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Going to Live a 120 Years

I realized that my body is what I eat. My diet was if it tasted good and fit into my mouth I ate it and my seasoning was salt. 327 more words

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California Gas & Vehicle Cost Going Up

Californians will pay more to own and drive vehicles starting November 1, 2017. With the excise tax on gas going up $.12 on gasoline, $.20 diesel and an extra 4% sales tax on diesel. 379 more words

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Rotten Teeth

When I was a kid we had a gas station and sold batteries. The batteries had no acid in them, so we would add the sulfuric acid. 290 more words

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Cooking Oil

When I was researching how vegetable oil is processed. I discovered they use the petroleum solvent hexane to help get more oil from the seed. Then boil the solvent off. 154 more words

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Sheboygan's Field to Fork (Restaurant Review)

Field to Fork is a small grocer and restaurant, featuring many local and organic foods. The same produce is served in their sister restaurants: Duke of Devon, Il Ritrovo, and Trattitoria Stefano; and as far as clean food goes they’re about the best option around. 632 more words

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Daylesford - A love of food and landscape

One of my favourite places to visit in the Cotswolds, to relax, enjoy and be inspired by, is Daylesford Organic Farm. To call it a farm shop is to paint an entirely false picture for it is so much more.  433 more words

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2017 Field to Fork Webinars Begin on February 22,

Free webinars will be held every Wednesday from Feb. 22 to April 26.

Vegetables that grow well in North Dakota, food safety and wine making are among the topics for this year’s Field to Fork webinars. 270 more words