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David Kolhne - Granular Canvas

Deep and brooding, murky and submerged, ‘Granular Canvas’ reaches towards the very depths of ambient music’s foreboding underbelly. The anonymity of David Kolhne only adds to the mysterious sonic worlds crafted that exist comfortably alongside the likes of… 130 more words


Andreas O. Hirsch – Row

Makiphon – 17th February 2017

James Wells

Not an argument. Not a line of anything. Row is the sound of people rowing. It may make for a more interesting work if it was the sound of a couple bawling one another out, trading insults and chucking furniture. 91 more words


Pathways of the Lost - Sun through Eyelids

I think I can say with confidence that it’s easier to create a concept album within dark ambient than it is with any other genre. Even with the lack of lyrics (mostly) and lack of structure or rhythm, dark ambient can manipulate emotions and tell a story better than rock, classical, or folk music, partially because it can contain bits and pieces of all three. 893 more words


The Secret Masters of The Curling Club

The Iditarod came to Fairbanks this year. It’s a big deal because the 1,000-mile race doesn’t usually begin in Fairbanks, but thanks to shifts in climate (or not), the race was moved northward to the land of ice and snow. 1,397 more words


Atom Bomb Blast, Nevada, 1953.

A still from the original military nuclear test film


At Yucca Flat, Nevada, in 1953 the U.S military and local civilians were invited to watch an atomic blast.  84 more words

Field Recordings

You are not unbeatable

Audio  from a bout of some sort of electronic whack a mole. It ended Scotland 1 – Hungary 0. Music stolen from </span>">Michael Gibs after he borrowed it from others before him ;)

Field Recordings

Soviet era recollections #1 - Pineapples in Hungary

This conversation with a Hungarian friend grew from having heard other friends from Poland, the DDR and beyond talk about eating their first banana. Coming from Australia, I can’t remember a time without fruit. 62 more words

Field Recordings