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Bing's Souvenir Poker Cards

Bing is a strong Chinese woman in her late 2os, and she has been a traveller for many years. She is from Heilongjiang Province and came to UK to study in 2010 and went back to China this year. 495 more words

Field Work

Florida Field Work Update: "Reaping" the Rewards of Finding a New Field Site

Finally back in the lab, I’ve placed my zombie-ant samples in our 4 degree Celsius fridge and attempted to make my single, small C. floridanus… 3,300 more words

Lab Notes

Wild life of the week

There have been millions of millipedes in one of the poly tunnels – they probably came in with the new compost when the beds were being prepared for the winter. 73 more words

Go Local Food

Why Field Work Is Fun - and Isn't

Let’s talk about field work. It’s the thing you look forward to all the way through first year. It’s the thing you are jealous of everyone else who is off doing it. 909 more words

Wave-induced coherent turbulence structures and sediment resuspension in the nearshore

Hachem Kassem, and co-authors Charlie Thompson, Carl Amos, and Ian Townend from the Geology and Geophysics research group (Coastal) have been studying the complex interactions between wave-induced turbulence and sediment resuspension. 270 more words


Check out my post at Traveling Geologist

I recently authored a blog post for Traveling Geologist focused on the experience of conducting field work in southern Tibet. Check it out here!

Field Update... Coding

by Noah Maghsadi

As discussed in last week’s field update blog, we are finally starting the coding section of the project. Coding entails meticulously sifting through each transcript (at least a few times) and picking out pre-selected themes. 472 more words

Oral History