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Memoirs of a Geisha - By Arthur Golden

You may have watched the film, as I had, but forget your judgements – the book is so much more powerful: sad, beautiful, persisting. As I sometimes feel after I’ve finished a treasured book, my life seems altered in a small way forever. 357 more words


Guess and Check by Thaddeus Rutkowski

By Carol Wierzbicki

Thad Rutkowski has made quite a franchise—one might even say genre—out of family dysfunction. I do not say this lightly or facetiously. 925 more words

A break from the stresses of life: Not Working - by Lisa Owens

It’s three weeks into the term and I’m itching to read something other than a textbook or assigned reading. Usually it’s the tv show de jour that gets in the way of my reading, but for the first time ever, it’s sleep – or rather, school work – that’s stopping me. 614 more words


Fictional Memoirs: Stone them

And you who judge – casting the blame, the indictment of shame – you have no excuse. You who caste indictment upon others in the name of being a good judge of character, you have no excuse. 401 more words


That Book I Wrote About Me, by Sarah Buchanan

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In a lot of ways, this novel read just like a memoir. When I think of memoirs, even fictional ones, there’s really only one tone that comes to mind. 211 more words

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Not-too-distant Dystopia: The Handmaid’s Tale – by Margaret Atwood

Security and liberty. One is often sacrificed for the other. What measures, what infringements on our liberty would we accept to ensure our security – from terrorist attacks, poverty, unemployment, ideas that we disagree with – is sustained? 364 more words


Hook's Tale, by John Leonard Pielmeier***

Pielmeier’s debut novel gives poor, maligned Captain Hook an opportunity to share his side of the story. The teaser promises a “rollicking” story, and at first it seems to be exactly that, but it runs out of steam early on. 590 more words

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