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Andean bear

On our first field day three of the XPERT team (Valerie, Barry and Sarah) claim  they saw an Andean or spectacled bear… 63 more words


Sediment coring in Lake Erazo

By Alexandra Lee and Nick Primmer

To study the palaeo-environmental record of the Andean cloud forest, sediment cores were taken from the recently discovered Erazo lake. 151 more words


Weather forecast - wet

The long range weather forecast for the XPERT field school can be summarised as – wet. Do not forget welly boots and water proofs!

Baeza… 19 more words


Modern pollen sampling

During the XPERT field school we will be sampling the modern environment for the pollen rain to determine how the vegetation is represented by the pollen it produces. 168 more words


Organic biomarkers

Throughout the XPERT field school we will be looking for opportunities to collect plant material from the major components of the vegetation to be analysed for organic biomarkers. 190 more words


Soil survey

As part of the XPERT field training we will be looking at soils and there relationship with vegetation. This investigation will involve digging soil pits under different vegetation types and describing the soils following the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations  (FAO) guidelines (Jahn et al., 2006). 113 more words