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Marathon (Smut)

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The people of Iran-Aya readied themselves for a week long celebration of the Ganwe chiefdom. During such gatherings, people gave thanks to their hosts as well as to the gods and the earth. 1,780 more words


Book Review: Ficciones by Jorge Luis Borges

Ficciones is the first book by Borges I have read. And certainly, not the last one. I am deeply impressed, although I should admit it has been difficult to read, since Spanish is not my first language. 274 more words


A Short Fiction: My Ordeals In The Hands Of Abike

For the following narration which my pen is about to bear witness, I neither expect nor solicit belief. Liar, no Mad, will I be to expect belief in an event that even my senses reject their own evidences. 1,711 more words


Depths Unseen

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Intruders have ravished our home

Stolen fine metals from heirloom chests

Burned photo albums

Soiled our gardens

once lush, dancing with a fervor of life… 70 more words


channel NOIR: Trains (1.0)

Cleopatra took care lacing her gladiator stilettos. Leather ringlets wrapped around the length of her leg snugly enough to keep her ankle braced. The shoes offered little in the way of physical support — hardly practical for nights on her feet — but they helped her look the part. 3,188 more words


Together Someday

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Rising before the birds began their morning song, a woman gathered her soiled linens and journeyed to the laundromat. Her own living quarters, filled with yard sale appliances and hand-me-down furniture, hadn’t the room. 377 more words


Words I'll Never Say: Chapter Five, Part Two

Little Miss James looked the other way as soon as our eyes made contact. I reached my mind out to Charles’ and informed him that I wanted to speak to him. 1,472 more words