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Sturnus vulgaris

The view from the moraine recently.

Here’s another view: ten things you can do to make Trump toast. (We can hardly wait for his┬áresounding condemnation by history, after all.) Beyond the usual pressure, constant pressure on reps of all parties, I for one was intrigued by the notion of becoming involved at the county political level, a bit of a cesspool here in Brooklyn. 19 more words



The twigs right now! The twigs! Green, red, orange, brown. Spring is coiled for the spring.

This is our old friend Liriodendron tulipifera. Look at those leaf scars! 98 more words


Raptor Wednesday

See me?Well, I don’t want to be seen.

Speaking of being seen! There are lots of elections this year, and although the Republican anti-democracy campaign plows full speed ahead, their nasty little oligopoly isn’t here yet.


Common Goldeneye

You can almost see the golden eye from here. You can certainly see the white spot on the cheek of this male Bucephala clangula. I don’t see these often: they do not favor the harbor. 85 more words



Just about the entire time I’ve lived in New York City. This was a big fat Red Oak. I will miss it.

My birthday falls on… 6 more words



A note on populism. “There is no right [-wing] populism, only intolerance.”