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Why Do Your Characters Seem So Real?

Have you ever stopped in the middle of writing a story and realized you’re going to miss your characters when their story ends? They feel like real people, sometimes … is that normal? 576 more words

Meg Dowell

Would You Mind if I Made You Immortal?

In the play, Two Gentlemen of Verona, (a Shakespearean comedy converted to a modern musical) one character asks another, in song:

Would you mind if I made you immortal?/I naturally ask your permission/I wouldn’t want to make you immortal/unless you agreed to this condition.

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Alpha Omega M.D. - Episode #333

Alpha Omega M.D. – Episode #333

… pure fictional genius…

Nearly all of the main Tallahassee characters were real people. I used their actual names and because of the volatile nature of the events, especially in the 1950’s, I may have the legal department pulling out their hair. 588 more words

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[Book Tags] - The Zombie Apocalypse

Lauren @ Always Me has such fun tags, and this was certainly another one that I yoinked from her. It’s such a fitting time to do it, too, considering it’s October and I’m hunkering down preparing for Samhain! 508 more words

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Tarot Tuesday: The Three of Wands

There’s something almost too zen about this figure and the way he gazes out over the horizon. His back is to us, but he seems to be basking in the warm glow from either a sunrise or a sunset. 573 more words

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TTT: Character Names

This week’s TTT kind of coincided with a previous TTT, only this time, I’m not talking about video game dogs and villains. Now we’re getting to the heart of my characters. 845 more words