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Field 5 - Printer Mater

Sean Edward introduced us our new field far our next 5 weeks from now. This files will talk mostly about the artist books, printed matters and how they proceed as a tool for the dissiminetion of artist’s research. 357 more words


Introduction to Field

Me, Alice, and Kurt put ourselves into the group studying Nike. We decided on this brand as it is one of the most well known and successful brands in the world. 106 more words


Drawing Experience Day 1

This field project consists of having lectures at the Cyncoed campus because we are using the forest school. We will be using the forest school to explore our senses and how we can create a sensory story or experience. 1,041 more words



Having really enjoyed and developed a new found passion for Field projects during the last term, I was really looking forward to commencing my new assigned Field project for the next 5 weeks, Beyond The Barcode. 803 more words

Marine CO2 patterns in the northern Salish Sea

Marine carbon dioxide (CO2) system data has been collected from December 2014 to June 2018 in the Northern Salish Sea (NSS; British Columbia, Canada) and consisted of continuous measurements at two sites as well as spatially- and seasonally distributed discrete seawater samples. 316 more words


Barn Sign

Barn Sign | Waterville, WA | 2018

Every time Carla drives past the barn’s old-fashioned billboard, she yearns for a tonic that would cure her ills. 151 more words