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Victoria Stoiciu: Poverty is not on the public agenda in Romania – the poorest country in the EU

An interview about the problems, related to the Romanian Fiscal Code, about the recent protests, caused by the changes in the anti-corruption fight, about the current condition of workers` rights and the crisis in labour relations… 2,885 more words

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Vladimir Mitev: A redefinition of Romania’s anti-corruption fight takes place

The founder of the blog “Bridge of Friendship” analyses the context in which the European Commission published its report for the progress of judicial reform in Romania in an interview for the Bulgarian National Radio… 228 more words

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Why Dragnea got resented?

DNA’s new accusations against the leader of Romanian social democrats unveil the essence of political fight in Romania: technocracy’s supporters – the urban middle class, and unelected institutions such as the anti-corruption prosecution limit the attempts of the corrupted and incompetent political system to create troubles… 1,783 more words

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Teaming corrupts will only strengthen corruption.

Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Its recent example is the Rajasthan Government’s ordinance on immunising the present and former public servants, judges and magistrates from any investigation without prior permission of the state government. 393 more words

Nigeria is only witnessing a festival of loot recovery and not a fight against corruption. Am sure this is not the only component of the change slogan of the ruling party.

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Georgi Vasilski: The attacks against DNA aim at undermining the external trust in Romania

The former correspondent of the Bulgarian Natioanal Radio in Bucharest has been interviewed in the emission “Saturday 150”, in which he addressed the developments in the Romanian anti-corruption fight in the last months… 132 more words

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The Romanian fight against corruption as Game of Thrones

The renewed attack against the chief of the anti-corruption prosecution Laura Kovesi and the recently appeared tendency for conditional liberation or conditional condemnation of people sentenced for corruption in Romania show that the system reacts to the changes in the external and the internal political balances… 2,345 more words

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