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something is left unsaid: STONY

Something is left unsaid

เกิดจากความเศร้าหลังจากดูซีวิลวอร์จบ อยากนอนร้องไห้ตลอดไป

Language: Thai

Angst, Unsolvable pain, ศาลาคนเศร้า

Note: I see a bit of myself in Tony and I just have to write this. 10 more words


Phone Call

An old man took his phone to a technician. After waiting for his reply for an hour, the old man poked him.

“There’s nothing wrong with this phone.” He yelled. 13 more words


Confessions of a murderer

Kissing is adventurous. If you are a guy and you have a sweetheart or a so-called girlfriend, you can kiss her any time you like. You can kiss her inside a public bus when you’re both on the last seat. 1,234 more words


Mage's Luck: Prologue

The End at the Beginning

Interstate Highway 1-5


The road was too close, Matt had to twist through the air to avoid smashing into a truck. 642 more words


Update chap 3 Percy Jackson's Greek Heroes

Các bạn nghỉ lễ vui không? Mình thì vui lắm, đi chơi mà vẫn phải vác máy theo làm việc =)). Chúc các bạn có kỳ nghỉ vui vẻ nhé 😘. 42 more words


The Coffee Cup

He stood over my table for several months dead and still. He was white and on his body were patches of green abstract paintings. He didn’t utter a single word; it looked as if he had invisible eyes and as if he was expecting someone to come to him and caress him. 1,066 more words


My Life With You


Tears run down my cheeks making my vision blur. I dont know what made me cry like that. I dont know why my heart feels so hurt for a stranger, who i barely know. 1,053 more words