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The Incredibles MBTI

I know I’m typing a lot of cartoon characters lately, but I have another series that I’ve been working on for a while whose characters are super complicated, so it helps to blow off some steam with something simpler. 143 more words


Three Bears

The Three Bears

Little Fat Bear thought lying was swell.
Giant Bear enjoyed fraud’s rotting smell.
Skinny Bear took his cue
from the damned other two. 13 more words

Perfect Future Guy

Perfect Future Guy

Perfect Future Guy doesn’t need sleep.
He stands straight, doesn’t fall in a heap,
doesn’t snore, doesn’t dream.
His perfection’s extreme–
and it’s something our hero can keep. 6 more words



If it’s a triumph, they will take the credit–
but, if it’s a disaster, it’s all yours.
Their previous remarks they mean to edit. 93 more words

The Warped Mind of a Writer

I was on the road and alone in my hotel room and I couldn’t put myself in the mood to write. A good description would be suffering a slight case of melancholy. 180 more words


Something Useful

Something Useful

I have done something useful. Hurray!
I have not wasted, friends, my whole day.
I have been more than ample
as hard-driving example. 14 more words

Orphaned: My Latest Guest Post

Okay, so I am back after a bit of mid-week/mid-month computer woes.

(More to come on that soon.)

In the meantime…

For this week’s Fiction Friday I am sharing my latest guest post, where I write about my three favourite fictional characters and why they have impacted my life so much. 72 more words

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