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The One, The Many

In fact, you almost always see Mourning Doves (Zenaida macroura) in pairs, year-around.A herd of Rock Doves (Columba livia), not quite as denim-y as they looked that day.



The sound of a single leaf
scrape-skittering across the road,

Or the sound of hundreds,
dry susurrations and crinkly waves,
crumpling beneath the feet,
parting before the bow of the shins: 6 more words



Quercus macrocarpa, the bur oak, is supposed to have the largest fruit (macro carpa) of all North American oaks. This acorn is in a 1.5″ long mossy cup. 40 more words


Kestrel Wednesday

I walked by the Kestrel perch the next day, on the off-chance he would be there. Nope. But I was on a round-trip errand, so when I returned, there he was. 259 more words


#ThingsConAMS workshop

In a short workshop at #ThingsConAMS, a design-focused IoT conference, we (@iotwatch and @tamberg) asked participants to prioritise the IoTMark principles. Given a 1.5 hour time limit, we used the “Mozfest 2017 edition” with 13… 401 more words


First interview 11/25

Was very anxious going into this interview. I have known this person (pseudonym Sam) for a few months and we have had conversations about his transition. 161 more words


Paper can be strong stuff, but it’s all relative. The exterior coating of wood-pulp paper made by Dolichovespula maculata hornets, who scrape dead trees (or fence posts!) with their… 106 more words