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Wash Your Rocks

One of the earliest disillusionments is the transformation of the beautiful seashell or river rock into something rather dull once it has dried out. Whence the magic of the beach-combing discovery, the footloose, and probably bare-footed, sojourn along the edges of the ocean/pond/lake/stream/river, where the gleaming thing captured our eye? 95 more words


Signs and Meanings

“‘You know my method. It is founded upon the observation of trifles.'” ~ A.C. Doyle.



Tomi Ungerer’s description of Barbie dolls as ambiguous sexless brainless machines, without nipples or apertures: the American ideal.

and I think: iDoll???

Back firmly, formally, in the trap of naming, of bringing to life, and as such I may play God for a while. 143 more words

Writer's Kitchen

Raptor Wednesday

A rumor of an American Kestrel being heard and seen on Montague Street had my falcon-senses tingling Saturday. Exploring one of the alleys south of Montague, I faintly heard one of the birds, almost subliminally, just enough to make me look up: the little jet sliced the sky in half. 83 more words


Interview Schedule

The research for my project on Local Funeral Rites and Customs includes interviews to broaden the scope of my research topic. Dates noted TBD are pending a date confirmation of the interview. 371 more words


Rambling in March

Again after long time ago I am back to blogging world. My working mode nowadays sometimes make me want to stop blogging. However, it is not entirely true! 206 more words