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Elephant Dancing (05/06)

1. Dana Spiotta, Eat the Document (Scribner)
In 1972 a bombing meant as a protest against the Vietnam War goes wrong; a young woman and a young man go underground. 736 more words

Greil Marcus

Real Life Rock Top 10 (08/09)

1. Fiery Furnaces, I’m Going Away (Thrill Jockey)
Musicality in speech is a common theme; the peculiar delight in the Fiery Furnaces’ eighth album in their six years is the realism of speech in their songs. 1,402 more words

Greil Marcus

Real Life Rock Top 10 (10/09)

1. Worst News of the Month: CRIME LEADERS KRAY TWINS SCHEMED TO TAKE OVER AS THE BEATLES MANAGERS (Entertainment Daily, June 21)
The scheme the Krays supposedly hatched was simple: instead of cutting up Brian Epstein with swords, threaten to expose him as homosexual—never mind that Ronnie Kray was gay himself. 1,524 more words

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ELEANOR FRIEDBERGER - " When I Knew " at the Musician Leicester Monday 4th August

a track taken from the album “Personal Record” Friedberger mst well known for her half of being in the duo Fiery Furnaces along with her brother Matthew, she used to be girlfriend of Franz Ferdinand’s Alex Kapranos, She has two solo albums released so far .



Merge Records ELEANOR FRIEDBERGER from New York City and the track “Stare at The Sun” from the album, “PersonalRecord”    Eleanor has emerged as a solo talent after a decade playing with the band Fiery Furnaces, She will be at the Musician on Monday 4th August


Real Life Rock Top 10 (01/09)

1. Fiery Furnaces, Remember (Thrill Jockey)
Present-day New Yorkers by way of Oak Park, Illinois, Eleanor Friedberger, who does almost all of the singing, and brother Matthew Friedberger, the guitarist-organist-pianist who writes most of the songs and composes the train-wreck arrangements, plus whoever is playing bass and drums with them at any given time, are the most unpre­dictable band in the country. 2,017 more words

Greil Marcus

"Seven Silver Curses" by the Fiery Furnaces

Madame Maria said, “Well, I had a notion.
So before you came in, I prepared half a potion.
Now you must do the other half.”

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