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Days Of The Week

This week was a a bit of mad dash. Although now that I think about it it was a very relaxed mad dash, more of a frantic stroll, but enough of that, let me tell you why. 381 more words


Business Card

It’s obviously a good idea to have some of my work on the business card however my work changes so much from piece to piece I don’t think any one is a good whole representation of me. 437 more words


Keep You There

I ran.

I ran to the field and

Lay amongst the flowers today.

I stayed in their company for hours.

Days go by.

I let the sun burn my heart. 88 more words

Making the Lampshade

The lamp shade is made up of three section; two of which are textile and the third is a wire feature that will separate the two. 366 more words


Website update

I showed my website during my mock viva and got some useful feedback on ways to improve it to make it more suited to me and communicate better about my practice, my work and who I am as a person. 189 more words


The Field

‘Strictly speaking, nobody has ever ‘healed’ anyone else. A true ‘healer’ simply remains present, providing a safe field in which unfamiliar and intense energies can be felt, bound-up emotions can be released, and we can come out of time, out of the drama and chaos of ‘My Life’, and breathe into our bodies, fall into our own presence, simplify. 38 more words


Finished work

I am really pleased and relieved that my business card has arrived and I am very happy with the results. The spot gloss on the front is visible and very accurate as well as having a selection of images on the back. 60 more words