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Top Free Online Tools To Improve Your Writing

“There’s always room for improvement.”

Whatever you’re interested in, there’s always something that you can improve on or learn in more detail. If there was nothing new to learn, that…

1,020 more words

A New Friend

Getting better on the till now. I can just about give folk their change without the tentacle slappin’ it ‘cross the room. It hates copper – wish I knew why. 1,073 more words

Lambchester Bulletins

100 Word Story - Medical

I am awake, but I don’t feel anything, was all I could think at the time. My lips wouldn’t move no matter how much I wanted them to; my mouth made no sound whatsoever. 83 more words

Original Works

LF64 - Art and Cyan

I had a strange dream about meeting an Indian girl. We got to know each other and eventually fell in love. We started a family with Cyan as our first child. 1,168 more words


#Writing Just For the Heck Of It

I’ve had a story idea knocking around in my head for a few years, and this past week I’ve decided to act strictly on impulse and just start writing about it.  151 more words


The English Teacher and ZASPTA

Mrs. Johnson taught English at Jasper County High School for more than ten years. She was a highly-trained teacher who was confident she could handle anything that life threw her way. 543 more words


Essex County By Jeff Lemire

I do not like Graphic Novels as a rule. I only read it to check off a box on the Book Riot 2018 Challenge. This is certainly the exception to the rule. 116 more words