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Fiddling Fingers

The fingers are tied. If only your toes were so dexterous, your digits would be freed.

She has fiddled her fingers too long. It kept attention elsewhere. 74 more words

Creative Writing

Young Woman Caught 'Skirt Fiddling'

During the course of the morning, it was reported that a certain young woman had been spotted behaving somewhat ‘indecently’ on a walking path in the middle of ‘some(rather than ‘no)where’. 128 more words

Awkward Events

For The Love of Fiddles

Today marks the final day of Festival du Voyageur 2016. Not many events happen on the last day, but this year it was reserved for the 45th annual Fiddling Contest. 319 more words

Music in the Soul can be Heard by the Universe...

Light the Fire Official Teaser Trailer is now released! Light the Fire is an inspiring short film about the magic of the music within. Enjoy ;) 12 more words

1987 Footage of Snake Chapman fiddling "Pat Him on the Back" 

A tune Snake learned from his father. “That’s just a tune my dad made about his hound dogs. I think there was one that would bite you if you didn’t pat him on the back. 29 more words



My internet’s been pretty bad these days, so I’m not able to share my in game screenshots. (Namely because my net drops when I try to upload ahaha :'() I’ve been going back and forth with a new save I’m trying to fill up with my own sims without using any from my main save. 116 more words