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The Fashion Element

Have any of you heard of The Fifth Element? If not… I suggest you look into it. Because it is honestly the most outlandish sci-fi movie I ever saw. 829 more words


Prince Was Almost In 'The Fifth Element' Before A Very Humorous Misunderstanding

Prince quietly dominated during the third act of his phenomenal career, but the continued outpouring of sorrow following his death has been resounding. Those early fans who somehow forgot the impact he made upon their youth are rediscovering him by finally examining his late-era works. 428 more words


A new elemental twist

I receive many energetic threads.  Not all do I understand but I note them and move on.  Just when an energy blast was done and I thought I was, clear… I then read an online… 825 more words

Spiritual Writing

New trending GIF tagged movie hot bruce willis...

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Got A Whole Lotta Loot

The One Where Khinjarsi Looks at her Lootcrate.

That’s right folks, Khin got a Lootcrate. Actually she ended up with two because she wasn’t-expecting-to-be-charged-for-a-second-and-it-turned-up-anyway-but-at-least-it-wasn’t-bad.

A while back Thero gave me a code for a free Lootcrate. 1,726 more words