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Field school list - American Anthropological Association

Looking for a summer field school in ethnography, archaeology, primatology, OR linguistic anthropology? You can search those we have posted on this site, and you can also browse the field school list maintained by the American Anthropological Association here: 6 more words

Ethnographic Field School in Florida

Looking for an ethnographic field school in the United States? Check out this excellent opportunity:



The field school is designed to expose students to the complete chain of research, from posing theoretically compelling questions to identifying the most appropriate methods of data collection and conducting preliminary analysis in the field. 287 more words

The Archaeologist's Rite of Passage - The Trowel

In honor of my upcoming field school this summer, I got a little over-excited and the moment I got the list of required materials, I took a browser trip over to Amazon and picked up a couple of new toys. 254 more words


2015 may not be the year of the PhD...

So, it doesn’t look like I’ll be getting into a PhD program this year.

I applied to six schools (University of Florida, University of Texas at Austin, University of Washington at Seattle, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, Arizona State Univeristy, and University of Pennsylvania). 574 more words

Field School

Food Studies Workshop in Malta

Food Studies and Anthropology workshop on Bread Baking and Consumption in Gozo, Malta. The fieldschool is all about practical training. So participants receive excellent guidance, but mostly have full days all three weeks to plan and conduct short research projects. 60 more words

Excavations at the Overland Trail Museum

Written by Richard Terk (2014 FODAAP Field School Student)

Excavating at the Overland Trail Museum was a wonderful experience. Not only did I get the opportunity to peel back a few layers of Nick Mersfelder and Fort Davis history, I got the chance to meet a few members of the Fort Davis community and visitors to Jeff Davis County. 332 more words


Announcing the 2015 Field Season!

 Walhain-St-Paul Project 2015

 We are now recruiting students for the 2015 season of Eastern Illinois University’s Summer Archaeology in Belgium Program (begun in 1998). The dates are  370 more words