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The Fiend

They say that I was pieces sewn together.
They haven’t read the story carefully.
Victor did not concoct a patchwork me
Then cross his arms and wait for stormy weather. 73 more words

Abandoned House

The Abandoned House

The house was geometrically bizarre.
He snuck in anyhow — to prove how bold
He was. “My eyes see straight. My blood is cold. 93 more words

Imagination, Fiction, Experience. An afternoon spent with Gregory Currie

Mercoledì 25 ottobre, il dipartimento DUSIC di Parma ospiterà un pomeriggio di seminari sul tema “Imagination, Fiction and Experience”. I seminari si terranno presso l’aula K3 (plesso D’Azeglio, Parma) con il seguente programma: 31 more words


Now That’s Deep!

Now That’s Deep!

“Out in those churning waves, the Deep Ones dwell.”
“You yourself, mister, have the Innsmouth look.”
“It is a notion I cannot dispel: 44 more words

Pretty Little Liars; the more you love them, the more it hurts.

Okay, the series Pretty Little Liars was incredible! The only thing that was as large as my love for the series was the amount of frustration and stress the series caused me. 1,590 more words

Fictional Characters

CW Universe: Who from DC comics should have their own series next?

Since back in Smallville, a passion for viewing the start of the most popular Superheroes of the DC universe has begun to grow and even though it got quiet for a few years, Arrow and The Flash have reignited the flame! 542 more words

Fictional Characters

Ultimate Power! Who is truly the strongest fictional character?

We all know the major league players in this scenario, Superman, Batman, Thor, Hulk, Goku, Vegeta, Saitama, Naruto, Sasuke, Natsu, Luffy or the impossibly strong and unstoppable Chuck Norris. 746 more words

Fictional Characters