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It's Not All about You

It’s Not All about You

Ha! You thought I was speaking of you!
To that end you discovered no clue–
for there was none to find. 18 more words

Family trees

For some reason I always tend to create the most intrinsic family trees for my fictional characters. And it isn’t just one version there’s several usually at least two or three. 19 more words


Imaginary Hero

Imaginary Hero

You do noble things, sir, in your mind.
But your real life is not so defined.
There you err and offend
without brake, without end. 16 more words

Something Else

Something Else

Why does he wear that look of puzzlement?
He’s working out his something else to say.
He knows that he’s the star of the event. 47 more words

Day of Rest

Day of Rest

“There is rest in the offing!” You say.
“I shall take the contemplative way
and be wreathed in repose!
I’ll be pleased, goodness knows!” 13 more words

Sith Lord Handbook - A Star Wars Fix


Sith Lords

in the

Star Wars Universe

In a sense, the Jedi and the Sith are different sides of the same coin. They are the extremes of what some may say is the same ideology. 3,796 more words