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I couldn’t force myself to approach today despite being IOI’d like crazy ( I counted at least 5 in my hometown train station alone including a really strong one), back a year ago IOI’s would have been enough to keep me happy as I’d got my validation solely from them but no longer are they enough, there’s a niggling problem that’s been in the back of my mind that I put off as a weasel up until today and that is… 930 more words

Inner Game

TS10: Allergens and Flonase

I spent most of the day sitting in my comfy chair in my office, with my laptop and an open window. I love working from home and having that warm breeze floating through the room. 929 more words


Blowouts, a yes girl, and progress

Finished another session today, only 4 approaches due to alot of weaseling and some rain (going to get an umbrella for rainy days or start practicing indoor game) but had another PRE (positive reference experience), approach 1 was a blowout, I think it was a weak stop, 2 was a nice yes girl I had a good convo with she the gave me the “I have to go” midway but I deflected and she stayed til the end, She was “seeing someone” I persisted but nothing came of it but I was ceratin she liked me, 3 and 4 were also fast blowouts, I don’t really know what causes so many of them for me, I smile and try to get in front but they usually just loop around me and walk off, I stopped the 2nd girl with proper intent in my mind I was making her stop ( I also think I gave her more space than usual) and she did stick around for the whole interaction so maybe its that? 478 more words

Inner Game

Moscow resi with Krauser, day 8

I’m tired. I still wake up around 5am each morning. And the dates are also quite exhausting, shortly before one I often lie on my bed and have a secret thought that if that girl date-flaked, I could enjoy the evening by myself, with a beer and Mastery. 1,881 more words

Field Report

Moscow resi with Krauser, day 7

Today we analyse the footage shot on day 1 and day 2. The camera Nick brought hangs around your neck like an amulet and produces real HD clips and already during our first discussion it is obvious why it makes a difference compared to cheap spy cams or shooting with a DSLRs from the distance. 1,565 more words

Field Report

Moscow resi with Krauser, day 6

It’s a known experience for you Germans, isn’t it?

Lol. I liked Nick’s joke on my statement that I got woken up by Russian Air Force last Sunday and in general that sarcastic British humour, the compulsive-obsessive referencing to the Nazi and WWII times.

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Field Report

Moscow resi with Krauser, day 5

A day at work. Not in the streets—that does not feel like work any more (compliment to Nick: his slowing me down and the perception that Daygame is fun, just following up on IOIs and not a fight and hard work, seems to be sustainable. 1,529 more words

Field Report