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The Release of Lost in Exotic Pastures by @SheerZed 22/12/17 #NewMusic

During my trip to Thailand in late September 2017 I made a series of soundscape recordings in the environs of Bangkok and Chiang Mai. These recordings are the core elements of what could be laughingly described as a ‘Christmas single’. 152 more words

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Field Recordings

I almost always don’t enjoy an album on my first listen. There’s just no time to sink my teeth into what i’m listening to and actually get a grasp of it. 481 more words

Field Recordings

Rötter Och Grenar - Field Recordings: Vol. I (Forest Lake & Streamlet)

From here on the pure field recording releases are going to be released under the name Rötter Och Grenar, as an artist in addition to as a label. 86 more words


Kottarashky & The Rain Dogs - Demoni

Nikola Gruev – or Kottarashky (Tomcat) – is a professional architect with a particular musical vision. He has now enticed a number of excellent rock and traditional musicians into sharing that vision and forming a unique live proposition, as a real and vital band. 357 more words

The Gerogerigegege - 燃えない灰 (Moenai Hai)

Dark Ambient, Field Recordings, Musique concrète, Noise Rock


The first song is an engrossing musique concrète piece, the second a lengthy, noisy shoegaze epic, the third an overlong dark ambient number, and the last a combination of harsh noise with a calming lullaby melody. 34 more words


Girraween National Park - May 2017

A short stay at Girraween National Park in Southern Queensland gave us the opportunity to capture a few nice photographs and a couple of interesting recordings. 13 more words

Field Recordings

Victoria Markets – Melbourne - October 2016

We decided it was time to visit friends in Melbourne and we used the opportunity to visit the iconic Victoria markets. This was a perfect opportunity to try our hand at Binaural recording. 11 more words

Field Recordings