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My Adventures in Literature Land

Considering the prolonged silence since last I wrote of my reading endeavors, allow me to inundate you with a loquacious discourse concerning my past few months in Literature Land. 434 more words




When I woke up, I had plans galore:
they were vast and ambitious and more.
But then time had its say.
My plans faded away. 12 more words

Vote of Confidence

Vote of Confidence

You have our vote of confidence.
We think your program’s really nifty.
In spite of all adverse events,
you have our vote of confidence. 35 more words

Fallen In love

I have never fallen in love with ‘the one’. I have never felt what it’s like to be someone’s everything. However, I have fallen in love with fictional characters and books, with songs and musicians, with falling rain and food. 25 more words


And They Shall Raise You Up

And They Shall Raise You Up

I’ve heard, sir, of your recent raise.
You’ve fooled your bosses once again
with none-too-indirect self-praise.
I’ve heard, sir, of your recent raise. 30 more words

TTT: Fictional Character Vacation Spots

I’ll admit it, what with almost ten school days left before summer break, I’ve pretty much caught the travel bug. This means I’m going to be continually making lists and eyeing my suitcase to get ready to go on vacation. 1,166 more words



The Box

I moved the box, sir, where your brains are stored–
and found it, in my aging hands, quite light.
A little curious, a little bored, 54 more words