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Paradise Lost by Gustave Dore

Paradise lost is a series of magnificent wood cuts that follow the epic poem by John Milton that tells the tale of Satan’s fall from grace. 136 more words


African Influences

These holidays I spent four weeks at home in Zimbabwe and found myself surrounded by so many different colours and textures to what I see in the UK. 134 more words


Returning to Cardiff

Now that my adventure in Beijing is over, it’s time to resume my studies in Cardiff. Before the start of this week I was a little nervous about coming back to Cardiff. 128 more words


Magical Objects: 2D layered mask (part 1)

When making a start on this 2D layered mask I wanted to use the cardboard in as many different ways as I could to decorate the mask. 39 more words


Poem - The Way Forward

Path through the moonlit forest.

Shadows follow like thoughts.

Trees fold in half after I pass

and where I came from disappears.

The way forward continues… 18 more words