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Nemo Perfectus

Nemo Perfectus

“Hey, well, nobody’s perfect,” she said.
Into common excuses she fled
for her own glaring sins.
Slyness, though, never wins.
It’s particular dooms she will dread. 6 more words



He’s the master of so many arts,
he appeals to our heads and our hearts
in so many smart ways,
we could praise him for days! 16 more words

Top 5 Fictional Couples

I’m a sucker for a good healthy relationship – who isn’t? I usually find my otp (one true pairing for those who don’t know) based on one of two factors: I love one or both of the characters or I think if they were actual people they would make sense as a couple. 332 more words


The Care and Feeding of Minor Characters

Let’s talk about minor characters.These are your protagonist’s family members, friends, and coworkers. Important enough to have a name, but definitely not an above-the-title name. They mainly exist to help move the plot along, often being on the receiving end of your protagonist’s witty dialog or exposition. 651 more words


The short lived life of Charlie Faust's 1911 pocket watch

 This time of year, it being close to spring and all, my mind goes back to my rookie season with the 1911 New York Giants. I have told you a bit about Charley Faust, but I never mentioned the day the St. 851 more words


Character Development - Documentary Review: "Cartoons & Comics" Documentary (Boston Comic Con)

This would be a review of the “Cartoon & Comics” Documentary (Boston Comic Con) that took place in 2014. Right off the bat it caught my attention, where cartoonist Neal Adams talks about how it’s not just because he is a good artist that his works continue to sell after so many years, but because he is a good… 369 more words

Character Development



The copyright on evil was renewed.
The Lord of Evil got his royalties–
and I, a mere aspiring lad, got sued!
The copyright on evil was renewed. 34 more words