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Art Inspired by the Books

One of the things I love about having artwork commissioned is seeing my characters come to life. You imagine them in your mind, but no one but you has a clear understanding of what they look like. 144 more words


A Ferry Ride

The other day, I took the ferry home from NJ after visiting my parents.  It was such a great ride, as I went from midtown West all the way around the tip of Lower Manhattan to Wall Street on the East Side. 91 more words

Equinox at Brookfield Place

When I moved to the Financial District back in January, one of the things I was a bit nervous for was changing gyms.  Although I have the All-Access Destination membership at Equinox (which allows me to visit any of their clubs, not only in New York City, but around the world), I had tended to only go to the Upper West Side locations.   177 more words

Financial District 

When most out of towners make a trip to the big apple, the financial district, also referred to as FiDi, usually isn’t at the top of the list of sights to see, but surprisingly there is more to do than meets the eye. 543 more words


Early to everything

I’ve always lived by the rule “If you’re early you’re on time. If you’re on time, you’re late. Being late is unacceptable.”

Even though I know that people are generally more lax about time than I am, being early has its perks. 53 more words

Blog Every Day

Eat San Francisco: Bluestem Brasserie

Blustem Brasserie scores a lot of points for convenience factors; the first of which is the walkable, parkable, locale; a few short blocks from Bart, Union Square, the Westfield, the Moma, and the Metreon; within striking distance of three paid lots. 1,014 more words


Hello world!

If you’re reading this that means you found my first blog! (lucky you!)

Here’s the deal:

I am a 27 year old girl who has decided why not move from the Financial District (officially dubbed “FiDi” by young professionals/hipsters who feel the need to claim territory by abbreviating it) to Spanish Harlem! 125 more words