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The Callindra Chronicles Chapter 37

Callindra strode forward, linking arms with Tryst.  She wanted him by her side if she was facing some sort of formal introduction.  Reaching back to touch Brightfang’s hilt for reassurance she stepped into the largest room she had ever seen.   1,928 more words


FictionFriday #4

It’s Friday people! Just hold on for a little longer. It’s almost weekend. But because Friday has 24 hours, just like all the other days, I thought I would write another FictionFriday to give you some extra inspiration. 280 more words


The Callindra Chronicles Chapter 36

“Callindra, are you awake?”  Tryst sounded as though he had been up for days.

She opened bleary eyes, “I guess so.”  Sitting up she surveyed her surroundings.   2,090 more words


The Callindra Chronicles Chapter 35

They entered a wide space that would have been a meadow had it not been for the spreading boughs of the incredible tree that rose above them.   1,378 more words


The Callindra Chronicles Chapter 34

Vilhylm took his belt knife and cut the Countess free.  “Are you unharmed my Lady?”  He said, smiling into her face.

Instead of giving the kind of response that might have been expected the Countess Adbar burst into bubbling laughter the moment she was freed.   1,528 more words


FictionFriday #3

Oh yes! We’re trying again. I did two other FictionFridays and the stories were pretty crazy, but still really interesting, so let’s do it again. 610 more words


FictionFriday #2

I thought we would try again since last time we ended up with a pretty messed up story. If you haven’t read the other FictionFriday let me explain. 640 more words