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You Haven't Seen It?!

My family is a big movie family. We watch a lot of movies and we re-watch a lot of movies too. It isn’t uncommon to hear one of us say, “Ooh, I love this movie” or to hear one of us say, “You haven’t seen ______, well you must!”. 205 more words


Anyone out there?

The question of whether we (as sentient beings) are alone in the universe seems to be one that fascinates and infuriates people across the globe. For some, religion plays a big determining factor and for others it’s all about science. 677 more words

Card Profile: Emperor (4)

Emperor is the fifth card of Major Arcana, and it constitutes the fourth step on Fool’s Journey. If the Empress card is to be regarded as the Mother archetype in the Major Arcana, the Emperor represents its complementary; the Father archetype. 675 more words


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Notes from "The Fifth Element"

One of the first movies I ever saw as a child must have been the Fifth Element. I say it like that, cause I’m not sure myself, my childhood memories are few and in between, and as a result, I get glimpses and images of what I was like during my formative years, at least the first seven years. 1,398 more words

Fifth Element

Getting Smart with the Major Arcana

Major Arcana are a suit of twenty-two cards in the Tarot deck which are insulated from the four suits of the Minor Arcana. While the Minor Arcana correspond to aspects of everyday life, the Major Arcana takes from there and body forth the meaning, purpose and the position in the bigger picture. 1,193 more words