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U34 Flavien Gillié "Nonante-neuf fragments harenois" : a preserving shot beyond disappearance...

Never stingy with words, Richard Allen  steps into Flavien Gillié’s aural walk probing Haren site and letting it speak through quiet but intense audio captures…

Bobby Flan - Pain Is a Language

When he’s not writing for magazines, online publishers, or his own edification, Rob Goyanes spends much of his time curating for the artistically malnourished city of Miami. 458 more words


Industrial Hydrophobia - Picking A Painting

artist: Industrial Hydrophobia
title: Picking A Painting
keywords: experimental abstract field recording harshnoise wall noise soundcollage Auckland
label: The Dark Thursday

Industrial Hydrophobia takes us into a (according to the artist) very important house & record there a session for all of our very own ears. 153 more words

Enrico Coniglio ~ Bragos series: Astrùra / Solèra

There are different schools of thought when it comes to the production of “soundscapes.”  There is R. Murray Schafer, who coined the term, and his World Soundscape Project, which approaches the soundscape as “acoustic ecology.” Some have criticized his approach as nostalgic, with romantic notions of pre-industrial life, constructing a division between nature and culture that is untenable and outdated. 1,356 more words

Field Recording & Soundscape

A Defiant Song Thrush

My intention was to record a Song Thrush  (Turdus philomelos) happily singing away on his perch in the trees adjacent some barns about 75 metres away,   but I had to wait as USAF F-15 fighter jets from nearby RAF Lakenheath decided to start reconnaissance flights overhead. 80 more words

Field Recording

The sounds of places, and the road to Firsby station

It is 16 May 2016, a Monday afternoon. I am in a field in a remote part of rural Lincolnshire, just behind a potato warehouse, juggling an array of digital devices to record sound and images. 868 more words