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FictionFriday #7

For the people who have never read my FictionFridays before, these posts are about inspiration. As someone who blogs every weekday inspiration can be hard to find sometimes. 107 more words


The Callindra Chronicles Book 2: The Rise of Evil - Chapter 1

Callindra crouched behind a small hill, listening to the sounds and smelling the scents the Winds brought her way.  There were creatures moving out there, and they didn’t have the best interests of any living creature in mind.  1,684 more words


FictionFriday #6

FictionFriday started out as this fun challenge for myself, but turned into something more. I used to choose four quotes from different books and turned them into a new story, now it’s all about finding inspiration in different places. 283 more words


FictionFriday #5

Inspiration can be found in the most unusual of places. Usually, when I write FictionFridays I pick four quotes and turn them into a new story. 166 more words


The Callindra Chronicles, Book 2: The Rise of Evil - Prologue

The winds danced over hill and field.  They swirled around a city under siege, only holding on by the sheer force of will of thousands of Weavers of Magic.  1,208 more words


The Callindra Chronicles Chapter 40

The Elves sent them off with a good deal of circumstance; far more than Callindra guessed they would normally have given to a group of humans.  1,128 more words


The Callindra Chronicles Chapter 39

Sweat streamed from every pore, stinging a myriad of tiny cuts on Callindra’s arms and torso. She had stripped down to small clothes and her chest wrap for complete freedom of movement and that was the only thing that had kept her from getting worse injuries. 1,834 more words