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To dusk

It’s hard to stand when the shadows are tired

And the eyes bleed tears.

It’s usual that trees grow old for the season

Giving out fruits just like I am. 167 more words

Death Note Loophole


In the anime and manga “Death Note,” are there any loopholes in the rules that haven’t been noticed? (Quora question)

Alright. Let me start by saying that, The true power of Death Note lies not in its ability to kill anyone, but its… 337 more words


10 Alternate endings for popular stories

This is probably the darkest tone I have ever used for my notes.

1 – Detective Conan (a.k.a Case Closed)

The reason why Conan forever remains a 6 year old and why there is a murder case in almost every place he visits is because he has been living in a simulated world since his actual body stopped functioning a long time ago. 1,718 more words

10 Ideas Per Day


“Ann, Ann…” my mum calls from wherever.

We haven’t been in talking terms since I came back yesterday.

“Won’t you eat breakfast?” she continues.

“I’m not hungry.” I snap. 1,010 more words

The Gas User

This is a small elaboration of a fiction idea I had in mind.


It’s the year 2117. Humanity has gone completely environment-friendly, but not without already wreaking havoc to mother Earth. 579 more words



*Warning: Borderline Religious*

This is Bob.

He’s just like any of us

Not really. He’s actually a trillionaire, living in a technologically advanced era.

Hopefully you could be like Bob one day… 955 more words


A loner’s dream

Last night, I dreamt about a song. A song with the common chord progression of Am-F-G-C, and a familiar melody that sounded like a Japanese band I used to listen during college. 207 more words