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pre-order now open for U35 Vanessa Rossetto "The way you make me feel"

Unfathomless newies are just around the corner :

pls check initial details for U35 by clicking on the images here below
audio-samples to follow very soon… 43 more words

U33 David Vélez & Bruno Duplant "Moyens Fantômes" : a radio-graphy of past imprints ...

For the ever prolific A Closer Listen, Richard Allen goes into U33’s layers of old transmissions and technology to exalt the “now”…

U32 artificial memory trace "hypnotikon (australOpus 2)" : a soundtrack crouched in the ruts...

Richard Allen sees hypnotikon (australOpus 2) like a key to a door, an access to the beating heart of the explored location…

Yui Onodera - Semi Lattice

Юи Онодера был активным участником эмбиент-сцены с середины «нулевых», выпустив множество классных релизов на культовых (и, по-большей мере, уже не активных) лейблах – но потом что-то случилось, релизов от японца стало поступать все меньше, и в какой-то момент стало казаться, что еще один самобытный музыкант разочаровался в музыке и перестал ею заниматься. 14 more words

Michael Bjella & Robert Skrzyński - Black Box Recordings

A black box is a small orange contraption used by aircraft to record the logs, thoughts, words, and deeds of its pilots and crew. These black boxes survive even the most destructive crashes and provide insight—like a ghostly stethoscope—into a crew’s final moments. 367 more words


U30 Osvaldo Coluccino "Parallelo" : deciphering of peculiar sound mechanics...

On the Sands-zine website, a meaty italian review (with partial english translation) scrutinizing a couple of works from Osvaldo Coluccino‘s complex & riveting sound universe, including “Parallelo“…

readings 51 - The Recital (2014- ) [Ashbery series]

a self-accompanied recording-reading of Ashbery’s poem “The Recital” from Three Poems, ongoing

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Mark So