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Best Scifi Costumes in Film

Barbarella (1968)

I watched this late one night, when I was a teenager, and the only things that really impressed me were, how badly the movie sucked, and how fun and funky the costumes were. 1,427 more words



This week’s artist feature is Jane Zhang 張靚穎 the international star originally from Sichuan! She is known for her versatile voice that has an enormous range including the whistler register. 381 more words

Chinese Music

Monday Music 28 - 2017

A quick one this week. I was watching The Fifth Element the other night and was reminded of the closing credits. The score for the film was composed by long-time Luc Besson collaborator, Eric Serra. 123 more words

[Demo] Fifth Element #1 (USD/JPY)

วันที่/เวลา: 2017/11/16 14:03:42
กลยุทธ์: Fifth Element
ประเภทการเทรด: Long
ราคาที่เปิด: 113.192
จุดตัดขาดทุน: 112.449 (743 pips)
เป้าหมายกำไร: 113.935 (743 pips)
ผลการเทรด: ตัดขาดทุนที่ -660.74 profit

เหตุผลในการเปิดสถานะ: ฮิสโทแกรมของ MACD เปลี่ยนจากฝั่งลบมาเป็นฝั่งบวก เกิดแท่งเทียน 4 แท่งและเริ่มทำการเปิดสถานะซื้อที่แท่งเทียนที่ 5… 8 more words

Fifth Element

How to Halloween

October is nearly at an end, and if you haven’t decided what you’re dressing up as for Halloween yet, then you need to take a good long look in the mirror and ask yourself what you’ve been wasting your time on all year. 861 more words

Valerian (a review)

Putting together a quick weekender, figured I might as well ride the movie-review high and write a review of another tragically under-appreciated summer blockbuster[1], Valerian and the Super-Long Film Title I Can’t Be Bothered Writing… 425 more words

Hatboy's Movie Extravaganza