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“Lanre, Go to the school clinic. Request for an absentee form for Ann. She needs to go home”

“Alright ma’am” He stood up packing his books in his locker. 558 more words

Being a Girl: Motherly mother and Protective Brothers.. đŸ˜’đŸ˜’

“Who were you speaking with yesterday’s night on phone?”

“Why were you up late when you ought to be in bed? “

“Who was that guy that waved to you in church on Sunday?” 1,027 more words

Concerns About Genre and Possibility

In fiction anything is possible! At least that’s what some people might think.

It seems to be the case that when we read a novel about a fantasy land, or a story about knights and princesses, or a tale of dragons and gold we might deem that time travel in this kind of fiction is impossible.  366 more words

A Quick Thought


Craig told him to buy a jack knife,to add up to the vanishing cutleries in the house.No one could fathom how they had vanished.

The past few days had been the express definition of weird,lots of inexplicable happenings,ones that couldn’t be accounted for,just two days back,Jughead,the little puppy of the Jackinson household had gone missing,till now he still remained lost and unfound. 815 more words


Science Fiction Day 2018

Hallmark does invent some holidays.  Sometimes that’s a good thing, for instance, today is Science Fiction Day.  Hurray! Read some, write some, watch some, play some.  270 more words


Two Merlins and their Tasks

The non-technical summaries of research projects accepted by the Home Office in 2016 were published just before Christmas. There are 31 categories (‘gastrointestinal: basic research’, ‘human sensory organ disorders: translational research’, ‘regulatory purposes’ , and so on); they comprise a total of 530 projects. 1,793 more words


I was rejected

The pictures below tells a story of my rejections so far I started writing.

My 2017 review loading… it would be posted tomorrow