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Field work in forestry

Currently I’m working in forestry which from a biologists point of view is interesting enough.

Work consists mostly of field work and some office days. The interesting part is, of course, working in nature. 434 more words


Too much ...

Too much chard, too much kale was the cry this week. It was planted late in the poly tunnels so it grew late. It was meant to be earlier in the cropping for the hungry gap but things didn’t quite go according to plan. 371 more words

Go Local Food

A busy period for the propagater coming up

The season is moving on. Grow Local Food already has 50 courgettes and 50 marrows  showing through in the working poly tunnel. But these will never be enough for the crop shares this summer. 106 more words

Go Local Food

Go Local Food's spring planting this week

Ian, our grower, ran out the list faster almost than I could write it down while he was picking kale for the crop share!

400 Brussel sprout plant out in the ground… 83 more words

Go Local Food

Geeking out on trees. So sexy.

“I came to that realization, first, through my studies of birds and my work with students — teaching them bird sounds. As part of that, we tried to open our ears to the whole acoustic environment, and after several years of doing that, it became very clear to me that trees around me had their own distinct voices and all sorts of stories were tied up in those voices.” -David George Haskell

The Songs of Trees

Articles By Others

Becoming a Real Scientist & Returning to Canadiana

Hail and well met, blog readers! It’s been a while. One whole month to be precise. Which I spent working in the field collecting data for my Master’s research on weta, those crazy giant nocturnal crickets I like to think about! 542 more words


Societies of intimates

The journal Narrative Inquiry has a special issue of papers about narrative in Australian languages. From the introduction:

When the Australian writer Richard Flanagan accepted the 2014 Man Booker Prize for fiction, he said that “As a species it is story that distinguishes us”. 121 more words

Individual Languages