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#FictionFriday - Last Night

Last night the sun didn’t set. It Fell. It’s been complete darkness for at least 20 hours. When the sun fell the moon did not take it’s place. 331 more words


Alex Feldspar, Mundane Investigator - Chapter 1

I sat in my office chair, gingerly leaning back so that I could put my feet up on my desk.  The chair was a decrepit piece of raksa and had a tendency to give way without warning if I put too much pressure on the hinge that allowed it to swivel and tilt.  1,936 more words


#FictionFriday - He waited for her.

He waited for her. It seemed he was always waiting for her, it didn’t bother him much though because she would always come and that made everything worth it. 591 more words


Day 300: Fiction Friday… It's coming

So my family has been after me to keep the dust off my writing. Well since I recently got a decent headset again I can do this. 241 more words

Gaming Cinematic #3

Luag drew a deep breath.  The tattered cloak of Razach, the Orcish Blood Shaman in his hand seems to pulse with a heartbeat.  Deciding it would be better for it to perish with its master, he uncorked a vial of holy water and soaked the garment before reluctantly letting it fall over the edge of the platform and into the building inferno below. 1,081 more words


FictionFriday #16

I cleaned my room today. It was a real challenge, but in the end no one won. I mean after you’re done cleaning, the dust has returned and you know you just wasted a whole day. 68 more words


Fiction Friday

I figured out that we can add additional pages of long-term material to WordPress, not just a blog, so I moved everything here. There’s a link to that prayer book I put together a while ago, a collection of topics that I disagree with the Church about, and a page for my fiction, which you can’t download yet. 137 more words