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This is the month when we hit the fig time

Fairview’s fig crop appears to be about a week behind schedule. Today (September 13) I found what may have been the only two (nearly) ripe figs in the entire neighbourhood. 253 more words

Vancouver B.C.

And so, its time to go (again)

Once again we have to leave. M would have liked to stay longer but the boys have to be back and school and I have to go back to work. 1,449 more words


Seeding Venus's terraformed equator

With high temperatures and a blistering sun, the introduction of the first life to Venus’s equator will be difficult. The spots used for the seeding of the most basic forms of life – microorganisms – will need to be places like the narrow north-south clefts between rocks where nutrients and water exist and there is plenty of shade. 237 more words


Why one fig tree in the middle of nowhere has a 24-hour armed guard

When Parmeshwar Tiwari volunteered to join India’s Home Guard, he didn’t know he would spend five years on a hill in the middle of nowhere defending a fig tree. 761 more words

The Father's fair warning from a fruitless fig tree

In Christ’s parable of the fruitless fig tree (Luke 13:6-9) we find not only a warning to the nation of Israel, but a warning to the church in general. 423 more words


My Fig Tree Is Making Scripture Come Alive

Last summer I was given a small fig tree to grow in a container in my backyard.  I hadn’t  realized that such a gardening feat was even possible until I saw a fig tree with ripening figs, growing in a container on a friend’s small wooden deck.  717 more words

New Trellis and Project Update

Yesterday Mary made some extra lasagna and asked me to bring a portion over to our friend Jeanne.  As I visited with Jeanne for a couple of minutes she asked me if Mary and I were okay as she had not seen a post for several weeks and wondered if we were sick or traveling.  854 more words

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