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Digger wasps (Scolia dubia) hide their lights under their dark blue-black wings. “Blue-winged Wasp” is another common name for them.A bunch of these were looping over a strip of dirt on the edge of First Avenue at 41st, rather industrial ground for natural history, except for the feral cats and Paulownia and Ailanthus trees. 68 more words


From the Field: September 2015 No.2

Some music from today’s exploration of #folkmusic…

Here’s a quick screen grab of some of the data cropping up on hashtagify today:

& seeing as Sufjan Stevens came up in the feed, I couldn’t help myself! 7 more words

Folk Music

Morning's Heronry

Just before Bush Terminal Park opened yesterday morning, we had a trifecta of herons. There were three Black-crowned Night Herons (Nycticorax nycticorax) the adult above, and two juveniles. 39 more words


Ant Farm

Ants herding a flock of aphids. The ants protect the aphids from other predators and harvest the aphids’ sweet honeydew for themselves. The aphids go about their business sucking plant juices. Just another day in Brooklyn.



This Monarch was doing pretty well, considering the chunk taken out of its wings.

(Backyard and Beyond is not on summer vacation: B & B has lately moved from the Back 40 after ten years residence and is the process of unpacking in Sunset Park, in the midst of a home-made renovation and this enervating heat. 11 more words


From the Field: August 2015 no.1

As part of some ethnographic fieldwork in this research project I have been scouring the net on a regular basis searching the folk music hashtag [ #folkmusic ] As part of this regular investigation some entries will uploaded here to document data, as well as share some music I’ve come across. 83 more words

Folk Music

friday favorites

Oh hey there. ¬†So I’m thinking about starting a feature called Friday Favorites, which is pretty self-explanatory. ¬†Welcome to the first edition! Right now I’m loving: 49 more words