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Mwivona Village ~~Update#8

Pump installation has been successfull.
Praise be to God from whom ALL blessings flow!

Field Report

Text Conversations With Potential Plates (Screenshots Included)

When looking back through the archives of my old posts I can see my ‘unplugging’ happening. There is some advice hidden in those old posts but most of them are me trying to articulate what I’ve been through and what I’m going through. 877 more words


RUN 4 Water 2015~~ April 26 1:00-2:00pm

Spring Valley Church, Allendale MI and Lifestream Church, Allendale MI join efforts in raising funds needed to bring fresh water to the people of Africa. One water well at a time. 64 more words

Field Report

Come to Fruition: From Online to Date to Threesome Part II

Earlier today I shared with you how I “planted the seed” for my first threesome. Basically for the dates, all you need is to not be weird, have a few drinks/weed (not necessary) and if the girl or girls are attracted to you, it’s basically smooth sailing from there. 1,856 more words


Planting The Seed: From Online to Date to Threesome Part I

It all started with a message. Back on March 6th. All together it took me three days and seven messages to get her number. We’ll call her ‘Filly’ (because she’s Filipino). 1,207 more words



Sekedar salah satu fasilitas buat ngasah bahasa Inggris lisan sama ngelatih tonality gue.

Toh gue seringkali kerja di depan komputer dan hiburan gue seringkali ya dengan main game. 43 more words