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An Atlantan in the Bay: Ippudo West Coast

Ippudo SF: FiDi, San Francisco, CA, USA

I came here with my officemate after we had a small unofficial happy hour next door. Needless to say, after some small plates, we were still hungry and bounced out of our gala in search of food. 393 more words

The Gastronome

FiDi: Menya Jiro

This winter is holding NYC by the teeth and even though it isn’t freezing, the large buildings in FiDi create a bone-chilling micro-climate of its own on a sun-less day. 201 more words

What I Ate

FiDi: Nish Nush

I hate how much I like this place. It’s pricey…but it’s good…Can’t eat here often but when I do, it’s a pay day treat.

Nish Nush makes some fine tasting and good looking falafels. 87 more words

What I Ate

FiDi: Cinnamon Snail

While checking out at the register at the City Acres Market, the clerk glanced at my sandwich and asked if it was my first time trying Cinnamon Snail. 312 more words

What I Ate

FiDi: Bareburger

I’m going to have to set up a separate page just for Bareburger reviews. There’s just too many. I’m pretty obsessed. Each Bareburger location is different and unfortunately, some just bring the establishment down, but the FiDi location is the best of the best. 207 more words

What I Ate

FiDi: Tandoor Palace

On a snowy then rainy and then snowy day, my cold booty was cravin’ some good ol’ Channa Masala. I’ve been planning my day trip to Tandoor Palace since yesterday. 235 more words

What I Ate

FiDi: Shake Shack

My friends, if you don’t already know, Bareburger is my one and only, so when Shake Shack decided to open a new location across the street from my beloved spot in Forest Hills, I thought: 157 more words

What I Ate