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The Truth | Flash Fiction

“We’re just not gonna work anymore.”

The way she said it, was like she’s laying out facts; sky is blue, clouds are white. Her dad died from diabetes, or 3×3 is nine. 98 more words


Fictions -- Ficciones

I have been thinking lately of the fictions people tell themselves. The trigger was a series of discussions with religious students in Israel when they related to me historical fictions they firmly believed in as fact, and I realized that all religions (except perhaps Buddhism) begin with a fictitious event, a myth, extrapolated from history, and this, paradoxically, is what gives the religion its drawing power because the event, never verifiable, can only be accepted and understood in a leap of faith. 852 more words


Impossible gangster "One killed for revenge One endured for love"

‘Single apostrophe depicts thoughts’
“Double apostrophe depicts dialogs”


My life was rather moderate, I, faced the ordinary every day hardships, challenges, sacrificed for my family, and yet tried to live a simple life. 5,677 more words


You left no shadows/ Fiction/ By Okeudo Emmanuel

There are some things I don’t know how to do, things I don’t know how to say. One of which is what to say to a grieving person. 1,776 more words


little manny

“What are we dealing right now, Joe?” he takes a long sigh “I’m exhausted.”

She hands a map to Chief Polluck. “Here’s the file, sir.” 1,159 more words


Best friends

There were 2 best friends,both of them were around 10 years old.One named samay and the other one vivan. Being naughty kids they were completely enjoying their childhood and were the most mischievous kids in their village.They used to climb trees everyday and make fun.Then samay  was found dead under the tree and after a period of 3 months vivan was found dead floating on a river bank.After the cops investigated they found that vivan was first brutally hit on his head and was thrown on the river bank.The cops found it difficult to solve the case as both of these cases were co-related.Later on they found out a clue.Finally they found the murderer who was one of the villager.The reason samay was murdered:the attacker’s grandfather was killed by samay’s grandfather who was already in the jail,but the attacker wanted revenge and so he brutally murdered samay and vivan was murdered because he was the only eye witness of samay’s murder as he saw the murderer brutally hitting samay’s head on the tree and he ran away and so vivan was murdered.


Blackout Poetry

‘More time to ourselves
Too quick and
Stuck between a rock of extinction
Fight the good fight
Make you existed.’
– u m a . 13 more words