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Sound the Alarm

Sound the Alarm

“I am sounding,” he cried, “the alarm!
I am warning the threatened to arm
their exposed selves!” “What threat
do we face?” “I forget– 14 more words

Man Who Can't Scan

The Man Who Can’t Scan

“I have insights,” he cried, “and I spill
them abundantly, as poets will,
on the page of delight.
It’s incredible, right?” 13 more words

Community of Species

The Community of Species

“I have been in the woods,” he explained.
“I have known what is therein contained.
Lions, tigers, and bears:
at such threats my soul stares!” 14 more words

In Which I Elaborate On My Terrible Taste in Fictional Men

I have terrible taste in fictional men.

It all started when I was twelve and set out to read Jane Eyre.

(Jane Eyre… 723 more words


Evil Queen to Batman

This week’s “So you don’t know me, but” letter was written by Evilqueenofdeath (aka my teenage daughter). ¬†You should also head over to Holmanese to read her… 164 more words

So You Don't Know Me



He is honing his skills as you chat.
He’s pretending he knows where it’s at–
and his act comes on strong.
What? Admit that he’s wrong? 13 more words