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Robinson Crusoe could save Fife Library!

Whist libraries and their staff under threat across the country here is one library that looks like they have hit on a solution.  A decision is expected by Fife Council on December the 8th.

Say no to bombing Syria

So, the vote is in and it has been declared – the House of Commons has voted 397 – 223 in favour of air strikes in Syria. 181 more words

Fife Council launches monthly landfill collection

Fife Council has launched a monthly bin collection scheme, the first of its kind, in a bid to promote the conservative use of the landfill bins. 220 more words


About Me

I am your SNP candidate for Glenrothes West and Kinglassie. 

I care passionately about our community and everyone in it, and I don’t want to see cuts to the public services that support our children’s future, or to libraries which act as community hubs for people of all ages. 393 more words

Standing up for our community

SNP MPs can fight the Tories’ agenda in Westminster, but it’s SNP councillors that must fight the battle on the front-line, in our communities the length and breadth of Scotland. 221 more words

Hiroshima and Nagasaki: 70 years on

Today, 6th of August 2015, marks the 70th anniversary of one of the most tragic actions taken by mankind. The order was given and the A-bomb was dropped, dropped on the city of Hiroshima – wiping out 90% of the city and immediately killing 80,000 people. 324 more words