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Allegory & Satire

I began by looking at the brief, I knew that I would want to focus on a societal problem and so I started looking into some that would interest me and developed a small list. 339 more words



I captured images from an Elon softball game.  These images include shallow depth of field, a wide shot, and pictures of participants and viewers.


Why Telecom Field Engineers Need to Accept Freelance Life

As society becomes increasingly connected, the need for telecom field engineers is growing to match. The on-demand marketplace is filled with consumers who don’t want to wait to talk, share information and use data. 10 more words

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Astonishing geomagnetic spike hit the ancient kingdom of Judah

(Source: arstechnica.com)

Oded Lipschits

  • Oded Lipschits

  • Oded Lipschits

  • Earth’s geomagnetic field wraps the planet in a protective layer of energy, shielding us from solar winds and high-energy particles from space. 671 more words


    Another Day in Stitch!

    I had a very slow start in the stitch room, but it was nothing a bit of chocolate couldn’t fix! I began with a little go at some seaweed applique. 302 more words


    Petition to save Slavonic and Eastern European Studies at KU Leuven

    Prof. dr. Pieter Boulogne has alerted us to the fact that the Slavonic and Eastern European Studies program at KU Leuven is facing closure. The program is a vibrant one, and its closing is an administrative decision made without consultation with the department. 122 more words

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    Printing with Textured Material

    After group tutorial, I was given ideas about using material that already contains pattern in my work and trying to print with them. I found some scrap material which I painted and rubbed into a page like a print. 48 more words