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How to Get More Followers -Part 1 (For Beauty, Book, Travel Bloggers & More!)

Note: Part 2 is now available to our Digest Readers.

Question asked By: Steve

Website: http://steve-says.net/

-A blogger who brings out the fun of entertainment, humour, photos & rants… 703 more words


"What's the Best Advice You Guys Can Give Bloggers Like Me For Creating a Highly Successful Blog Ever?" - Popular Question Asked by Many (For Beauty, Book, Writing Bloggers & More!)

Here are a few things that come from my book I’m currently writing called, “Riding the Blogger’s Wave – How I Survived the wave and built a successful blog in less than 30 days… and you can too!,” 1,194 more words


Can't Get Reader's to Come Back to Your Blog...? You Will Now (For Book, Travel & Writing Bloggers)

1. Put a unique twist on your blog’s topic and content.

It’s virtually impossible to brainstorm a totally original topic to blog about. Instead, your primary and ongoing goal should be to continuously develop innovative content and put a truly unique spin on whatever topic you’re blogging about. 811 more words


How to Write a Killer Content Piece For Your Next Blog Post (For Fashion, Book, Beauty Bloggers & More!)

1. Find posts that are already performing well on other sites.

Browse through popular sites in your niche and identify their top-performing posts. This will give you a good idea of which topics and themes your audience is actually interested in. 627 more words


Self Destructive

Dairy, let me just rant for a while.

Angry is an understatement to my mood right now. It’s more like furiously pissed off. Actually I don’t think that even covers it! 903 more words


Can't Get People to Click On Your Blog Posts in the WordPress Reader? You Will Now... (For Beauty, Book, Food Bloggers & More!)


  • Write awesome, engaging headlines.
  • Incorporate relevant stories.
  • Format your content to make it scannable
  • Use visuals. (better still if the visual can be easily shared)
  • 382 more words

New Content Coming!

I know, it has been awhile.  I have blog posts that are waiting to be edited.  In the meantime, please sign up for my email list… 18 more words