.

And to be honest, I feel really great about it, but now I have to cope with everything that happened in between. 489 more words


All That Follows

Jim Crace is a Booker nominee and Whitbread winner who was recommended to me. I was disappointed in All That Follows. Obviously, a fine writer, he writes convincingly about jazz. 102 more words


1StoryADay: Cake

As I picked up the keys to my apartment and walked out of our – now his – home, I felt liberated. As if my body had been aching for me to leave this man. 1,495 more words


NaNoWriMo 2015: the end is the beginning

Well, I have crossed the finish line and then some. As of today, my word count stands a little more than 57,500. Of course, as I said in… 1,075 more words


I went to work today. Time was a little against me. I had been really stirring the dream pot with the snooze alarm. Musette had put my hair band on top of my computer. 50 more words

Prompt Response 2: Bell and Book

Prompt Response is a series on Lorebound where I report on my writings with my lovely college writing group. This week, I realized that I forgot to put this up from weeks ago. 962 more words