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Cheese and wine

There was Ian on Thursday evening with a bottle of wine, olives and a cheese platter to share with the volunteers he hoped would turn up to help him on the fields. 18 more words

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New Insights

Warning: most of this blog is me nerding out about how neat Planet Earth is.

A few weeks ago at a market in Sydney, I had a heart-to-heart conversation with a vendor at one of the booths about the Great Barrier Reef and the implications of climate change on humanity. 636 more words

Study Abroad

Research Life Love

This week I am in Dawson Creek working on some field work with a fantastic crew, partnering with the Peace River Forage Association of British Columbia. 327 more words

Ukraine, Russia, solidarity, trauma, and keeping it in the family.

Does the West make sense without the East?

This subtitle paraphrases Marci Shore’s reflections on Tony Judt in the context of Maidan and could serve as a fitting summary to the way the Ukraine conflict is mainly framed in terms of its impact on West-Russia relations and the way Ukraine, or rather Ukrainians, and their agency, gets lost in the discussion. 1,579 more words

Field Work

Field Experience Reflection

I observed with Mrs. Lambert who teaches fourth grade at the Biddeford Primary School. I observed her teaching style and her use of technology when I visited the classroom. 498 more words

Field Work

Russia-Ukraine conflict and fieldwork relations

I am going to make a couple of posts that touch on the Ukraine conflict. This is prompted by three things. First, I was invited to contribute to a panel some time ago at the… 2,263 more words

Field Work

Outside on the fields this week

Ian managed to harrow the first field on Wednesday to get a head start outside for when the weather improves. There will have to be a field walk to pick up the docks that came out next week. 110 more words

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