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Poetry 365 - Day 236 (A Touch of The Med!)

Cold northern climate
Figs ripen, summer magic
A touch of the Med!


Figs: In honor of my grandparents

In 1993, I transferred jobs within IBM and moved from New York to North Carolina.  Not only did I find a much better work environment, I found a better hardiness zone for growing plants. 313 more words


The fig got drunk but what about the wasp?

Yesterday I visited that one special fig tree in the Fairview neighbourhood that is producing ripe fruit weeks ahead of schedule.

It would appear, however, that the neighbours finally noticed the early bounty in their midst. 250 more words


Weekly Photo Challenge - Close Up (2)

Perhaps one of my proudest achievements in my cold northern garden is my crop of figs each year. Usually about a dozen or so mature nicely by the end of the summer if we get some sunny days! 71 more words


A Fig Moment

The season of harvest for our fig trees is about two weeks. This year was no exception. I canned my last batch of fig jam Tuesday and dated the labels 7/21/15. 987 more words

The Fig Tree

                        for my parents

In autumn they tie the bare branches into loops,
Then build a shelter with wood and tarps–

The tree is my father’s island, the home he never left, 53 more words


New life: Fig trees

After looking at the state of the lemon trees, here’s some good and bad news regarding our fig trees. We have numerous wild green fig trees that grow around here in the hedgerows. 272 more words