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Fiction Friday: The Lipstick Chronicles, Adventures in Retail Cosmetics

Each Friday I’ll be posting a new installment of the Lipstick Chronicles. This is the pilot. Follow Jennifer, a third generation Japanese-American single mother, as she navigates the perilous waters of the retail cosmetics world in a Southern California mall.  885 more words


The Death of Flinder Quickfingers

Flinder ran like he had never run before.  It wasn’t supposed to have gone like this; it was a simple job, a quick hit and run with a payout that should have made him look twice but it was for a nobleman and they never knew how much something like this was worth.  1,070 more words


More words I've already written

They stood in a valley surrounded by olive trees.  Alvah sneezed.  He hated the damn things.  They always made his eyes water and his throat clog. 1,353 more words


fiction friday 42: secret admirer. part 20.

This is part 20 of secret admirer. ♥ [Late again… sorry, loves.]

[Previously posted: part 1part 2part 3… 1,032 more words


fiction friday 41: secret admirer. part 19.

This is part 19 of secret admirer. ♥ (I know, it’s already Monday… so very sorry.)

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