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Kastro Kallithea Field School 2015 Blog nr 5: Kaitlyn Skinner and Morgan Kostiuk's blog

In this field school we are learning how the post-excavation process of a site unfolds. When artefacts are discovered during a dig, they are put in bags with find numbers to reference back to later, and it is our job to analyze those finds to make sense of what was going on during antiquity at Kallithea. 428 more words


Day Thirty-One: Due Date

To begin with, I shall tell you about John Hudson aka A9, the convict of the day. Now, you may have noticed that his prison identification number is significantly different from the other identification numbers that I’ve rattled off. 723 more words


Day Thirty: Patronization in the Punishment Block

Tuesday we talked about another Thomas: Thomas Hanlon. He was 35 when he was convicted in 1850 for housebreaking. Now, his case is interesting because it falls under the category of a “white boy” offense. 668 more words


Day Twenty-Nine: The Radio, the Concert, and the Skeleton...

This day’s blog title sounds like the beginning of a bad joke, but it really does describe the day. So much happened on Monday, so let’s jump in! 1,540 more words


Day Twenty-Eight: A Dollhouse Story

I learned from Saturday and I had a lazy morning on Sunday. I packed, ate breakfast, Skyped with Spencer, and checked out of the hostel. There was a momentary debacle because I thought I’d lost my room key, but it all worked out. 479 more words


Day Twenty-Seven: Tired Feet in Dublin

I chose to rise at 8:00 a.m. on Saturday with the hope of starting the day early. I soon learned that this was a foolish endeavor. 1,615 more words


Days Twenty-Four through Twenty-Six: Time Warp

There isn’t a ton to report separately for Wednesday through Friday and so I have decided to combine them into one post.

To begin with, I will tell the convict stories from Wednesday and Friday. 1,140 more words