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Sustainability - Reaching out to Future Generations

Our idea as a pair is aimed particularly at schoolchildren, we feel that this is such an important group to work with if we are to make positive changes for the future of our environment. 106 more words


Environmentally Friendly Practice

I am trying to ensure that the values of Size of Wales and of the Tipping Point are in the forefront of my mind whilst approaching my creative practice. 192 more words


Sustaining the Environment - Beginning with Ourselves

The process of working with a climate change charity, especially hand in hand with Malcolm Gladwell’s book ‘Tipping Point’, has been incredibly beneficial in helping me to recognise the importance of how our individual behaviours impact our environment.  382 more words



The second half of this project has been just as busy and full on as I was expecting it to be, but I’ve definitely enjoyed it and will take a lot of new skills away with me as a result. 1,459 more words


Adventure App

As part of field, we were put into a group with people from different areas in the creative department. We had to come up with an idea that would sell/inspire to future generations. 36 more words

Children And The Woodland

Tree Swing

Playing with Leaves


Tree Den