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Haiku #5

Haiku #5 is based on a few ideas about Wind.
While out sound recording near the River Wear and passing a silver birch, the wind suddenly blew up, rustling the leaves but oddly sounding like the sea at the same time. 131 more words


U42 Jared Sagar "Holme" : intriguing vivid snapshots of seaside impressions...

and again, Frans de Waard on the debriefing regarding Jared Sagar‘s veritable solo CD debut…an intimate recollection of coastal sounds playing tricks with our senses…

U43 João Castro Pinto "Suntria -imaginal sonotopes" : recomposed landscape and corollaries...

Frans de Waard for his weekly report delves into the dense interzones of a re-imagined mystical tinted landscape…

World Listening Day 2017 - Grounded

World Listening Day 2017
“Listening to the Ground”

Sea Lament by Museleon

“Can we listen for the sound or sounds of ground? Are we losing ground? 428 more words


Sound Impression: Soft Ice by poemme [Polar Seas Recordings]

Soft Ice is a gorgeous, billowing immersion in youthful memories of winters past by ambient artist Angela Klimek under her musical nom de plume, poemme… 358 more words


12 July

Bob Blaize, Jeph Jerman, and Travis Johnson — Sky Bells  (2012, Avant Archive)


For the majority of the first half hour this collaboration between Jeph Jerman, Bob Blaize, and Travis Johnson proceeds to a placid and transcendent mediation which uses the timbre and resonance of tubular bells to draw the listener in. 261 more words

Album Review

In the footsteps of the Ogooué-Congo Mission

A few months ago, I had the chance to meet the French ethnomusicologist Gilbert Rouget in his apartment in Paris. Rouget joined Paris Musée de l’Homme in 1942 as the assistant to… 165 more words