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The Harbor is an excursion into lived history

The Harbor is a fictional history of the major upheavals in American life between 1865 and 1915 as experienced by a family who lived and worked on New York City’s waterfront. 224 more words

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Jaffery narrator gives perspective and poignancy

Jaffery is an odd novel in which war correspondent Jaffery Chayne, a character better suited to a graphic novel than a literary one, appears only sporadically. 220 more words

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Author Interview: Roni Askey-Doran

Welcome back once again for another fun author interview.  Today, we have Roni Askey-Doran coming in from Ecuador to visit with us.  Roni, why don’t you get us started with a little about yourself, and where you are from? 3,820 more words


Fictional Memoir Review: We Are Not Ourselves - By Matthew Thomas

Growing up in a poor, Irish-American family, Eileen Tumulty dreamed of a better, more generically American life: one that would enable her to shed her family name that connotes her unstable, tumultuous circumstances. 678 more words


A Far Country is reached via expediency

A Far Country is presented as the autobiography of a corporate lawyer, a “typical American” disciple of the doctrine of enlightened self interest.

Winston Churchill dealt the results of that doctrine in his… 210 more words

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Impotent Gunshots

Impotent gunshots ring out. Over one hundred people run into the streets within seconds. Todos los vecinos; some barefoot, others in flip flops, others in dusty, black, close-toed women’s flats. 1,759 more words

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Johnny Heart's Tattoo

Maude had to wait for ten minutes so Johnny Heart could live forever on her arm.

Johnny had tattoos, he had plenty of them, but then he could: he was with the circus. 674 more words

The Voyage Here