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How field has influenced my studio practice

Last terms trip to Pembrokeshire was the inspiration for my interest in maps and triangulation points. Working from memory I made a series of large scale drypoint prints that functioned as maps of the area. 346 more words


Niki Nyan reviews Apollo, a Lokians short story by Aaron Dennis

Blurb- John Lay is recruiting a new member for Phoenix crew. In order to educate her, he recounts the story regarding his first mission with The Bureau. 1,722 more words

Book Review

Plastic bags & fees

Yesterday I got some good feedback about the last field project which was Editorial Illustration. Throughout my process I worked with a picture with a lot of details but in the ending I ended up with one much more simple version of it. 59 more words


Targeting Local Galleries For Showcasing My Work

After University I would like to continue to showcase my work. My target audience will be local galleries because the work I make is local based. 159 more words


Design Development #

After yesterdays tutorial I wanted to get started on the sub collections I had decided upon. I started playing around with the shapes of one of the buildings and it quickly developed into an array of layouts. 107 more words


Student Ambassador - Fashion rev

After watching the documentary the true costs I decided that I would like to take on the role of a student ambassador for fashion revolution week. 182 more words