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The Last Drop - Veronique Sprenger

The last drop of water
Just rolled from my eyes
Tears are no longer enough
To fill the empty rivers
Drought that has grabbed the throats around us… 68 more words

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Organized chaos

Sounds, smells and a general discomfort. That’s probably the best way to describe my first 48 hours in India. No part of me wanted to leave Greece. 694 more words

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Problem-Prioritisation Can Reinforce Notions of Destitution: Research Ethics in Bagamoyo - Dominic Stephen

One of the challenges of international development is that the researcher often focuses predominantly on what the local community lacks rather than what they have already achieved; what they still need rather than the ingenious ways in which they have learned to live on so little. 890 more words

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The grand total of the Sinya Fundraiser is ... (drumroll please)

2200 Euros!

Back in march, we started fundraising for the Sinya project – raising money to supply a clinic with solar panels. Through our online crowdfunding project, a party at ACU, and the donations during UCU in Africa Connect Events, we have managed to raise more than our initial goal! 233 more words


Glimpses of Stone Town - Camila Ochoa Mendoza

A city that humbled me deeply with its rich history, sincere people, and authentic streets.

Field Course

Gift Giving - Camila Ochoa Mendoza

Gift giving.

It was during these moments that I felt most embarrassed by my whiteness and the privilege and ignorance that comes with it. On three occasions we were put in the hands of locals, integrating with them and getting a taste of what their lives are like. 652 more words

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