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Raptor Wednesday

I’m going to bet this isn’t the only American Kestrel nest above a New York City bus stop.

Falco sparverius love these old decaying wooden cornices, one of the reasons they have taken so well to the city. 78 more words



These are fossilized shells of extinct scallops found on the Piankatank River in Virginia. They’re in the genus Chesapecten, all of whose members no longer live upon this earth. 141 more words


Look No Further For Groundcover

Where have all the¬†flowers of spring gone? Long time passing….

Pier 1 at Brooklyn Bridge Park has a rather spectacular understory layer in its seventh year. 43 more words


Bipunctata in Sunset Park

Two-spotted Ladybug (Adalia bipunctata). Back in 2012, I reported to the Lost Ladybug Project that I found some of these critters in catalpa trees in Brooklyn Bridge Park. 155 more words


Other Rooftops

Atop Kingsland Wildflowers recently, I couldn’t help notice that it wasn’t the only rooftop garden in the area. These neighbors seem to be volunteers, blown in by the wind, deposited by birds, etc. 61 more words


Vigilance Against Poachers

Yesterday, some bird poachers were interrupted in Prospect Park by Park Rangers and park staff. Earlier, one of the poachers actually walked through a group of birders with a caged American Goldfinch in one hand and a glue stick (used to trap birds, a variation on bird lime; very nasty stuff) in the other. 182 more words


Cyanocitta cristata

Blue Jay. Called by Linnaeus Corvus cristatus. Still a Corvidae.

In his five volume Ornithological Biography,* written to accompany The Birds of America… 254 more words