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বিকেল বেলায় একটা ফোন আসলো। “পাঁচ মিনিটের ভেতর ইবলিশে চলে আয়! সে এসেছে।”  :3
জোরাজোরি করে দশ মিনিট সময় নিলাম। বললো, “ঘরে যা পরে আছিস তা পরেই চলে আয়, সন্ধ্যা হয়ে এসছে, এখোনি চলে যাবো আমরা। রিকশা নিবি।”



(A repost – written on 29 December 2013 after I learnt about a painful betrayal by someone I trusted with fragile bits of my truth and my fears) 76 more words

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Musings XIV #Fiction

Fiction in Five Sentences.

She was waiting for the right moment to flinch out of relationship.

He invited her to a restaurant for a dinner. 23 more words


The Luminaries

The other night there was a parade where people held aloft glowing paper luminaries. There was a swarm of bees, a lone unicorn, and other little and big creatures dancing in the air, hanging from strings at the ends of sticks. 326 more words


#ThoughtPourOne //proof readings.

It is tragic don’t you think, that the fictions a person writes will be read forever in perpetuum, but  the same person might never be chanced upon the likelihood of getting read again?


Sharing Back To You ~By Sandra~

So, my very good friend Sandra is a fantastic fiction writer and I love this story. Hope she doesn’t mind me sharing it. If you want to read how it ends you’ll just have to follow her as the story hasn’t ended quite yet….. 22 more words

Until he walked away

Chins arched up in her bare knees

He gazed at her like one gazes at the stars,

Distant she was with book in her hands… 261 more words