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Action 91 - Superman on the Great Lakes, and the Vigilante and Fiddler jam in a big band

When I first saw the cover of Action 91 (Dec. 45), I thought it likely a re-drawn image, intended as a World War 2 cover.  Just change the men’s garb to uniforms, and that’s what it would be.  366 more words

DC Comics

Action 79 - Superman vs J Wilbur Wolfingham, the Fiddler teaches birds to sing, and a charm against Zatara?

J Wilbur Wolfingham, a frequent adversary in the pages of Superman, makes the cover of Action 79 (Dec. 44), the first time he appears in this book. 354 more words

DC Comics

Action 67 - Superman plays matchmaker, and the Fiddler teaches his craft

A oddly specific image, considering that it does not in any way reflect the Superman story in Action 67 (Dec. 43).

Don Cameron, Sam Citron and George Roussos put Superman into the middle of a thirty year romantic quarrel in this story.  215 more words

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Reduce wait time with tasks

In our project we group multiple machines and request information from each one. Sometimes this takes very long.

All machines are contacted in sequence. When one machine is offline the request will timeout in 10 seconds (default WCF behavior) This way the user must wait very long when some machines are offline. 157 more words


Action 59 - Superman meets Susie, and the Vigilante meets the Fiddler

Superman meets Lois’ niece Susie in this issue, but not inside a Nazi tank, despite the cover for Action 59 (April 1943).

The story itself, by Siegel, Sikela and Dobrotka, bears no resemblance to the style of Susie’s later stories.  287 more words

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Do you love me?

I’ve always wondered what it actually meant to love someone romantically. (This coming from a 20+ year old girl who’s never dated before) (: I’ve always looked at my friends and been like, how do they spend so much time together? 443 more words


Different yet the same. Getting information from a TFS Request (Soap XML)

This is the second part of a series on how to implement a validation plugin using ITeamFoundationRequestFilter.

You can go to the first part by clicking the link below:

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