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The Red Planet turns light on heroism

The Red Planet is a memoir narrated by Duncan Meredyth, a widowed Boer War veteran living in a small English country village in 1914. Duncan is cared for my his ex-sergeant who was disfigured in the same shell blast that took Duncan’s legs. 189 more words


Q&A with Dan Klefstad #author of Shepherd and the Professor @danklefstad #SundayBlogShare

Welcome, Dan. Good to have you here today. Tell us a little about yourself.

I’m the host and editor of the “Read With Me” book series on NPR station WNIJ (archive:  825 more words


Diary in a dark world: Never Let Me Go - By Kazuo Ishiguro

I was around two-thirds of the way through Frankenstein when I realised I had barely read in a week. I’d enjoyed the book up until halfway, at which point I often found myself re-reading the same paragraphs, forcing myself to go on. 384 more words


Fictional Memoir

Apparently Truman Capote was one of the founders of the fictional memoir. What a fabulous idea weaving fiction and fact together most of us do that everyday anyway and sometimes the fabulous freedom of fiction can help you focus on the facts. 258 more words

The Evolving Writer

Sonia puts human face on first year of WWI

A memoir of 1898-1915 written by a “member of the governing classes” who spent those years at a British public school and at Oxford doesn’t sound particularly interesting. 196 more words


Revisiting Complicated Grief

It has been nearly two years since my mother in law died, succumbing to pneumonia, preceded by many years of medical maladies along with physical and mental suffering. 1,688 more words

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The Absence of

It isn’t any surprise that the word loss has synonyms like lack, and deprivation. Lack is literally the absence of.

So while I haven’t lost my father in the physical sense, he’s still alive and breathing, I lack a father. 1,223 more words

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