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fifteen52 TurboMac Cast Wheels Pre-Order

As seen in Ken Block’s Gymkhana SIX video, his new 17×8 TurboMac wheel was actually co-designed by 1552 and KB himself. Essentially a Tarmac (KB’s previous signature wheel design) center with a vented ‘turbo’ ring; why we call it the TurboMac should need no explanation. 10 more words

New Products

Ken Block unveils the 'Hoonicorn' RTR

KEN BLOCK has unveiled the ‘Hoonicorn RTR’, his retro modern mash up all wheel drive GYMKHANA seven Ford Mustang.

Hoonigan Racing Division’s Ken Block was pleased to debut his Gymkhana SEVEN car for the first time publicly in the Ford booth at SEMA 2014. 304 more words

Motoring News

First World Problem (Solving)

First world problems is a phrase that gets used a lot these days, and I found myself with a ‘problem’ that could be described as such. 549 more words


Paradise White - Mahesh's Bagged Audi s3

Photography CJ Levendal & Orville Robertson

Words CJ Levendal

With dozens of “stance oriented” blogs out there, you’ve pretty much seen it all by now. And if you follow the scene and blogs in SA you probably would already have seen this ride featured on Low Company, one Slam City’s finer exports. 781 more words

Install: E Glove Splitter

On to the post many have been waiting for; information on the custom splitter we made for the sedan. Dubbed the E-Glove splitter (after eglove, Mario’s screen name – often misread as it actually means EG Love), it was a quick and easy project that didn’t cost much. 278 more words


Install: Cup Spoilers and More

Last month we showed a review of the 1552 Cup Spoilers, but mentioned that we were unsure of which car they would end up on. In the end they were sent off for yellow paint, as it was decided they would to be fitted to the sedan instead of Mario’s ST. 690 more words


The Sound of Magnus Walker's Air Cooled 911 is Intoxicating

Video by Roads & Rides

This new video, titled Outlaw Fever, popped up a few days ago on Youtube channel Roads & Rides and I keep coming back to watch it again and again and again. 37 more words