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That you’re a genius, lad, we all admit.
The time is limited for such as you—
But, for the mediocre, infinite.
That you’re a genius, lad, we all admit. 39 more words

Shipping Saturday: A Few of My NoTPs


We all have couples we just love. They give us all the feels, have us rooting for them to go all the way, and always leave us wanting more. 595 more words



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She bent to pull the stubborn weed out of the cabbage patch. And looked up at the azure sky.
She hoped she’d get some time to take a walk today. 237 more words


Lost Film Library - WIF @ The Movies

Lost Films

They Should Find

With our world of ubiquitous digital storage and our ability to have, like, 150 Skyrim saves, it’s hard to believe it’s possible to lose something like a film. 2,237 more words


What if I met Father Christmas?

What if I met Father Christmas

In the middle of the night?

What if he saw me

And had a big fright?

I would give him Christmas cookies… 63 more words




Am I phobic? Well, phobia’s fear—
And I’m simply not trembling, my dear.
Level gaze and dry palm:
I’m tremendously calm.
But I do wish that you’d disappear. 6 more words



Petty revenge: oh, what an easy thrill!
You can’t expect renunciation there
Of such as me. Spittle, not blood, will spill
When I enact my scheme. 85 more words