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Update #29

So I officially have 18 days until the dance. I see that as 18 lbs to lose! So for the rest of the time before the FiF diet I’m going to go for a liquid diet or a fast. 89 more words


Update #26

So sorry guys. New Year’s made me binge big time. But since I was skipping day one of the FiF diet anyways I thought now would be a great time to start over. 139 more words


Update #25

So I had to eat a bit more cereal than I intended last night because my mom refused to give me my meds until I did 🙄 146 more words


Update #24

Hi. I have no idea where update 22 went lol.

So my therapist meeting for today got cancelled and I’m on day 4 of the FiF diet. 157 more words


Update #23

Here’s what I ate yesterday: 1 cup cashew milk (25), 2 rice cakes (70), miso soup (35), shirataki noodles (15), and half a veggie sandwich (55). 87 more words


First Impressions Friday - Honest Beauty Everything Tinted Moisturizer

This is not a sponsored post. 

Hello everyone! Today I am back with a First Impressions Friday post about a tinted moisturizer: Honest Beauty’s Everything Tinted Moisturizer. 707 more words


FIF and The Hot Grill

An unseasonably warm Saturday night found Michelle and I hitting up New York City to catch a ska show with one of our favorite bands, Five Iron Frenzy (FIF). 348 more words