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Have you seen the cauliflower in our outdoor garden. We will keep watering it until it gets a little bigger. How do you suggest we cook it?


Plant Sale!

How are your seedlings and plants growing which you bought at the plant stall? Will you write a comment and let class 4 know?


Success, Failure and Pigeons

Establishing this kitchen garden is without doubt the hardest thing we have ever done. Running a restaurant with rooms seven days a week is a challenge but coupling that with what is now 5 acres of vegetables, fruits and herbs to look after is at times overwhelming. 884 more words



We made posters for our plant stall on Tuesday. Who are you asking to come to the plant stall?


Caring For Our Plants.

We are watering Our plants ready for our plant stall on Tuesday. What plants will your class be selling?


Caring. For Our Plants.

We are looking after seedlings and plants ready for our next plant sale in a few weeks. What do you think we need to do to make sure our seedlings are strong and healthy?


Broad Bean And Feta Cheese Salad.

We made broad bean and feta cheese salad. Can you think of any other recipes using broad beans?