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I Thought I Was Over You....

I hope that you are not too tired of my constant Outlander comments….don’t worry I am almost done. :) I read this book and fell in love with Jamie years ago…in my defense everybody in the book did too. 162 more words




Yes, Miss Smile: truth can truly compel.
Oh, yes: ladies I ought to treat well.
But your own case is shady.
I ask: are you a lady– 12 more words

How my fictional life changed

I may be fictional, but that does not mean I can’t mature and change with age.

In my first adventure I stepped off of a train that brought me from the family farm in Storden, Minnesota, to Grand Central Station in New York. 355 more words




“The stupid arguments I meant to make
were smarter than the ones that you just heard.
I tell you solemnly. Make no mistake:
the stupid arguments I meant to make… 39 more words

Superheroes and Savior Figures, Oh My!

Batman is American mythology. It’s a child’s character that also matures with us as we grow. There are various interpretations for each stage of development. It’s a human hero that endures, who is flawed but triumphs.

3,771 more words

Is romance dead, or just fictional?

“I’ve had it!” I exclaim dramatically, tears welling up in my eyes. “My heart can’t take any more of this.” I take a deep breath in and brace myself for the end of what I know was a very good thing – I close the book, and swear I will never fall in love with another fictional character. 501 more words


A to Z Challenge: Theme Reveal

Ok, really this is also a reveal that I’m even doing this, but I promise I wasn’t purposely keeping this a secret. I really just signed up this morning. 181 more words