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Death Letters (2007)

“Somebody has to black hisself up/For somebody else to stay white.” That’s a line from the 1930s Harlem poet Melvin B. Tolson’s “Sootie Joe.” I’ve been trying to figure it out.[ 3,678 more words

Greil Marcus

The Placidity of Becoming Happy: Eleanor Friedberger @ Doug Fir Lounge

There is a certain notion that happiness is the least motivating emotion in the creation of art. Happiness doesn’t evoke the need to be reconciled much like suffering does; it cannot provoke catharsis. 481 more words


REVIEW: Eleanor Friedberger – New View (Frenchkiss)

Tracklisting: He Didn’t Mention His Mother / Open Season / Sweetest Girl / Your Word / Because I Asked You / Never Is A Long Time / Cathy With The Curly Hair / Two Versions Of Tomorrow / All Known Things / Does Turquoise Work? 829 more words


Eleanor Friedberger - New View

Eleanor Friedberger – New View


Released January 22nd, 2016 on Frenchkiss Records

Eleanor Friedberger is best known as being half of indie also-rans The Fiery Furnaces, who once did an entire album with their grandmother.   295 more words

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New Year and "New View" from Eleanor Friedberger

For a little more than a decade, Eleanor Friedberger was half of an indie rock band called the Fiery Furnaces, which she had formed with her brother, Matthew. 378 more words

The lines intersect, the grid is behind me.

I can see a cast of my own face superimposed on the landscape, an untethered avatar, two-dimensional, flickering on the screen of the train window, perhaps in the vacuum between the double glazing.  306 more words