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Fiddlesticks You Can’t Cook With Fiddleheads

Fiddleheads are edible parts of a fern that aptly named, look like the scroll at the top of a fiddle. I can comment on this because every week I go to… 530 more words


Springtime favorites

I didn’t grow up in the Northeastern U.S., but one of the things that I’ve really come to appreciate is the forage-able stuff that you can find up here. 812 more words

Just Showing Off

Discovering new ingredients in a Bhutanese market

We didn’t have the chance to visit many food markets while we were in Bhutan, but the weekend farmers’ market in Thimphu (the capital) helped to tide me over until my next ‘fix’. 554 more words


Wednesday Night Kitchen Raid: Fiddlehead Parmesan Pasta

Wednesday again! Hungry? I am!  Do you remember me mentioning that I’ve been getting my organic fruits and vegetables delivered weekly? Well, this week I got something in my basket that I’ve never cooked with before. 411 more words


Meatless Monday

If you’re not a vegetarian, as I am not, it can be hard to think about cooking and eating meals that are meat-free, but satisfying. Some of you might be thinking, what impact does it really have on the planet if my household doesn’t eat meat one night a week? 423 more words


Just Sittin' Here Watchin' the Fiddleheads Grow

After a long stretch (for Vermont) of very warm, very dry weather, rain moved in on Sunday night.

Well, maybe “moved” isn’t quite the right verb. 132 more words

Vermont In Season

Fiddlehead Ferns and Wild Garlic

Like ancient creatures lifting their heads out of the darkness – or on the other hand, awful like the scrolls of violins.