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Painting 101

The first task for painting 101, was to create 15 drawings of objects to build up our source material, I decided to use images from the Cardiff national museum as I found these images helpful in my last project which explored the female body and sculpture in the 19th century. 194 more words

Fashion Design

Autumn's Gate

Taken in a forest near Strathkinness in northern Fife, Scotland. The image looks north towards the Sidlaw Hills and the city of Dundee.

Field : Object - First session

Tuesday 13th November I had my first session with my field, at the beginning we had the first lecture with Craig and he showed us what we have to do during this field. 323 more words


Impact of carbonate saturation on large Caribbean benthic foraminifera assemblages

Increasing atmospheric carbon dioxide and its dissolution in seawater have reduced ocean pH and carbonate ion concentrations, with potential implications on calcifying organisms. To assess the response of large Caribbean benthic foraminifera to low carbonate saturation conditions, we analyzed benthic foraminifers’ abundance and relative distribution in surface sediments in proximity to low-carbonate-saturation submarine springs and at adjacent control sites. 133 more words


Climate change does not affect seafood quality of a common targeted fish

Climate change can affect marine and estuarine fish via alterations to their distributions, abundances, sizes, physiology and ecological interactions, threatening the provision of ecosystem goods and services. 293 more words


Explore: Fashion Illustration

The first week behind us !

On Tuesday, we had an introducing morning and then we started from fashion history, which was really interesting. I think we should have some lectures like that ! 234 more words


Mind your own business: Twenty Twenty

After doing the mood boards yesterday and looking at the two types of gift sets, we liked the idea of the coffee set more as we thought that we could do more to do with it, as in to-go coffee cups, mugs, stencils etc. 221 more words