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Gram Greats

Hey All,

TGIF!!!!!! Hope you all had a great week and already pumped up for the weekend! I know I am! I’ll tell you all about why I’m so excited for the weekend after the blog’s first Gram Great. 465 more words

Camille Amolo

Bin Johome gin wasumb Joluo modak Nairobi?

Joluo modak Nairobi are very expensive, dala gidhi on three occasions, Siasa, tho kod chrismas kende! Siasa en ni kichung to nyaka ibed gi pesa, tiendeni idhi gonyo ji, Jopiny gin joma odak ekind tho gi kuo gima kiny gikia, koro manifesto dhi nyis winy mafuyo epolo dipo kowinji? 132 more words

Nairobi Kenya

Jail,Funeral and handouts that's all doc?

Jubilee government has been so cool and digital for Luos, in fact they have been so supportive including freedom of speech and with less guarantee after speech. 115 more words

Luo Nyanza

The late Fidel Odinga' younger brother Raila Odinga Jr.Speech During Fidel's requiem mass at the All Saints Cathedral.


younger brother,Raila Odinga Jn.took to the podium during a a requiem mass held at All Saints Cathedral to eulogize him in a touching speech that nearly moved the President and his Deputy into tears. 615 more words

Fresh twist as police refuse to arrest KOBIA and instead take him to Aga Khan – He’s MAD

Friends of former Prime Minister, Raila Odinga, were on Thursday shocked after police refused to arrest the man who publicly confessed to have killed Fidel Odinga last Sunday. 93 more words


Wan wanywomo Nyi kagan kende e ODIEM?

Kik ikaw nyar Alego, obiro kelo njwuok dala ka, Nyi Siaya to ok dagi, delni magi tede ute ema odong ko chung? Nyi Nyakach to beyo gidakga, nikech thothgi ok odhi skul kendo raha gi kia. 270 more words

Luo Nyanza

Celebs and Mysterious Deaths

Death can either be a process or an event. To the people I love especially those closest to me I would like their deaths to be a process *this will give them time to include me in their will* or better yet it prepares you psychologically so that by the time they die you had foreseen it. 620 more words