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On the council of scholars he sits,
Thinking students will read in his shits
Lessons stunning and new.
“Hey, I’m shitting for you!
Your ingratitude’s giving me fits….”

–Tom Riley

Question of the day.

Today’s question I have for you is:

Which fictional character would be the most boring to meet in real life?


What Should Writers Steal?

I was sitting at a desk doing volunteer work for an organization I belong to, and sitting not far away were a group of six or seven middle age-or older-women at a long table holding a monthly meeting. 429 more words


Separation Anxiety From Fictional Characters

Good afternoon, lovely readers! Today I’d like to admit to you something I’m a tad embarrassed about. I’m currently experiencing separation anxiety from the characters in my middle grade WIP,  314 more words




“My keen insights are wholly unique!
Next to me, every scholar’s a freak
And a loser most vile
With an unpolished style!”
So he said. 10 more words

Epic of World Saga: Welcome to our universe. Please wipe your feet.

A quick update on what is happening with Epic of World Saga:

We have a website/blog!

The script for Episode 3 is being finalized. Stay tuned for big things, as it is our first 2-parter. 38 more words


Welcome to our universe. Please wipe your feet.

The universe. Endless.  Boundless. Infinite.

But it doesn’t go on forever.

Like a ball of twine made from the essence of existence, like a big balloon animal twisting over again and again, the universe folds itself in ways that mere humanity cannot detect. 100 more words