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Field School: Week 10

We put up our gear & covered our units for the last time yesterday.  This morning we had our final exam, and were officially done with our field school.  184 more words


Field School: Week 9

This week contained our Tidewater Archaeology Weekend, during which the public is invited to come screen for artifacts with us.  For a couple of days before that we had been saving up dirt so that we had ten large bins to screen from; we went through all of that & had to go dig up some more!  268 more words


10 Tips for a Great Season According to Omer Ze'evi

Omer Ze’evi, a super important staff member of the Kiriath-Jearim staff, will be in charge of data recording, computers, tech, and measurements in the upcoming 2017 season. 1,051 more words


Field School: Week 6

You know what’s a really great workout?  Bailing water out of holes.  Two days of rain this week meant two mornings of scooping water out of units that looked like swimming pools, dragging buckets around to dump them, & I have pains in muscles that I didn’t even know existed.  618 more words

This Week In Awkwardness

The 2017 Memorial University’s Archaeological field school has begun!

Les étudiants de l’école de fouille 2017 de l’Université Memorial sont prêts à commencer le chantier archéologique!

With Dr. Catherine Losier, Meghann Livingston, and Mallory Champagne as our guides, we will conduct an archaeological survey in Saint-Pierre-et-Miquelon. 203 more words

Another Unbelievable Year

Folks, it’s that time again, one that I am never quite happy to acknowledge: the end of this year’s Field School. These kind of goodbyes are always bittersweet. 588 more words

The 2nd Annual Blogscars

On Friday, June 23, 2017, the Western Vindolanda Field School celebrated the 2nd Annual Blogscars, an award show celebrating the achievements and hard work of the field schoolers over the past 5 weeks. 254 more words